What happens to Razorback Nation should Louisville beat FSU & Go to Top 5?

:twisted: What happens to Razorback Nation should Louisville beat FSU & Go to Top 5?

Something tells me Louisville & Arkansas are on course to meet in Bowl game.

We will not really care. We are Razorback fans. Take this fantasy nonsense to the Louisville board. You are trolling.


That is all.

I do not speak for others, but I wish they could both lose.

I think Louisville could lose 2-3 games, but a 1 loss season is possible. If AR loses 4 games, that would be a good year for us. I don’t think our paths cross this year.

Neither are the Razorbacks, so I have to assume the Razorbacks continue to do Razorback stuff for the remainder of the year.

What do you think happens to Louisville fans if Arkansas beats Bama and moves into the top 5?

Well for some probably the same reaction we saw when Gus was taking Auburn to the championship game a few years ago.

It won’t surprise me if Louisville has a great year. And it will give A few the ammo to crank up their hateful rhetoric towards Long and Bielema.

For me I’m a Razorback fan. I stopped pulling for Petrino the day he no longer was part of the Razorback family. The more I learned about him afterwards the more I realize that apparently the Falcons weren’t lying about him after all. He’s a POS of a person.

He would of left Fayetteville for a better gig anyway. He’s a self serving narcissist who could a less about the trail of destruction he left here.

Neither are the Razorbacks, so I have to assume the Razorbacks continue to do Razorback stuff for the remainder of the year.

What do you think happens to Louisville fans if Arkansas beats Bama and moves into the top 5?

I have no idea what would happen to Louisville fans, but AR fans would have a gasm.

Hey, HA way to stir the pot. Hope it is a good game… Syracuse moved the ball pretty good a lot in that game, so the D will have to step up. But it will be interesting I hope. Even if they win this week they I doubt they jump into the top 5. But they have a shot at a really good year… Clemson looks like they are bearable and Huston struggled with Cincinatti for 3 quarters. My fear with FSU is that they keep the L’ville d on the field a long time and FSU has the money guy for FG where L’ville has what seems to be Hedlunds brother. Hope it does not come down to a 3 pointer.

Petrino wouldn’t know defense if it walked up and slapped him on the butt.

Using yards/game
2008 - total defense - 72nd — yards per play 80th
2009 - total defense - 89th — yards per play 83rd
2010 - total defense - 36th — yards per play 46th
2011 - total defense - 49th — yards per play 40th

2013 - total defense - 76th — yards per play 102nd
2014 - total defense - 10th — yards per play 29th
2015 - total defense - 58th ---- yards per play 100th

When correcting for yards per play (IMO a better judge of a defense because you are adjusting for number of snaps, time of possession) Petrino’s defense averaged 62.25 in the country in yards per play. Under CBB, the defense has been 77th in yards per play. (Currently the Hogs are 106 in yards per play).

I could buy and accept all of your opinions except “He would of left Fayetteville for a better gig anyway.” I hear that every now and then; IMO it is a cop out. All evidence suggest the exact opposite. I bet if the stats existed CBP would not have changed jobs any more than any other coach. But when you are as high profile as he was and quit a NFL to go to Arkansas, that is news. At the time of his firing he was easily considered one of the Top 5 coaches and he public stated Arkansas was his dream job. Everyone is mad about what he did, all don’t agree with how it was handled. It remains news 5 years later only because what he did on the field was sooooooo great. CBB is doing some greatness of his own now. You don’t have to hate CBP to support the Razorback Program. In fact we take care of business today and get win over A&M going into Bama game we can do the same post and it will have ZERO to do with CBP or vice versa.

You are probably right, but that would not have made my post as interesting :mrgreen:

Good stuff, I like a thinking man. SEC Teams don’t make AP Top 5 twice without playing some defense. Bad mouthing CBP defense is like bad mouthing BA for running the offense he was coached.

I wasn’t trying to stir the pot but admit, I missed the old gang. It is a Long ways from the same experience. I learned that I am a troll this morning? It never cease to amaze me how others can be so hateful with those that see things differently. I guess you can study history and learn about hate for ages.

To me, being curious about what CBP does it the same as me watching Jacksonville hoping BA gets to play. My point of my post is that most that felt CBP should not have been fired were infatuated with his results of making Top 5 twice and national relevance. It is fact that even today 5 years later CBP lights up all boards. I get some are simply sick of it, but it is a consequence of a decision. You can’t just tell everybody to go away, unless you are Hitler. I think a win today against FSU will take him to Top 5. I am no Louisville fan, but I am very pleased to see CBP get his life back on track when many spurned him because of a mistake he made.

ok. Can you send me your user id and password with link for me to post the question on a Louisville board? Somehow, I don’t think they will care what Razorback Nation thinks, but I will post it if you send access credentials with a link. Thanks

No, he was going no where. He had a 17 million buyout, I guess some folks have forgotten that. I’ll be rooting for Coach BP today, fond memories of his last two years and 21 wins. I have warmed up to BB, but has he won 21 games here yet? :smiley: Today is the day, Go Hogs.

I don’t care if BP loses every game this year, with the exception of today’s. I feel towards FSU the way most of you feel toward Ole Piss.

FSU #2 Loserville #10. If Loserville wins big, they’ll easily make the Top 5. A close game and I agree they won’t move up, but so far it looks like they have FSU’s number

I don’t think it was Hedlunds fault for missing that FG against TCU. It was too close and the goal posts were too narrow. Some coaches, that think x’s & o’s 100% of the time would have taken a penalty to back it up 5 yards.

Regardless, you were right L’ville kicker just doink a makeable FG.

I am shocked at score and CBP’s offense and defense.