Will Bobby Petrino.....

stay at Louisville after this year? If they lose 1 regular season game or less, and get a playoff berth, I’ve got to think the offers will be coming. I could see three possibilities in the SEC.

  1. Aubby
  2. LSU Tiggers
  3. KY Mildcats

What say you? Not looking for a legal discussion, or whose fault this or that was.

I think All the above would prefer to have the Houston coach first. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Auburn take a run at him. Not so sure LSU would. Kentucky wont pay that much.

They will cross paths in November. The outcome may have an impact on that.

  1. Auburn could take a shot at him because of past ties.

  2. LSU wont touch him. I live here in Bastrop and follow the goings on of LSU. The mindset of most of the fans is to get Tom Herman.

  3. Kentucky can’t offer him the money and it would be foolish for him to leave Louisville for Kentucky. The ACC, at most, has 2 legitimate teams in a given season. And often it is only 1 relevant team.

I think the Houston coach is comparable to BP (Though not as proven) with a lot less baggage. Regardless of who wins, the Houston coach will be the number one most wanted.

I don’t think Petrino wants Kentucky, too much in the shadow of the basketball program historically. LSU would never take him, they remember the terrible years before Saban. Petrino has stinking baggage. Auburn might be his landing spot if they are willing to hold their noses? As earlier posters here stated, the Houston coach is the hot commodity. I think the Ole Miss job will open up perhaps as soon as after next season. That could be the Petrino best fit. Ole Miss likes Arkansas hand me downs.

What is his buy out? Most important question.

$10 million http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaaf-dr- … ncaaf.html

So, UK would have to pay Stoops $12 million in his buy out, $10 million in Petrino’s buy out and then Petrino’s salary.

Malzahn’s? $6.7 million http://www.al.com/auburnfootball/index. … buyou.html

I only mentioned KY because Bobby tried to engage them when they hired Stoops. Don’t see it as a real possibility. I mentioned LSU because I’ve been hearing the natives are getting restless. Bobby could be nasty with their recruiting potential. Can develop QBs better than most. LSU has an issue with that. Aubby is obvious. With their reputation, I couldn’t imagine they would be “holding their noses.” He might have to hold his, if you can imagine that. As for OM, I can’t see it. The only way coach Bucky is out is if the NCAA lowers the hammer. I feel like they should, but I’m not holding my breath. If they do, I don’t see Bobby walking into that. He doesn’t have to.

Who cares?

Apparently you. You took the time to read and post.

Not so sure Petrino has as many job options as you allude to. I also have no idea as to how bad or if he even particularly wants to be back in the SEC. Both Miles and Malzahn might not get the hatchet. What was it, 14 major violations alleged against Ole Miss by the NCAA? They beat Alabama twice. They are getting the hammer lowered. Petrino might avoid that but it also might be his only avenue if he wants back in the SEC. The only door for him out of the Sunbelt was his old stomping grounds down the road. Petrino is still damaged goods but for a few odd types as on this board. Universities pride themselves as places for getting young folks out on the right foot. Petrino antics is the material scrolled on bathroom walls.

he is playing with charlie strong’s recruits. he can’t recruit quality kids, he will leave after this year.

I think he sticks at lville, certainly one more year with lj. Then maybe another shot at the nfl with Lamar Jackson as his wb.

No, I just don’t see why in the world we are talking about a coach that doesn’t coach here after our ACTUAL coach has led us to 3-0

Because there isn’t enough to complain about.


Participation isn’t mandatory, yet here you are. If you don’t wish to discuss it, I invite you to stop. Others of us will likely do as we wish, regardless of your opinion.

I was discussing it because of the potential impact to the SEC, of which we are a member. I would assume the others are as well.

With teams like Texas losing last night, I don’t see how anything Louisville does has any effect on the SEC.

Ahh, I see the confusion. We are not discussing Louisville. We were discussing the possibility of Bobby Petrino being offered and subsequently taking a job at one of the likely SEC openings, Auburn, LSU and Kentucky.