Gus Bus

Venables does not want o be a head coach. No to Charlie Strong, he is just a black version of Bielema

I agree with your assessment on Charlie Strong, General. He flopped at Texas, primarily because there was a ton of big money resistance from the beginning. He was 37-15 at Louisville and had a stud, dual threat quarterback [Bridgewater] during his time there. He is 9-2 at USF and said to be an excellent recruiter.

WSU and Washington are playing tonight in Seattle. Mike Leach has a very well coached team, in my opinion. I think the announcer said that WSU was something like 9-40 before Leach arrived. They are 9-2 and ranked number 13 in the country going into tonight’s game. They may get spanked by the Huskies, but personally, I like Leach and the swag his team’s typically exude, both at home and on the road.

You nailed it.

I have no idea what the plan is, but there had better be a plan. With early recruiting related issues approaching, we need to have someone locked in, soon. More importantly, it needs to be the right someone. Gus bus or no Gus, regardless.

That’s the key, and I’m sure the BOT is gonna swing and miss by a country mile

There is no plan. Someone with a lot of money threw a fit and got their way . The plan was Gus. Sounds like someone forgot to ask Gus? No realistic plan as this is what Arkansas does. Stupid is as stupid does. You think the last five years were tough. It’s about to get ugly. Hope I’m wrong.

Sorry I’m just in a bad mood over the same ole stupid “stuff”. Can’t use the language here that would really be appropriate.


I rarely read Wally Hall, but his column today involving the president of the university and interim athlethic director, if true, is beyond “cause for concern.”

If there was no forethought or plan in place behind dumping Jeff Long and Bret Bielema, other than to get rid of them, then we are teetering on the possibility of an incredible mess.

Someone with credentials must take a leadership role and steer this thing in the right direction.

Their right direction was the ditch.

The coaching community sees it the same way. … -like-mess

At least being in the hills makes it more convenient to drive off a cliff. :roll:

The scenario playing out was my biggest fear when we fired Long before Bielema and then waited to fire Bielema until the season concluded. Stupid move after stupid move.

No idea how this thing plays out, be it with Gus, Norvell or plan B through whatever, the University of Arkansas should be able to attract a quality coach who is a good fit, in a timely manner. If there is no plan B and the wheels come off, then the folks making the decisions should be held accountable.

Hoping for the best, and regardless, there should be no excuses.

Well … another week of waiting then? Another week of - if Auburn loses - before the hammer falls? Is there anyone that thinks if he gets Auburn into the NC playoff, he’d leave Auburn anyway for Arkansas? Recognizing that you can’t listen to the coaches when it comes to this stuff. Go back and listen to what Mullins said before the MS-MSU game … about loyalty, etc. Uh huh. Opportunity to coach at Florida on a different scale than at MSU (AND you get away from the annuals against Alabama and Auburn (and occasionally LSU). I can see Mullins at Florida.

If ARK waits our Gus, the options will be diminished. I expect the Hogs to break a story in the next 24 hours or get left out in the cold with the names of those they want.

I would agree with you. There’s no need to panic, but unless there’s a done deal out there not being talked about, someone with authority had better be burning up the phone lines toward making a deal done. Waiting around on Gus to make a decision, if that’s what we’re doing, doesn’t make a lot of sense and could be fatal, in terms of landing a good catch. Timing is always key and I would think that with everything in play, it is also of the essence.

I think that Gus is still in play. He is playing the Auburn media just like he is suppose to do. We will not see any announcement prior to the SECCG. :smiley:

I really didn’t care for Gus. But he is good coach. But, every time the decisions are about him. And to make him look better. I have to believe we were the soft landing in case he was fired. I can’t picture him leaving? Maybe I am wrong?

I llike Gus, but think you are right in terms of how he seems to play things. I can’t blame him, however, for trying to better himself under the circumstances. I also believe that his style of play is much more suited than Bielema’s style in regard to recruiting the type of athletes the Razorbacks need to win in the SEC.

What I don’t get, however, is some of the love being thrown at Lane Kiffin. The guy has been constant drama over the years and his winning record percentage as a head coach isn’t very impressive.

Gus only cares about Gus! He’s a jack ass. It’s all about him. I hope he ends up at Auburn until they fire him and we have a coach that’s winning and he ends up flipping burgers or a greeter at WalMart.

I have lived out of State for most of my adult life and didn’t really follow the Gus and HDN controversy involving a number of Springdale players and the OC position being offered at the time. Yet, I am curious about why you would say that, Army? I had always heard that Nutt breached promises made to Malzahn about the OC position and how the position was actually handled during the season.

Again, there is no argument on my part, but I am curious about specific reasons on why you would be opposed to Malzahn.