It looks like we really came out hungry tonight, way to go boys

what is happening to us?

40 minutes of heck

Such an inability to run a half court offense…


If it’s not run and gun there’s not much of a chance for the hogs

I can see we were ready for a big home game…way to pump them up, coaches

I can already hear it…‘Vandy is playing WAY over their heads’…it’s called zero defense

Well, I’ve missed the first half of the game, but it don’t look like I’ve missed much. Hogs will be lucky to win another game this year the way they are playing. How can people still support our coaches?

Hey, it takes 8 to 10 years to get a program in shape, we’ll be there in another 2 or 3 years…relax

It doesn’t take that long to show up! This is horrible.

Glad we came out strong and protected our home court and our NCAA tournament chances…great job guys.

18 points in the first half…at home

Wow, look at those empty seats…Mr. Long can’t like that

Zero fight! This is worse than the meltdown at Missouri. No movement on offense and no damn heart!

No worries, we have great recruiting classes coming in for years 7 and 8…we’re right on schedule

I thought the Missouri game was bad. This one was at home but here at the end they try to play a little. Too late!

Well, wait till next year. We’ll show 'em then!

If MA had coached the great Celtic or Laker teams in the past, they would have no trophies! When the Bulls fire their coach we should hire him right away!!

Alright Mike supporters. Defend this please!!

You can’t, it’s obvious now what we need to do. Thank you

I posted what I thought about the Hog basketball team but I guess it got deleted. I guess it is just as well. Anyone need two tickets to the SC game. I don’t think I can stand to go and watch another blowout.

Where are all the guys that was saying how the Hogs would win 6 of the last 8 games and make the NCAA tourney? Now they would have to beat FL and SC to have a chance of getting in. A team is suppose to be playing its best basketball at he end of the year. The Hogs are getting worse. If CMA ever had control of this team, he has completely lost it now.
Time to start cleaning house and get some new young blood that can coach and recruit. Might need to start with Jeff Long!!!