Will Bobby Petrino.....

Bingo on Petrino. Have to be at least after next year. He has everything he needs at Louisville, I think he will finish out there.

You are really butt hurt for a guy whose team you claim to love went 21-5 under the guy… Ungrateful much ? Or just not really a fan ? I’m guessing you are a Long apologists whose only reason to be here is to berate all things Bobby… He recruits better than Bert hands down btw.

As far as where he ends up. He may stay in Louisville. If I were him I’d have clauses in my contract allowing me to have as many lady friends as I want and allowing me to hire said lady friends all I want AND in addition one that reminds the AD that I’m the show NOT him… People saying that LSU wouldn’t touch him are wrong… Bobby is NOT as bad as people try to make him out… What has he really done ? Job hopped ? Cheated on his wife ? Lied to his wife ? Ok that makes him just like 95% of the men out there. At least the ones who can get any… I can see him at LSU. I will say this if he goes to LSU or Auburn our days of beating either are done for the foreseeable future…

Brought to you by Jeff Long and the Allen canning company.

Pot calling the kettle black saying someone is butt hurt, when almost every post you have made is about a former coach and how he shouldn’t have been fired.

You also left out, lied to his boss(you say Long knew, prove it), broke his contract, and opened the university up to a number of lawsuits(don’t tell me he didn’t, I deal with these sort of issues on a daily basis). 95%? So being faithful to ones wife is evidence you can’t “get any.” How about I love my wife and am strong enough to resist temptation? You keep blowing off what Petrino did as no big deal and that anybody can do it, but ignore the fact that just about everyone, except politicians, who sleep with other employees are going to get fired.

As for if he gets another SEC job, bring it on! You say we won’t win if he does, I read and heard the same thing when Malzahn was hired at Auburn and now he’s on the hot seat and may get fired. Saying you know for sure what would happen is speculation and a logical fallacy, two things you seem very good at doing on this board.

I saw this topic and went right to the last page to say: who cares

Only people who take the time to post a response.

Petrino was canned. Long and the Allens are still with us. I like it that way. Get over it.

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