Gus Bus

Gus first, Norvell second, if we go to third, we’re toast

No argument here, Oink. Though, I still think Charlie Strong would be a viable candidate. He never had a chance in Austin with many of the big boy boosters as well as a tentative administration, but is proven HC material from his days in Louisville and presently at USF, in my opinion. His background is defense oriented, but given the work his staff did in Louisville with quarterbacks, I think Gerry Bohanon would have to take a long look. He is supposedly an excellent recruiter, also.

Strong inherited a senior laden team that went 11-2 last year, and also happens to have probably the best dual threat qb in the country. He would be a poor choice.

what things?

I respect your opinion, but do not agree with it, doghog. Strong is a proven commodity and would be a viable candidate as a HC for most schools in the SEC, including Arkansas. As to Kiffin, a number of character flaws come to mind, starting with loyalty and maturity or the lack thereof. Otherwise, talk to the folks in Knoxville, Los Angeles and Tuscaloosa. He is also a marginal HC, at best, in my opinion.

How is he not loyal? Is there even such thing as loyalty in college football?

I think his past speaks for itself, dog. I get your opinion and you are very much entitled to it. I just don’t agree on Kiffin.

First of all I don’t think Gus will leave Auburn for Arkansas especially if they win the Iron Bowl today which I believe they will and win the SEC title game also.

So, we can look for a good young coach to take over and make his name in big time football much like coach Broyles did years ago.

Who are some of these young candidates?
Mike Norvell - Memphis
Neal Brown - Troy
Mike Bobo - Colorado State
Chad Morris - SMU
Seth Littrell - North Texas
Frank Martin - UTSA

Charlie Strong - USF, definitely should get a call, but not necessarily any better than some of the younger guys from the above list.

Lane Kiffin - We shouldn’t want the drama that would come along with him.

I think we may have a shot with Malzahn, but only if Alabama wins the game, today. As mentioned, I’m mostly indifferent about Gus, but he has managed to field a fairly salty defense, with his hurry up offense, which is somewhat unusual. Otherwise, that’s an impressive list of candidates, Dfarris. Mostly agree.

Auburn won…Gus ain’t comin…fingers crossed Norvell is interested.

Not necessarily, if Auburn loses to GA next week, then there’s still time, but barely…

I would think Gus is off the table. Auburn could very easily win the NC this year and with his recruiting class he would be crazy to leave Auburn for the Hogs. I hope we had a plan B in case this happened today. Hogs may have to dip deep in the barrel to find a coach.

I would agree. That’s a very fickle fan base and should Auburn get smoked in Atlanta, Malzahn may still pull the trigger. Although I don’t think things can go much further time wise, and hopefully, the UA folks in charge have a good read on the situation, one way or another.

This is the thing that worries me, is I don’t think they thought past yesterday

Until the uga game he was all but fired… he could win the NC this year, but then be on the hot seat after losing his first game next season.

I hear you, baked. Fingers crossed.

True to that, dog. Agree.

We should be in Plan B mode now! If that means talking to Norvell or Kiffin then so be it. Anyone else we might have well kept Bielema!

I’m starting to hear Norvell to TN and Leach to aTm. These rumors are starting to gain traction. I’m hoping beyond all hope that we didn’t put all our eggs ($) in one basket (Gus).

I honestly think we did. Personally, I’d also like to see the likes of Charlie Strong or Brent Venables get a shot.