Time to head in another direction in football. IMHO..

I normally stick by coaches through the thick and thin, but I look at good people working with him for short periods of time, and taking less money to go other places. I look at our defense, the worst defense I’ve ever seen, and wonder where we would have been if Ash stayed around. I look at our Offensive Line, and I wonder where we would be if Jim Chaney had stayed around. I look at how dominant Florida’s defense is, and I see Randy Shannon happy and content down there. You can’t find anyone in football anywhere that likes and wants to work with this guy. There’s a reason no one ever heard of our new D.C., currently coaching the worst defense I’ve ever seen, because no one else wanted it, for any amount of money.

As previously stated, I have never advocated for termination of any our coaches, I had outstanding relationships with all of them since Holtz, but I just don’t see it ever working out long term with BIELEMA because of personality issues, and sadly he should be let go…IMHO. Arkansas needs an up and coming young coach that has Arkansas roots, loves the HOGS, loves the job, that people enjoy working with. IMHO…

No. Most of what you are saying is hyperbole and has no basis in fact.

If you want to fork out 14 million for his buyout, go ahead, but don’t be surprised when we can’t afford a new coach. The only way you are going to get your wish is if Bielema leaves on his own accord.

Ash was/is a Big X guy and was out of his element here. Chaney had nothing to do with the OL and I think him and Bielema didn’t see eye to eye because all Chaney wanted to do was throw more.

I do believe our DC has not produced and should be fired. To me, Butch Davis would be my choice for that position! Enos I feel is a real good OC but is hampered with an inferior OL. He can’t run his offense if those linemen can’t run or pass block. Our OL coach might be a good teacher but even Bielema admitted he is not a good recruiter so I would also replace him. We just need better talent on the OL.

Bielema isn’t going anywhere for at least 2 years so any talk about him being replaced is futile. Long should sit down with him and review the season and suggest he make some changes and both of them get on the same page. Coaching and talent wins championships and if you’re deficient in both, you get beat by 53 points.


Which one? Father or son? 'm not in the get rid of the coach camp yet. Waiting to see if we beat Florida for the first time in 9 years. Waiting to see if we get blown out by them or LSU. I do have reservations about the DC though. The Florida game will show us something. HOGS YA’LL.

Yeah Chaney really has that Georgia line in shape! If he lasts two years I will be surprise… But I am sure there are a bunch on the board here that want him back.

This is the aspect of this new world of big time college football that is most troubling to me. Multi-millionaires by the bushel load. Do you know what the world of a man making multi-millions yearly is like with just a little bit of wise investment advice that can be easily obtained just by a phone call? Certainly nothing like the world of you & I, much less sweaty college jocks. Think a jet flight to a French Riviera beach with scantily clad women on the afternoon menu.

Then you expect these people to toil, sweat and worry about having a winning college football team. Deep down some could not care frigging less. It takes a special mentality driven type person as Saban. If Jeff Long is rolling contracts over yearly for Bielema while watching the obvious recruiting failures and poor coaching performances being constantly displayed. Long needs to be fired with Bielema after 2018. We need southern culture people with a hard work mentality. Not people giving us high priced lip service while producing embarrassing football performances.

I think Jeff E. sounds like a Gussiah troll.

First off, Bielema is by far the best coach arkansas has EVER had, delirious razorback fans tend to forget its ARKANSAS, state not exactly a d1 prospect machine , as evidenced by the the city of tulsa producing more than state of ark on average. Fonzie didnt leave bielema much to work with. He has been four years, big dang deal, all that means is its finally getting pretty close to being roster with players if his recruiting. Team has progressed every year, so you want to fire the only good coach that actually WANTS to be at arkansas, and what , run another fours of adjustment. You people are delusional , generally i keep my mouth shut because just like bungholes, everybody has one, but its getting old seeing this crap. If you care so much about the hogs then you should have the common sense to realize that absolutely nothing positive can come from posts like this. You think recruits dont see this crap? If its so bad, theres over 100 other d1 schools you can “love and support” WOOPIGSOOIERAZORBACKS! Thank you coach b and staff, and thanks to the players

Thank you, my foot. You saying he is the best coach Arkansas has ever had is asinine. He just embarrassed this program with the most rushing yards (543) allowed in this proud program’s long over 100 year history. The Arkansas defense is rated dead last at 128th in D1 football against the rush. The O-Line is in the worst shape I have ever seen it in my over 50 years of following Razorback football. You & I have no idea how much this coach “WANTS” to be at Arkansas. Do you live with him? However we can both bet he is very attached to that over 3 mill yearly. That looks like his only interest the way this team is poorly coached. This coach owes these fans a humble apology he has never given. He just whines excuses. His big butt is surely headed back over the Mason-Dixon Line fielding these mediocre fundamentally unsoundly coached football teams. Quit the Rah Rah insulting wind blowing and re-watch that Auburn game. If that is improvement to you? You need to be fired as a Hog fan when he gets the axe.

Again , your opinion, and because of the winderful country we live in , that is your right. Again, posts like this serve no relevance and can only hurt the program. Obviously you dont have a say over personnel and i doubt jeff long will read your post and say " gee willikers, that guys right, bret you are fired" The only people that should be embarrassed are the ones who actually have a stake in the game, anyone else probably needs to find more purpose in life. Im sorry , and im sure the hogs football team is sorry that they are not living up to your high standards. Good luck in your quest for perfection

I didn’t say I was personally embarrassed. I have long learned to stay off SEC boards trying to alibi lousy football so that game was no personal embarrassment to me beyond just the disdain of the Hog’s losing. I said the Auburn game was an embarrassment for the program and that means players & coaches. That is assuming coaches care enough to be embarrassed. Perhaps not. I said Bielema needs to apologize to fans because they spend money sometimes a lot to see the team play fundamentally much better than that.

You are right about what I post just being one man’s opinion. Putting that into context, I don’t think any fan on this board could damage the Hog recruiting magnified ten thousandfold as much as that 56-3 sheer beating in Auburn, Alabama. Bielema was the man in charge there and he surely damaged his own recruiting about as much is possible on any given weekend. BTW, I have never called for Bielema to be fired in 2016. I just feel it will soon be inevitable barring drastic changes in his coaching procedures & philosophies. I think he is bad off the tracks in a lot of directions. Read the board, I have went into most of the areas the last several weeks that cause me deep concerns about him if you care.

War, I’ve actually been told before (on the old board) that recruits do read this board. I was also told at least one kid not committing was my fault. We all know that’s not true, but you have people on here that really and truly believe if we get upset about a bad game (56-3 beatdown) and blame the current coaches or players that it’ll run all are recruits off.

Who was the recruit Bake?

I must have missed that

I haven’t done any research on this board and recruits. Richard may have

All colleges that have boards have those who are negative and positive

It’s one thing if it is targeted at recruits, another if it is targeted at coaches.

I believe it was the OL that decommitted and went to aTm. Eluemenor (?). Now, you and me both know I had absolutely zero to do with that, but I was accused of it by someone on the old Scout board.

Now, I also know that CBB read the old Lounge on Scout. I had some very, very negative things about both Bret and BA on there. You had posted links to a press conference he had in 2014, and he actually mentioned what I had said (not that he said Bake said, he said disgruntled fans, but at the time I was the only person that I could see that said that particular statement about either) on the Lounge. I asked one of the old mods over there, and they said they knew HDN had guys that read it, but didn’t know if CBB did, but it was very possible (the press conference kind of confirmed it for me).

A lot of fans just believe total positivity is always the best avenue to success. However this coach started with a honeymoon at this job just like every head coach across this country with surely over 90% of the fan base fully supporting him. He even maintained most of that broad support while going through a 75 year historic low point for this program in his first two years here. That mostly due to the scandal that preceded him.

Positively fully supporting him got us where we are now. A historically poor O-Line & Defensive Unit. A thinking fan might deduct that total positivity is just not working with this coach. What these always positive fans need to fear most is something Broyles use to often mention at his few low moments in coaching. APATHY That means nobody gives a damn.

I don’t know about you having an effect on that OLineman’s decommit, but I do recall him posting on twitter how crazy Arkansas fans were AFTER he decommitted and that he was glad he went to A&M.

People were tweeting him death threats (no joke). Some were saying they hoped he got hurt and couldn’t play anymore. (I did neither of those).

The kid took visits and ever time he took one, he committed to the new schools. I made that statement (not exactly word for word) when he went to ATM, and said it wouldn’t surprise me to see him flip. When he flipped, it was “my fault” because I had said that.

I highly, highly, highly doubt that Houston Nutt, Bobby Petrino or Bret Bielema read this or any other board - of which they are many.

I do know that they have others - like student assistants - monitor boards because I have had discussions with them about it.

When they believe something appeared on boards that was hurting recruiting they have brought it up and asked for an explanation on what we were thinking.

Never been threatened. Really the only two times I was even talked to angrily by a coach was one assistant during Petrino’s years who let Bobby Petrino find out through the press that a recruit had committed to Arkansas.

I broke the story, but went through proper channels in confirming it on both sides.

Never have they brought up anything that a fan said in my 35 years covering recruiting, obviously just the last couple of decades terms of internet message boards.

So while some other poster may have blamed you for that - which is ridiculous - I guarantee you that Coach Bielema has no idea who you are.

Not trying to be mean, just saying that no one at the UA blames you for that since they don’t know who you - or any other poster - is.

I disagree that most boards fully support him or have total positivity.

And I very much disagree that has anything to do with winning 11 of the last 15 or losing the last one 56-3.