Tomorrow night Ben Howland will own Arkansas AGAIN, Guaranteed loss.

Howland whooped us by like 30 there last yr, and then walked into Fayetteville and beat us there also. The ex fired UCLA coach owns Arkansas, he really gets his team ready to pummel Arkansas into silent approval of submissiveness. Arkansas built this nice practice facility, they should be able to use that facility to get ready for road games like this, but so far it hasn’t helped much on the road. Sqadly, it won’t tomorrow night either.

I don’t understand all the negativity, the Hogs have a pretty decent team this year and yet you predict nothing but losses? I to think it will be a tough contest on the road as most will be for all teams in a much better and deeper SEC.
I wonder who your team is because it doesn’t appear that you’re a Razorback Fan, can you clear that up for me?
Look, I live in Northern Kentucky and people here bleed Blue. Yet, I don’t find myself logging on to their websites spouting negativity about their team.
What people do and say tells the character of a person and character matters.

Go Hogs!

Not negativity my friend, I love MA, he’s outstanding, and a great coach, and works his tail off. But Arkansas has a long and storied history of getting a big head, I just keep them grounded in my posts. The very minute you start to think you’re good, is the very minute you start becoming sorry…Always stay motivated, hungry, and ANGRY!!!

But it’s true, Miss State pummeled Ark twice last yr, like by over 30 there.

the hogs definitely need to stay grounded, and if it takes your dose of realism to do that i’ll gladly read it because i expect us to keep winning. i hope us getting into polls for first time doesnt do to this team what it did to the team with Portis and Qualls when we went to Iowa State and got blitzed. im hoping Houston was our wake up call and we have no big mis-steps the rest of season. yes, MS State blitzed us last year on our worst shooting game of year. i just have more faith in this years squad. to quote Grandmawmaw, this team has some “men” on it. we always speculate as to how we matchup with other teams, i think the other teams have to worry more how they match up with us. we’re deep and very experienced, though our depth has to show up more on road than they did vs TN. go hogs, WPS

JC talk about a big head. Do you think the teams reads your posts or even cares what your opinion is??? It is the coaches’ responsibility to prepare the team and I assure you no coach ever uses “guaranteed loss” as a motivational tool.

Get your facts straight if you post crap like this! Lost to Miss State by 6 in fayetteville. Didn’t play them in Starkville. From what I remember they shot 60% from the 3 which is ridiculous in college. Kick rocks.

Yes, played the once. A 6pt loss in BWA. They shot 46% from the field, 46% from 3, and 69% from the FT line. AR had a low 3pt%. 33%, and shot 65% from the line.

You’re a complete idiot if you really think that, coaches use everything and anything to motivate. I had a coach post exact quotes from people, and post every loss on the walls of the weight room. This isn’t 1964 dude, the messaging game is VITAL in the modern era of Twitter, ESPN, etc…etc…etc… And yes, people read these boards, tweets, etc…etc…And it does help or hurt depending on the message. BWA helped the other day. Getting out a message that we haven’t had a good Home Court in opener’s lately helped.

Yeah, I was referring to the last game in Starkville, it was over 30 pts as i recall. But anyway, got to roll out, learned a long time ago, don’t argue with idiots, they will just drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience.

Stay HUMBLE and ANGRY!! When you actually win something-anything, then you can get a big head!!

Keep who grounded? The players? You really think they read this board, or care what you think? Geez, maybe you should make a New Year’s resolution to try a little humility, because this post sure doesn’t show any. In the words of Bugs Bunny, appropriate given tomorrow’s opponent, “What a maroon!”

Yes Swine, at least one reads message boards, and maybe this one. Now, do they care what anyone on here thinks? Not in the way you are asking, but they do get upset over negativity towards the team, so yes they do care what we say.

Fair enough, but the negativity in this thread is coming from OP.

These kids today are too pampered, they don’t need to hear they’re great, until they’re frickin great. It doesn’t do any of these kids any good to tell them they’re great, awesome, no need to improve, you’re perfect. The TRUTH is this, Macon, Barford, and Gafford do have the ability to make a living in this game, but they have a lot of work to do to get there, telling them they’re great, doesn’t help them. The truth is this, they’re miles away from being able to play in the NBA, where you have to go into places like Tuesday night all the time, and win… Holding these kids hands doesn’t help them, tell them the truth, the truth is, we’re a long way away from being a good basketball team. We will be a good team, when you go into a prison rec yard, take on the inmate team in their own back yard and win, when they can play quality basketball in any environment, then we will become a good team!!

Maybe jcerzb1 is trying to take over JWright’s job of being superstitious about predictions.

Of course, it IS bad luck to be superstitious.

I’ve found the more negative I am, the better we do, that’s why I said Mistake worries me more than any other team on the schedule.

Not sure why the OP is doing it, but I’m very superstitious when it comes to the Hogs and Cowboys (Dallas).

If the hogs come out and play solid defense we should win! I always hope for our hogs to win and can’t stand for hog fans to expect a loss.
For dirt bag Ben he’s without Cameron Dollar! If the same refs show up from that final 4 match up we may be in trouble.

You saying last year is reference to last season, and we didn’t lose by 30 in fayetteville either. Calling people idiots when you post fictitious posts makes you look like an idiot. Just stating facts.

Man!, Lay off the sauce, you’re talking drunk talk.

A simple mistake knucklehead, the last time we played there, we lost by over 30, a complete manhandling, not going to Google the exact date but it wasn’t that long ago. i remember we didn’t hit the side of a barn from 3pt land, and they dominated the boards. Ugly game for sure, one of the ugliest ever… Howland owned us that night…

So basically you have no response to the post, and respond like an immature teenager.