This is the worst we have looked in years

This game isn’t fun to watch. If I didn’t have a long-standing rule that I watch every game until the end I would have thrown my remote at my television. It’s clear they did a great job scouting us.

Just in case some have missed my previous posts, good recruits always trump developing 3 star players all the time!!!

Recruiting is important when the level of coaching is the same.

It would be great to have recently won a national championship and be in the middle of fertile recruiting ground but them’s the breaks.

I understand about recruiting geography but pretending for 25 years we can win the SEC by developing players is insanity. Ole Miss tried to buy a few and couldn’t do it and they’ll probably be on probation soon. I’m too freaking old to continue to listen to all the hype and I’m just going to settle down and enjoy 4th to 5th place with an occasional 2nd or 3rd place finish.

That’s what most wise people would do in this situation. Get a coach who can get you an average of eight games a year with the recruits you can and be happy when we do better. I think that Bielema is probably that coach but we’ll see.

And great we lost Allen. He has been a bright spot this year. Hopefully just a knee sprain.

For me, it’s the opposite. Coaching is important when the level of players are the same.

I agree but when every coach is a $4 million a year wundercoach it’s hard to find someone that much better than the competition.

I agree. That is just the way it is and may always be.

I think the Razorback defense looks just like last week. Auburn just executing where Ole Miss didn’t. Auburn’s front four is a respectable looking defensive unit. This is what it’s suppose to look like folks…

I never thought that we’d have problems stopping the run up the gut this year but Bama, Auburn, and A&M have all gashed us with it. At first it was an “alignment issue” but it’s clearly something else.

I’ve said the problem, even though Dudley and Clay disagreed. Ellis is too slow. He takes one step to the left, they run right and right by him. Need a faster LB. Just for knowledge they both said it was the safeties fault.

This is just sad, poor football.

It isn’t just Ellis that is slow. The entire back seven is slow for the SEC. Might work well in the B10.

This is embarrassing. Getting completely dominated on both sides of the ball.

Can’t blame the safeties when they’re covering a WR on a crossing pattern, and the team runs right at where Eliis was originally standing. Need a new game plan.

Maybe need a new DC. We have too much experience and skill on the defense to ever have a game like this. They have done it all on the ground.

Why is Allen even in the game? This is stupid. This whole game is a loss

I’d rather see our DBs getting thrown on than having them run it up the gut at us time and time and time again.

CBB said before the season that our DL was going to be a strength. I wonder what he thinks now?

The Defense is just non existent. CRS better get a grip quick. Our D-line has underperformed all year. The linebackers did take a hit with the loss of Greenlaw, but we just look like we are always reading instead of attacking the play. I will admit the secondary has played really well this year, but I think that is Roades influence.