This Site is DEAD!!!!

With all that is going on in FB recruiting, there are no topics on here. Might as well shut this site down. FB recruiting is looking up!!!

The old way of discussion was a lot better. Commenting on the articles themselves, but it is what it is.

I know for once we agree!!!

Trying hard to figure out why you can’t do that now? Copy and paste the link in the Subject and comments away! What a concept. :sunglasses:

That made too much sense! It’s been a good day on the crootin’ front.
Give Chavis a full year to get a defensive class together and we may see some results on the field to be proud of.

Some people can’t read the articles, so copying and pasting the link wouldn’t help.


I wish to remind those who may be somewhat disenchanted with this board status that this forum is free gratis; - - thus it might be deemed to be disingenuous to lodge a complaint that you aren’t getting your money’s worth.; - - and such a complaint might very well smack of ingratitude in response to the provision of a courtesy service.

I appreciate the PRIVILEGE of participation here on this fine board on a welfare basis. Take a moment to think about the “big picture” here, - - and the fact that the mods and the sports writers have extended an appreciable degree of courtesy to us “hawgs lounge” users with a commendable frequency of interaction and information provision - - and you might be moved to perhaps sing a different tune.

This post is not a “fault-finding” rant; - - - it’s simply a soft-peddled reminder.

I count that we have had 14 football recruiting stories since yesterday. All can be found here:


You, Richard, and the other sports reporters here have my sincere thanks for the thoughtful service you provide. Thank you very much.

Matt a lot of those complaining are on the Lounge only. Can’t see the paid side. Used to on the old lounge (Scout), I would post committs on the free board when the paid board would say they committed. A few others did as well. I was told to stop putting the paid info on the free board.

WholeHog also used to have free stories that you could comment on without being a paying member (so did 247). Now, unless someone posts it on this board, it’s only available for the pay members. Maybe y’all can post a free recruiting story on our commits on the free board every once in awhile.

Just a suggestion

I did not start this post to be critical of Richard or Matt or the site itself. I was just saying not many use it anymore. I don’t see any discussion about FB and a not a lot about BB.- anymore. I get most of my info from Hogville but it can get out of hand sometimes. I just wish more people used this board. I miss NCHOG and several of the other posters.

Nor I. I appreciate this forum, but still prefer the old one because you could post on topic and see the actual article. I understand why that’s gone, but again, it is what it is.

It was not my intent either to heap shame or blame upon any posters here on Hawgs Lounge. For me, any information gleaned is to the good, and I appreciate it. That is all.

And hog channel on disqus

I suggest that you go to SEC Country and select Arkansas and you will get all of the up to date recruiting info that you aren’t getting now on wholehogsports.

Go Hogs!

Well, unfortunately, those recruiting stories are off limits to those who can’t afford a membership…and I for one, refuse to pay for something I can read for free elsewhere. This site has always been a little dead, imo, because of the literal and figurative restraints, due to perceived censorship. For example, I never felt comfortable posting my feelings about Bielema, even though right after he was hired, I told my sports buddies his philosophy would never work here.

Unless you used profanity or picked fights with others in your posts about Bielema you wouldn’t have a problem. There was a ton of people complaining about the season and the coaching staff.

If you expect things for free, then you’ll get what you pay for. The writers for this site expect to get paid to help take care of their families. Wholehog sports is a business. It has to sustain revenue to pay the writers and to provide economic benefits to the State of Arkansas.

You have every right to not participate in a paid subscription, but don’t flail in anger because you don’t get the information you desire for free. You can always try to do the hard work on your own and reach out to the kids and coaches if you prefer.