Again, U of A, Fayetteville

Maybe if we continuously inundate the message board with new topics on this subject we’ll get a response.

I think this topic is pretty well established as why this is happening.

To run subscribers off? To irritate thousands of people? To force Razorback fans to an alternate site? What’s the reason General?

It’s been continuously inundated for months, so far to no effect. We know it’s not Clay or anyone at WHS; it’s coming from the ADG. They, whoever “they” are, obviously don’t give a big rat about the likes or dislikes of their Razorback audience, and don’t care to explain or even identify themselves. Silence speaks volumes sometimes.

Wonder why Wally, in his article in this mornings paper didn’t say A S U - Jonesboro. Ark-state wants equal billing with the HOGS then all of the articles , written about them should be A S U - Jonesboro, in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,Little Rock,Lowell.

You can ask the board of trustees to change the name. If that happens the ADG will change the policy.

Whatever, show me where the University of Arkansas refers to itself as The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

That’s the official name.

I realize this is beating a dead horse. But really? Google “University of Arkansas.” Go to the “official web site”, NO reference to “University of Arkansas, Fayetteville” that I can find. Not one. Just “University of Arkansas.” Yes, for the system web site they do need to note that it is in “Fayetteville” not the school in Little Rock or Fort Smith, etc.

I get that this wasn’t your idea or Clay’s, or DD’s, etc. But to see you defend this STUPID policy is shocking and, well, disappointing. They don’t use the same policy for ASU by the way, even though there are several “Arkansas State University’s” other than the one in Jonesboro (even under the ASU System’s web site, they list in under “Arkansas State University” both the school in Jonesboro and “ASU-Paragould” and of course there are other ASU’s as well, Beebe, Newport, Mountain Home to name the ones off the top of my head.

By the way, Coach Anderson’s name is NOT “Mike Anderson” it is “Michael Andre Anderson.” So I guess the ADG’s policy would require, on first use in a story, that name, right? Frank Broyles name was NOT “Frank Broyles” but “John Franklin Broyles.” If you are going to get all “legalistic” about it, lets do it right.

Nothing more official than the board of trustees. They have the ability to change it.

So is it “Michael Anderson” from now on? Or does he have to go to court to change, nothing more official than a birth certificate!

I would not be complaining (well not much and would have dropped it long ago) if they treated ASU the same way. They don’t. That tells us what this is all about.

ASU’s official name is Arkansas State. No mention of Jonesboro.

One more thing, how about the OFFICIAL seal? I don’t know how to insert an image. Go to: … s_seal.svg

Nothing about “Fayetteville” on it.

And Coach Anderson’s name isn’t Mike.

Tell the UA, who lists him as Mike.

But UofA list ITSELF as “University of Arkansas” so is it how it is listed or the legal name?

AND by the way, now that you have gone all legal on the issue, I looked it up, only legal name for the University in Fayetteville is “The University of Arkansas.” Ark. Code Ann. 6-64-101 et. seq. is the LAW that sets up the UofA and names things. The ONLY name given to the school in Fayetteville is “University of Arkansas.” It is never once listed as “University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.” If you look at subchapter 3 (6-64-301 - 6-64-305) you will see that the certain OTHER campuses are authorized and named. Specifically, 6-64-101 Little Rock, “The Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas is authorized to establish and operate, as a part thereof, a campus to be known as the University of Arkansas at Little Rock…” 6-64-102 Monticello, “The Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas is authorized to establish and operate, as a part thereof, a campus to be known as the University of Arkansas at Monticello” 6-64-303 Pine Bluff (I won’t copy and paste the same language and 6-64-305 is for the “eversity.”

The LEGAL name of the school you write about is “The University of Arkansas.” So set by the legislature.

So, do we want to go with how things are listed? Then it is “University of Arkansas” (as listed by the University of Arkansas) or do we want to go by the legal name? Oh, that would be, “University of Arkansas.”

OR do we want to be petty and try to downgrade the University of Arkansas to a comma or hyphenated school? OH, that is what we want, so we will go with “University of Arkansas, Fayettevile.”

You need to call the board of trustees. They have the power to change the name.

The reference to the Fayetteville campus for the flagship state university is both offensive and insulting to any Razorback fan with half a brain. For whatever reason, the better writers on staff do not use the redundant, unnecessary reference. Folks like Wally and others, I stopped reading, and frankly, you can get better written stories involving Razorback news from numerous other sources.

One of the writers at WHS gave me the names of two individuals at the AD-G several months ago and suggested that I contact them and complain. I did so, and to this day, a reason for the boneheaded policy has not be provided. In fact, neither of my emails were even acknowledged.

Several days ago, I did receive an email from the AD-G asking that I renew my subscription. I declined and told them the primary reason was due to the absurd “policy” of providing the campus whereabouts for University of Arkansas sporting events. I also suggested that they may want to check with their subscribers, for I personally know a number of folks who have cancelled or not renewed subscriptions for the same reason.

Unmitigated, unexplained nonsense - in addition to poor writing practices.

Go Hogs.

No, I am telling you that the legal name is “The University of Arkansas,” Can you provide ANYTHING (other than a listing on a web site, one web site when every OTHER web site, including the OFFICIAL web site of the UofA) that says the name of the school is “University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.” I can’t find anything that says that. Is there a motion voted on by the trustees so naming it? I haven’t found it. It isn’t in the LAW. Where does the ADG get that name?

The LEGAL name is NOT “University of Arkansas, Fayettevile.” Not that I can find.

Though I am no longer a subscriber and had to answer a few survey questions to read the article, Matt Jones penned an excellent piece today on the history of the Razorbacks in past SEC tournaments. His account was an extensive, well written and detailed walk down memory lane, without [needlessly] advising the rest of us the whereabouts of the University of Arkansas campus. Hopefully, the Razorbacks can make a run and begin making new memories in St. Louis, tonight.

And for the record, given the redundant and mindless “geography lesson” that comes along with their work involving Razorback sporting events at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I would not have taken the time to answer any survey questions in order to read Wally and some of the others. :roll:

Go Hogs.