Again, U of A, Fayetteville

We have been over this over and over.

I don’t agree with it, I don’t use it, but they may change it when my stories appear in the paper. I haven’t really noticed.

But there is nothing the writers can do about it.

I haven’t noticed that specific response before, Dudley. Regardless, I enjoy reading your work and hadn’t seen the Fayetteville reference involving the same. The frustration from the readers, in my opinion, is the failure from the AD-G “powers that be” to enlighten the rest of us with a genuine, legitimate reason for the campus reference.

I’m not an Arkansas graduate, but as a life long Razorback fan, find the wholeHOG, Fayetteville thing to be really annoying. More importantly, I would think, as mentioned by a number of WHS readers, they have cancelled or not renewed their subscriptions because of the ongoing issue.

Well just write about the Razorbacks and not the U of A

And I understood that, accepted it, still thought it was stupid. Then RD, in this thread, starts defending it (that is how it came off to me). That got me upset again to be honest.

Most here understand that the writer’s are not at fault here. However the question remains… Why does the ADG have this editorial policy? It did not exist back in the day when I had a subscription. This is a recent phenomenon. I posed this question multiple times in the prior thread and no one has been able to provide an answer. It’s obvious the writers don’t like the policy. This has been established. But the question remains WHY IS THIS AN ADG POLICY? All the responses I’ve read is that the writers don’t like the policy and that it is simply a policy . What we are asking is WHY is this the policy?

I read a lot of different sources on several different teams. Including several sources on Razorbacks. This is the only source that uses the tag University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
University of Texas, Austin
University of Noth Carolina, Chapel Hill
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Mississippi, Oxford
University of Georgia, Athens
University of Florida, Gainesville

We can go on and on and you will not find the local sources of news making these references about their local team. So again why does the ADG find it so important to make the reference?

We want to know.

Those of us complaining about it KNOW it isn’t writers doing it ,but whoever is in charge of it , I wished would get on this site and see all ,the fans complaining about it, since we are customers of this site and the A.D.G , Little Rock and Lowell.

Again, this has been discussed in length and I don’t get why people are still complaining. It is what it is and repeating the same thread about it isn’t going to change it. Move on.

This is the most idiotic publication decision I have ever seen. It has ruined the joy of waking up in the morning and reading about our Hogs. Many of us have allowed our subscriptions to lapse over this, yet the ADG has dug their heels in. It not only does not make sense, many of us take it as a direct “in your face” hit from our former hometown newspaper. That’s the reason, General.

But why? I agree it is a very silly thing to do, but why get all up in arms and as you put it, let your subscription lapse or let it ruin your fandom? It’s just the name of the town that the school is located in. There are bigger issues in this state than that.

As silly as I think it is, I’m not going to let it determine my joy or fandom for the Razorbacks and I don’t think it should for anybody else either.

Yes they use it. And if they don’t, the copy desk is instructed to put UA, F in for them, so it doesn’t matter. Any omission is a copy desk screwup, not a victory for our side

But this is all beating a dead horse. I don’t believe Richard is correct, though. They don’t use UA, F because of what the Board of Trustees does or doesn’t do. They use it to throw a bone to people in Little Rock who are still offended that the capital city doesn’t have the flagship campus. Those people would still be offended if the trustees took official action. And if ASU had a Little Rock branch, it would probably be ASU, J as well.

And, by the way, my diploma doesn’t say University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. It says University of Arkansas. I trust that a lot more than I trust a website.

Yes, yes and yes! And still waiting to see where the Trustees “named it” University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Can’t find that anywhere.

That’s interesting. I have never seen the Fayetteville reference in any of Dudley’s writings, but regardless, his comment is more of an explanation, as opposed to a reason for such boneheaded silliness. I have yet to see a logical reason for identifying the campus whereabouts of the University of Arkansas. Your theory sounds a lot more believable than some of the other speculation.

As to beating a dead horse, although some of us have allowed our subscription to lapse because of the deceased, the pony should continue to be occasionally beaten, in my opinion, until someone, somewhere with the AD-G provides a reasonable explanation for the insanity. The two individuals who I was referred to had neither the time nor courtesy to even respond to my emails, which made for an easy decision when asked to renew my subscription.

Unlike you, I am not a graduate of the UA, but as with many, the campus reference is both offensive to read and insulting to intelligence, nonetheless.

Go Hogs.

While Dudley does writing for the ADG, he’s mostly writing for Hawgs illustrated and this website. IIRC, many of Richard’s artciles that show up only on the website do not contain it. It is my understanding–and I may very well be wrong–that only articles that appear in the actual ADG have this wonderful (sarcasm) distinction.


While Dudley does writing for the ADG, he’s mostly writing for Hawgs illustrated and this website. IIRC, many of Richard’s artciles that show up only on the website do not contain it. It is my understanding–and I may very well be wrong–that only articles that appear in the actual ADG have this wonderful (sarcasm) distinction.

[/quote]You are correct. Hawgs Illustrated (and thus this web site/forum) does not use that verbiage.

Why would a company put its writers and editorial staffs on opposite sides of this UAF issue? MARKETING! This is one company (WEHCO Media) that directly or indirectly owns the Dem/Gaz, WholeHogSports and Hawgsillustated. It makes a number of us angry. We turn to other sources. Hawgsillustated has made it clear that they do not and will never use the reference. This may have caused many folks to start subscriptions at Hawgsillustated. Somehow WEHCO has connived a plan to add subscribers in total to their subsidiaries by stirring up a fake controversy. This may not be exactly correct but I’ll bet it’s close.

We’re suckers. We’ve all been asking why for over a year without a legitimate answer. The financial bottom line is usually the reason for all business decisions even when they don’t make sense.

cancel like I did


That Van Horn quote is absolutely classic

How many of you folks actually buy a news paper any more?
The news paper business is becoming increasingly obsolete in this immediate Information Age through social media and they are beginning to feel the effects of how irrelevant they are becoming.
Couple that with the fact that Little Rock is becoming like many other capital cities around the country, not as relevant to its states economy as it once was because of bad business decisions in the past.
Just look at the growth over the last 25 years in cities like Bryant, Conway and NW Arkansas? Little Rock just hasn’t kept pace and the local paper and its University of Arkansas, Fayetteville is an example of envy.
It’s sort of like “Little man’s syndrome”, when the little guy has to talk loud and appear to be a tough guy, or the “Midlife Crisis” dude buys the sports car or gal gets a facelift to try to look younger. Neither of these examples actually change the facts in either situation just like the fact that Little Rock just doesn’t have much to offer these days.

As with a number of readers, I did not renew my subscribtion with the AD-G and WHS. While I will take the time to answer the survey questions to read certain writers, Wally Hall, Little Rock, is not one of them. I did answer a survey question to read Dudley Dawson today, and evidently, as a “bonus”, Hall’s article was also freely available.

Here’s the beginning of the article:

" Early Friday morning sitting in Little Caesars Arena, your trusty scribe found an email that said the office pool for the NCAA Tournament had survived.

Picks had been made on and then it was discovered that Walter Webb, who always runs the pool, still had the flu and there would be no pool. Later Jeremy Muck offered to take it over and someone with better computer skills found my bracket and transferred it into the office pool.

It was a good feeling, having gone 14-2 on Thursday, which was a tie for the led.

Then there was Friday and the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Razorbacks who were in my Sweet 16, showed up in the arena, but one more time this season they forgot something." :roll:

Again, I wouldn’t have tapped into Hall’s story, but for the free availability of it. Regardless, following the redundant and insane reference for the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Razorbacks, I didn’t read anything further. When any self proclaimed “trusty scribe” and/or sports editor either uses such ridiculous and poorly writtten content involving the University of Arkansas’ campus location, or permits someone else to do so, from here on, my reading stops there.

Go Hogs.

I just read an article on the Razorbacks gymnastics team and found it interesting that “Arkansas” was used without the “Fayetteville” designation; therefore, whoever is doing this at the Ark DemoGazette is trying to upset only basketball and football fans. Further, there must be no overall ADG policy to clarify which school in Arkansas hosts the Razorbacks since they do not use this strategy for all sports, but rather are selective.

To me that means there is only one guy ordering this nonsense, and he is not sincere about an overall sports policy clarifying the Arkansas schools.