Gus Bus

There aren’t any. People blowing things out of proportion, just like about Kiffin.

Not true, Malzahn used the Springdale 5 and political back door dealings to further his career. Malzahns powerful friends forced Nutt to hire him as OC. Nutt was never happy about this and undercut Malzahn at every turn causing strife within the team. In the end Nutt hired a Co-OC…Malzahn left for Tulsa and practically all of the Springdale 5 left for other schools.

Gus certainly wouldn’t hesitate to use UofA to his advantage.

I recall many a person calling for nutt to be fired if he failed to sign 5 star Mitch Mustain, who flipped flopped between Arkansas, Notre Dame, and what not throuhout the recruiting process.

True statement, that doesn’t change the facts in regards to Malzahn and his use of the kids and his powerful friends to further his career.

what is sooo sad, stupid and pathetic concerning the whole situation with coach nutt and oc Mahlzan is IF both or either of those two self-rightheous egotistical morons would’ve/could’ve gelled together UA could have been a contender for a number of years. And they also would have had Mustain to carry on the tradition. Granted, HDN WAS the head coach and he should have the power to decide who his oc is, but dad gum was he too head strong to see that Mahlzan was the man for the job? Sad to say because both were good at their particular job title yet neither knew how to handle it working together. I’m glad they’re both gone.

Agreed, while I don’t like what Malzahn did to get tne job we were 10-1 until The Dale benched Mustain and took over the offense.

mustain was benched in the south carolina game. we were 7-1 and won two more games before dropping the last 3.

I stand corrected.

I agree. Nutt’ s ego got in the way cause gus was getting more ink than nutt.

You idiots, I’m not sure who you think we can get as a HC, if we could get Gus it would be a home run, morons.

IMO we don’t get Gus and the fact that nothing is coming out about a new coach with all the other announcements I see one of the following:

  1. Hogs have someone hired and it is sealed tight until after this coming weekend, or
  2. The powers to be can’t decide on who they want to offer, or
  3. They haven’t found anyone interested in the job.
    My guess is 2 or maybe 3 (hopefully not).

I don’t think we get Gus either, and if we don’t have Norell locked up already, we are really screwed.

Nah. At least we haven’t almost hired greg schiano

Dumbass comment

It looked possible that Malzahn would come back. But I don’t think from his comments about what they were building at Auburn, after Auburn’s defeat of Alabama, about their having depth in their program now, and from his other comments, that he sounds like he has any intention of leaving. I live in Memphis. I have seen firsthand the job Mike Norvell has done. I always wanted him if Bielema was fired. I would want Malzahn if he were available. But he is not. Norvell seems like the best coach for us. He will bring a powerful offense, no doubt, but his defenses have not been bad. He has recruited players that Memphis has not gotten in the past. We need a dynamic coach that will bring excitement and most importantly victories. I believe he is capable of leading us to new heights. I hope a deal has already been worked out to bring him to Arkansas.


It’s only been a few days, and we were never in the race for Chip Kelly or Jimbo Fisher. There are more than just Gus or Norvell that could be interested in the job at Arkansas.
I’m not saying that those two wouldn’t be good candidates, but I certainly don’t believe that the sky will fall if it’s not one of them either.
It could be another one of the young coaches such as Neal Brown, Mike Bobo, Chad Morris, Seth Littrell or Frank Martin.
Maybe rumors are true and Lane Kiffin is a viable candidate or perhaps a high profile coordinator .
Maybe it’s someone that we don’t even realize is on the radar.

All I’m saying is that their are probably quite a number of highly qualified candidates besides just Gus and Norvell and there is nothing we can do but sit back and wait until it becomes a whole lot clearer.

I believe we will get a good, quality coach and hopefully he will be able to get things truly headed in a winning direction sooner than later.

Go Hogs!

[quote]Nah. At least we haven’t almost hired greg schiano

Exactly…it’s been a fun day to live in TN and hear all the backlash on that move. Almost as funny as some of the comments on this board. The last 3 times UT has been looking for a coach, half of their fan base goes nuts over John Gruden and just can’t get over it. And, they may never accept anyone not named Gruden. Gus is the Hogs John Gruden. Half the fan base goes crazy hoping it will happen, and as history has shown, may never accept another selection. The other half is throwing up at the mere mention of the Gus Bus. My guess it that’s about where the UT fan base is today, after almost hiring someone with questions in his background about what happened at another school several states away. One big difference, a lot of Hogs fans have questions about what happened with Gus at their own school and that other school in Arkansas.

Many of you have probably already seen the article, but Adam Ford writes an informative column in attempting to connect the next Arkansas head coach with being a proper “fit” for the program. The term fit takes into account exisitng talent within the State of Arkansas as well as other nearby recruiting hotbeds, combined with the type of offense many of these high school kids are brought up in and play. Other factors include Arkansas ties with the potential candidate, regional ties and then some pros and cons for each.

Ford lists Malzahn and Norvell at the top of the list. I like Norvell, but am starting to have some doubts about Gus, especially with everything going on at Auburn and some of things he was recently quoted as saying. I don’t think anyone could blame Malzahn for staying put, but there also seems to be a continued divisiveness with the fan base about him. Venables is on down the list with Ford, but primarily because of the lack of head coaching experience. Otherwise, the assessment is favorable.

Personally, and especially if Malzahn is somehow playing games and given the related time considerations, I would prefer Mike Norvell. I have never been keen on the idea of hiring a head coach without head coaching experience, but the argument some folks have mentioned on this thread and shared by Ford involving Venables is compelling. Kirby Smart sure seems to be home run hire at Georgia. With that said, assuming that he has existing connections and could bring in a top shelf offensive coordinator to go with what would surely be wholesale change on playing solid, fundamental and aggressive defense, Venables would be near the top of the list for me.

In any event, for those who haven’t seen it, Ford pens an interesting piece with an exhaustive list of possibilities. … kansas-job

Woo Pig.

Thanks for sharing the link dwp.

He just left out Malzhan’s biggest Con. A large part of the Hogs’ fan base can’t stand him. Strike him off the list and work your way down from there and it’ll be alright.