We are average

Every credible team I’ve watched thus far in the bowl games have reinforced my view that we will never be above average. Our recruiting is average, our coaching is average, our player development is average at best. It sucks because we are paying above average. I hate to settle for average, but that’s where we are.

Our head coach is ranked 8th in pay in the SEC. Tied with Dan Mullen. That is not above average in the SEC. It’s a little below average.

Oh, ok. So we give our coach a raise and all of a sudden our results go above average? Right.

??? Simply correcting your incorrect statement.

So you’re happy with the return on our $3.5MM to $4MM investment? Regardless of where it ranks in the SEC?

No I’m not. I think we need to make changes at the o-line and the Defensive side of the ball.

It needs to be top to bottom. Does Wisconsin have a job opening?

So some of you want a top notch football program while paying our coach the 8th best salary in the league? Like you, I’m not satisfied with the return on our investment, but not willing to pay a big league coach a big league salary just might be one of the reasons for our average program. “We can’t get a upper level coach to come to Arkansas” is one of the many excuses I’ve heard over the years. Gee, I wander why they won’t consider Arkansas?

Bielema’s record sucks. He’s a good man, I’m not chopping him, just his performance. It’s bad. Bad enough for a change. I’d die and fall out if a change were made, but he just needs to go.
We ain’t gonna get a homerun to replace him anyway so we just need to be ready for average at best.

Next season is going to be tough with our away schedule. If we go 6-6 or 7-5 again then maybe that will get the booster to pony up some money but it will be a lot!! Our next coach won’t be a big time coach hire but someone from an FCS school or mid-major who has done an excellent job. I can almost guarantee that the new AD, hoping Long get fired, won’t give the new coach a $15M buyout!!

This post is spot on:

Here is my dose of reality for everyone
Postby youdaman » Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:15 am

I apologize for not posting much this yr(some are probably glad of that Lol)but with all i have been through the game just wasnt at the top of my priorities,

There is no way to sugarcoat the last 2 games they were downright embarrasing and CBB will have to make some changes in the staff,I was rally perplexed why Enos didn’t go to a short" Move the chains" type approach when it was clearly obvious we couldnt block them in a deep set pocket…would have like to seen more scteens and slants and TE drags etc.

I also think everyone needs to understand AA was in his 1 st yr in the SEC and he will be much better next yr(remember how BA was much better)if the new receiving corp can live up to their billing.He will get better at reading defenses and knowing when to throw and when not to throw.I think in his mind he thought he had to try to make plays that werent there because he knew how bad our defense was and this happens a lot and people need to realize that,Why Hurts at Bama doesn’t get down when he throws INT,he knows his defense can stop them

The OL coach in me wanted to get out there and kick some butt on the OL last night and to be honest several others tomes as well this yr but I think people just have to realize that the OL takes a long time for a unit to Gel and it is frustrating as heck to watch but there is just no way to speed that up especially when you have 3 1st yr starters.They just have to spend a tremendous amount of time together to flow as one becasue so much of what they have to learn is at the spur of the moment where you cant communicate and just have to know what to do…its called on job training for a reason.

The defense was the biggest disappointment for me because we had a lot of experience back and should have known what to do and how to do it and IMO R Smith may have to go because of it.I just don’t see guys getting off blocks like the great defenses do and the back 7 just doesn’t seem have the speed to stay with elite type speed they see week in and week out in this league.

This is a brutal division we play in and if you have a weakness it will be exposed and word will spread.I think we can be better next yr but the road schedule is insane and we may still may be 7-5 or 8-4.

anyway this my 2 cents worth .hope all of you have blessed and Happy new yr!!

I’m a 51 year old man who has been a Hog fan all of my life. However, at some point a fan has to come to grips with reality and that reality for Razorback Football is that we aren’t capable of recruiting enough top talent to compete for SEC titles now or most likely ever.
When you look at how our offense is built, we have to be able to run the football to open up he play action pass game. First of all coach Bielma who was known for his offensive lines prior to coming to Arkansas can’t seem to attract top tier lineman to sign with the Hogs, instead we are relying on JUCO and Walk On’s to try and pave he way against SEC defensive lines, not a winning formula. Top two O-Line recruits in the past four classes were Denver Kirkland and Jalen Merrick. Kirkland left early to be undrafted and Merrick while on the active roster has hardly played at all. If we ever want to win we have to be able to beat Alabama and we can’t play big boy football with a team full of 4 / 5 star recruits. So, with that knowledge our offensive formula must change or we will continue to get man handled on both lines of scrimmage year after year.
I personally like Coach B, but his formula of football will not succeed at the U of A.

Next season will be no better than this season and perhaps time for both the University and Coach wish each other well and move on to the next chapter.

Arkansas will need to hire a successful young coach perhaps the one now at Western Michigan that can come in and grow the program much like a young Frank Broyles did what seems like a lifetime ago.

The man was just correcting your mistake.

Nobody’s happy with things.

How many years left on CBB’s contract? One? Two? Yep it looks average for this team, but I say we give him his original contract time and if he is not at the 9-10 regular season win column then we don’t renew his contract. The up and down roller coaster character of this team is COACHING all the way. I’ve seen the talent is good enough to win as evidenced by the ups on the roller coaster. Heck, look at the Florida win! Some things have got to change especially on defense. AA has got to do better under pressure as well and that’s coaching. I’m waiting to see if there will be changes in the defensive side. HOGS YA’LL.

So $3.5Mm to $4MM is below average, on the national scale. I don’t think so. No mistake here.

Below average
2013\tArkansas\t3–9\t0–8\t7th (Western)\t\t\t
2014\tArkansas\t7–6\t2–6\t7th (Western)\tW Texas\t\t
2015\tArkansas\t8–5\t5–3\tT–3rd (Western)\tW Liberty\t\t
2016\tArkansas\t7–6\t3–5\tT–5th (Western)\tL Belk\t\t

Houston Nutt Above average
1998\tArkansas\t9–3\t6–2\tT–1st (Western)\tL Florida Citrus\t17\t16
1999\tArkansas\t8–4\t4–4\t3rd (Western)\tW Cotton\t19\t17
2000\tArkansas\t6–6\t3–5\t5th (Western)\tL Las Vegas\t\t
2001\tArkansas\t7–5\t4–4\t3rd (Western)\tL Cotton\t\t
2002\tArkansas\t9–5\t5–3\tT–1st (Western)\tL Music City\t\t
2003\tArkansas\t9–4\t4–4\t4th (Western)\tW Independence\t\t
2004\tArkansas\t5–6\t3–5\t3rd (Western)\t\t\t
2005\tArkansas\t4–7\t2–6\t4th (Western)\t\t\t
2006\tArkansas\t10–4\t7–1\t1st (Western)\tL Capital One\t16\t15
2007\tArkansas\t8–4\t4–4\t3rd (Western)\tCotton[n 2]\t\t

Bobby Petrino Above average
2008\tArkansas\t5–7\t2–6\tT–4th (Western)\t\t\t
2009\tArkansas\t8–5\t3–5\tT–4th (Western)\tW Liberty\t\t
2010\tArkansas\t10–3\t6–2\tT–2nd (Western)\tL Sugar†\t12\t12
2011\tArkansas\t11–2\t6–2\t3rd (Western)\tW Cotton\t5\t5


Reading is fundamental. CBB was/is ranked 17th in the country. He did not say SEC.

Reading is fundamental, and you should know that. He didn’t say in the SEC. Now you’re being corrected, CBB is ranked 17th in the country. What is the teams rank? What is our recruiting ranking? Inform us, please.

Average is better than what should be expected for such a small state with below average SEC recruiting.