Again, U of A, Fayetteville

Interesting observation. Any idea as to whom this one person is? Does this mean maybe something can be done to remedy this situation?

A question for you in-staters who listen regularly to the radio talk shows…has this subject ever come up on there, and if so, what was the upshot?? Just curious, since I canceled my ADG on-line subscription over this idiocy.

Swine…I have heard numerous callers complain over the last year. Clay and Dudley make it clear that they do not use the phrase and don’t like it. The irony here is that one company (WEHCO Media) owns Hawgsiilustated, Dem-Gaz and Whole Hog Sports. So one subsidiary irritates Hog fans and the other one looks like the hero. They’ve come up with a scheme to increase subscriptions by causing a controversy. I dropped my Dem / Gaz last summer. I’ve been a Hawgsillustrated subscriber since inception. Not sure what I’ll do at renewal.

Thanks, Snout. V-e-r-y interesting.

Uh, what does the word “That” refer to in that tweet-University of Arkansas, Fayetteville or University of Arkansas?

selective reading…the state legislature enacted the law (see an above post)there the state lelgislature legally named the university the University of Arkansas and designated the other branches to be known as Arkansas-Little Rock;Arkansas-Pine Bluff;etc.the trustees can not override state law…so even thro Richard Davenport says "talk to the trustees"the trutee can not over ride the state lagislature…simple civics…

Feel free to tell Danny on Twitter.

Richard, very surprising. Until recently, your comments were simply “not our decision, above our heads” etc. Now you feel it’s necessary to dig your heels in and act as though the sports writers felt it was necessary to use the term for legal purposes. No one in the country uses the expression while talking about the Hogs except you guys. There are occasions where it’s useful for clarity. But every single article or editorial in the paper about the Hogs now refers to them at least once as UAF. Absurd.

Because the ADG said and it’s backed up that the UAF is the legal name. I’m not saying I agree or disagree. I’m just doing what I’m told.

Defending something that’s indefensible. Doesn’t matter. It’s patently absurd, and it’s a bad look to try and defend it.

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), it wouldn’t matter to me if the “legal” foundation name happened to be “The Public University Of Northwest Arkansas” - - or “The North Side Campus Of West Fork Community College”. Those who wish to do so can hearken back to the founders and call it by any designation they so choose. For me, however, - - it shall forevermore be “The University Of Arkansas”. It is situated in Fayetteville, Arkansas; - - not in Little Rock, - - not in Pine Bluff, - - not in Hot Springs, - - not in Fort Smith, - - - - not in Ptomaine Town or Diarrhea Dunes . Fayetteville, Arkansas. No one need emphasize for my benefit the fact that Fayetteville is the site of The University Of Arkansas. If they INSIST upon doing so, however, that is certainly not a matter worthy of getting all bent out of shape over and succumbing to apoplexy.

The University Of Arkansas is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I know that, - you know that, - - - - and anyone who is determined to undermine or circumvent that distinctive designation must have their own agenda to pursue, - - - and therefore deserves no serious consideration from the enigmatic conglomerate of Razorback fans at large.

There are any number of issues which may be more deserving of disgruntled antipathy and angst.

Personally, the whole University of Arkansas, Fayetteville thing is an endless topic of annoyance for me. By friendly email, I was asked several months ago to renew my subscription. In respectfully declining, I mentioned this particular issue as a primary reason. Not that anyone at the AD-G who has a say in the matter gives a d@mn.

At best, the campus reference involving Razorback sporting events is a meager attempt by a select few to push a hidden agenda. And if so, evidently, some of the writers using the reference don’t even realize there to be an agenda.

At worst, it’s divisive and an effort to minimize the importance of the State’s flagship university. If I had graduated from the University of Arkansas, I would be offended by the superfluous, geographic reference to the school’s campus location. I am reasonably certain their diplomas do not read in such a way. On the other hand, I can understand why a graduate of University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Monticello, Pine Bluff and Fort Smith may prefer a description of campus locale. While I graduated elsewhere, as a life long fan, I am perpetually annoyed by the unnecessarily dumb downed and redundant campus reference to describe a Razorback sporting event.

In today’s world, there are many sources to find Razorback news assembled by competent and knowledgeable writers. In my opinion, the best writers on staff involving WHS related articles seldom, if ever, use the unnecessary campus reference in describing the University of Arkansas. The others, I have simply stopped reading - and honestly, it hasn’t been terribly difficult in passing them by.

Diplomas: … ORM=IQFRBA

Go Hogs.

It is my distinctive observation that “diplomacy” is not sought, employed or practiced nearly as often as it should be in contemporary times.


Again, can you show me where that is said (not what someone tweeted, but show me some place where it is established that the LEGAL name is “University of Arkansas - Fayetteville.” I posted the LAW that named it “University of Arkansas” you SAY that is not the legal name. PLEASE show me some proof and I will drop this. Your proof so far is a tweet. Hmmm.

He says “thats the legal name, show me otherwise.” Well, first, I have shown otherwise. HE starts with the presumption that the name is UAF, says “show me it isn’t.” I guess I could say its name is “Harvey” and show me otherwise. That doesn’t hold water. PLEASE look at the LAW I posted and then show me where it has been changed. PLEASE.

Ask Danny. He’s talked to the right people and knows. Not my concern to be honest.

YOU are the one who just posted, “it’s backed up that the UAF is the legal name.” YOU posted that.

I think we should go with “Harvey.” It has as much proof as UAF (at least what has been posted).

I DID post that and I DID post that based off of what I was told.

But yet when I provide you PROOF of the opposite, nothing. You are TOLD one thing, SHOWN another. Shaking my head.