Who all will be going with a new screen name?

That’s what I did. Not telling anyone who I was on scout; wonder if anyone can figure it out without admin or mod privileges.

I’d guess quite a few.

Shane, is that you? :shock:

I wondered how many would switch. I was laughing about Jim Daniel when he mistakenly used his real name years ago and just decided to go with that. There are some very clever posting names related to the Razorbacks. It’s always been one of the things I love the most about our forums.

When visiting other team, you always saw comments of how the Razorback fans had the most unique usernames on any of the boards. Jim was pretty easy to figure out with his new name.

There can only be Just1hog :lol:

I am a brand new transference from HI. This is my initial post on my new board. I will also decline (for the time being) to disclose my HI username; not in a spirit of reticence, obstinate, cantankerous angst or shame, - - but merely for the sake of evincing an air of coy mystery. I will impart a substantially pertinent hint, however: I was more than once accused of being another poster who essayed to post under the username “Nostra” (as in NostraHogus?) - but i am not he, however much my posting style may be reminiscent of his. I am extremely gratified to be accorded the privilege of discourse interchange upon this new venue. God bless all.

What is going on here. Dolly meditating on Lhasa, yaks and 6’5" wide receivers and Dolly find himself here.

This bilocation blowing Dolly’s mind :shock:





I planned to take Porkdiet’s name, but he beat me over here.

I guess no one’s figured out who ole Monty used to be on scout.

I’ve got you pegged.

The timing reminds me of Nostra but the syntax doesn’t match. I reckon I have to go with Armyrazorbacker.

Charlie Rich, the real “Silver Fox”, is probably turning over in his grave now. I hadn’t thought about Charlie in years, but your new moniker reminded me of him. He had 2 huge hits in the 70s, I believe. “Behind Closed Doors” and “The Most Beautiful Girl”. I believe he was from Arkansas and attended the U of A.

So, you’ve got pretty big shoes to fill with that “Silver Fox” moniker. :smiley:

I think senility has set in.

My thinking is bakedog, especially since bake was making the claim he couldn’t sign in over here.

No way it’s Nostra, unless someone took his thesarus away and he’s abiding by Twitter rules of 140 characters or less. :slight_smile:

Once an OkcPig, always an OkcPig for me I guess.

I’m with you there… :slight_smile:


I don’t think so