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I am somewhat indifferent about Gus Malzahn and in living out of state, don’t carry any of the emotional baggage left over from his short stay as HDN’s offensive coordinator. No idea on what happened with Nutt or who made and perhaps broke some promises, but Malzahn has proven to be winner on the field from his high school days to present. Evidently, he thinks very highly of the state of Arkansas. … me-auburn/

Roll Tide?

Even if Gus beats Bama but doesn’t win it all, how many years does that buy him there?

Gus will be walking away from a top recruiting class and he knows what awaits him here. Gus is the top choice.

I posted this on another thread, but Gus may want out. He maybe worried about the FBI investigation. He may be aware of possible sanctions coming down and is jumping ship before it sinks. Just my opinion, but it would explain a guy who many of us are hearing is leaving AUB regardless of how the season plays out.

As a belated footnote, I read a story yesterday saying Auburn’s Plan B may be Bobby Petrino, in the event Malzahn should leave for Arkansas. Auburn made a run at Petrino once upon a time and with the athletic director at Louisville no longer in office, that’s an interesting possibility. On the flip side, should the Gus bus actually arrive in Fayetteville, Gerry Bohanon may be more receptive to an offensive philosophy better suited for his skill set.

I’d rather forgive Petrino for putting his girlfriend on the payroll than Malzahn for stabbing Houston Nutt in the back.

[quote]I’d rather forgive Petrino for putting his girlfriend on the payroll than Malzahn for stabbing Houston Nutt in the back.

That’s the way I see it. I can’t stand the thought Gus coming back…so sick of the Gus crap. On the other hand, Petrino did prove that he could win at Arkansas and be competitive in the SEC.

That’s the way I see it. I can’t stand the thought Gus coming back…so sick of the Gus crap. On the other hand, Petrino did prove that he could win at Arkansas and be competitive in the SEC.
I don’t like Bike guy at all. Don’t trust Gus either. He’s a horses tail! Gus is probably going to stick it too us anyway and turn them down.

Given the timing, if the buzz that Malzahn will have a say in the hiring of the next AD is true, then he may be the guy.

I like Gus. He knows Arkansas and would be a huge improvement over the past 5 years, in my opinion.

Yet personally and for different reasons, I also like Mike Leach, Charlie Strong or the guy at Memphis.

I think a lot of people fail to realize, Gus is having issues at AUB. He had a terrible two year stretch with 4 & 5* athletes. He won’t get that here. I don’t think he is one of the coaches that can make up for the gap in talent by scheme (I actually think Petrino is better at that than him).

Charlie Strong couldn’t get it don’t in Texass with 4 & 5* talent in the Little 12. I see no reason in believing he can do it here with “less talent.”

Leach is EXTREMELY OVERRATED. Many on here claimed 8-4 is mediocre. His career stats show a 7-5 guy (and that counts an 11-2 year). Bret was a career 9-3 guy prior to coming here. No way Leach will be ready for the SEC.

As for Mike Norvell, I’m not sure two years as a HC will be good enough, but if those four are my choices, I’d risk it to find out. However, the rumor mill is Norvell has already accepted another job, which will be announced after their Championship Game. If Memphis wins they’ll play in a New Year’s Six Bowl, that he may not coach in.

Just curious…you wouldn’t want Norvell because he only has 2yrs as a HC…right? Soooo…a 34yr old with one year as a HC would be out of the question, huh?

Frank Broyles was 34yrs old and had one year as a HC before being hired at Arkansas and he won a National Championship 6yrs later. Geeze…

Different time, and Frank never coached in the SEC

Edit: Also, when it comes to Norvell, Memphis was built by a guy named Justin Fuente. Fuente used Norvell’s philosophy. Norvell took over a program that had already ran HIS system for two years prior to arriving. So, Norvell hasn’t turned a program around. You can give him some credit, because it was his philosophy, but he himself didn’t do anything to lead me to believe he can rebuild AR.

Stoops, Fisher, Richt, Smart, Sweeney…all assistant coaches with absolutely no head coaching experience or past experience turning around a program before taking over Major College Football Programs who went on to great success. But yeah, we are Arkansas and we are better than Oklahoma, Florida State, Georgia and Clemson. Yeah.

Are you just trying to start something, all those guys coached as assistants in major conferences for good teams prior to taking over at a major school. Norvell was an assistant at Arizona St and Pitt, before Memphis. Are you really trying to say that Pitt and ASU west is better than those other teams? Exactly

I am disagreeing with you…not trying to “start something” is this the school ground…we bout to fight? To your argument so you would rather hire a HC with no HC experience who has been a coordinator at a major school in a major conference than a current HC with two years of experience and great success. Ok. I understand now. SMDH

Again, you’re missing the point of the HC with 2 years of experience taking over a good team and continuing the same philosophy as the prior coach. He didn’t do anything to “build” that success, he rode the coattails of his predecessor. We just fired a coach that fits the same description.

So, if we were to hire John Chavis, who has been a coordinator at multiple SEC schools and won NC’s with one of those schools and can recruit, I wouldn’t complain about it. Norvell has never done any of that. Now, my original statement I didn’t say I didn’t want him, I said I don’t know about two years experience, especially, when we just fired a coach that had seven years experience with a 9-3 avg and three straight Rose Bowl appearances. I’d actually would prefer him to the other three mentioned, and over Chavis.

Hahahah…Chavis? You said Chavis? John Chavis who is 61yrs old and never been a HC you would take him over Norvell? Ok…I’m done.

Hey guys, I like reading your back and forth but to be honest, it’s not up to us. I’m with you in the freedom of comments but I just hope whomever is hired, he has a strong understanding of the SEC and what it really takes to recruit the type players to compete in the SEC West. I don’t want to see another trial and error guy hired that has no experience and knowledge of what it takes to win in the toughest conference. I see all these comments about Arkansas not attracting recruits to play for the Razorbacks, I quit thinking that crap, if the right coach and staff are assembled I believe Arkansas can be a prominate program every year, it takes determination and money to do it and The U of A has both.

I think there is a difference between having the money and actually spending it wisely. I think that’s the big issue. Pay the coach and pay assistants. How much will it take, and will those that write those checks be willing to write them?

Lane Kiffin

Personally, I have never been a Lane Kiffin fan. He’s a gifted OC, but marginal HC in my opinion. He also seems to lack some fundamental and very basic character traits, from many things said and written.