Who do you think would win

if we replayed today’s game, with Anderson coaching Kentucky’s roster and Calipari coaching Arkansas’ roster?

So you have been relegated to make believe to try and bash Anderson… sad.

So hypothetical questions are off limits here? That’s what’s sad. Why wouldn’t you just provide your answer to the question?

Fact is Cal always loses in the tourney when his teams run into someone Kentucky can’t out talent. Considering that he constantly gets the #1 class every year, he under achieves.

So with that being said and the fact that Anderson has a 4-5 record against Cal in the last 9 games, I would say Anderson is a better in game coach.

Well, that was closer to an answer to a simple question. And how is that question a bash on Anderson? How many times have we heard people ask what would have happened if Portis had come back, if Qualls had come back, if the funny money scandal hadn’t happened, etc. Aren’t those hypotheticals as well?

I would stop watching our hogs if Greaseball became the coach! Apparently you like the prick! I don’t like him or the things he has done at every school he has coached for!
Go way your Kentucky flag!
Win or lose Mike Anderson is a better man and coach!

Here you go, KY would win, they’re too talented. That answers your question, so now answer mine. Why would you ask that if it wasn’t a dig at Anderson?

Remind me where it is that I said I like Calipari. I don’t remember doing anything but asking a simple question.

So, are you saying Anderson would win with Kentucky’s roster, or Calipari would win with Arkansas’ roster?

Pretty sure I said KY’s players would win, regardless of coach, but I see you didn’t answer the question, which proves to everyone you’re a troll. Now, go away

You like every coach we play over CMA. Cal is just the next on the list for you. You just can’t be man enough to admit you were wrong about CMA. It just makes you seem feeble minded.

Oh, I thought you said KY would win. I didn’t know if you meant their coach or their roster.

I don’t dislike Mike. I just think he has underachieved so far.

You’re full of crap, you asked if CMA was KY’s coach would they win. I clearly said yes, so that either means you’re a troll (and you still didn’t answer my question) or you’re not smart enough to understand what you said. Seeing how you understand how to take a jab at someone without actually saying it, then I know you understand what you said, so that leaves one option, TROLL

I haven’t seen you on the board in the last week or so, but I don’t see two NCAA Tournament appearances in the last three years as being underachieving. And before you point out the first three years, in the 11 years prior to his arrival, Arkansas had only been in three tournaments. The program was in much worse shape than most will ever know.

Well actually, I asked about trading rosters, not coaches. But that’s OK, time to move on to a new topic.

Actually you said Mike coaching KY’s roster and Cal coaching ours, so you said trading coaches, and YOU STILL DIDNT ANSWER MY QUESTION.

Good point, Mike inherited a mess, no argument here. I just see first year coaches like Brad Underwood getting his team to the tourney in his first year, and wonder why we’re 2 for 6. Again, Okra State was in better shape when Underwood got there than when Anderson got here. But Mike is 6 recruiting classes into his tenure, and I guess I was just hoping for more.

I’m sorry, what was your question again?