This is the worst we have looked in years

That’s what the WholeHog writers were saying as well. They made it sound like we were going to have the best DL ever.

I think its a coaching issue. Its a clear letdown from last week and the coaches did not have them ready. Defense looked like it did against aTm,slow and out of position. It is painful to watch. It looks like the whole team needs two weeks off to rest so slow. Coaches have got to pull this together or we are going to get pasted next week. HOGS YA’LL.

I remember a couple of years ago everyone saying that the DC needed a raise because he was doing such a great job. Then we get some different players and people want him gone. Interesting how a great coach becomes an awful one when the quality of the players changes. Coaching is overrated.

I think that there is often some value from a gamesmanship standpoint with a new coordinator. When there is no tape on a team it is harder to scout them. After a couple of years the DC’s tendencies are better to predict and prepare for.

“This is just bad defense” is right. This is Bama four years or USC years ago levels of embarrassment. At least we have Mississippi State and Missouri ahead - hopefully able to get bowl eligible.

Wouldn’t you be proud to be named the defensive player of the game tonight?

I think that Collins played well.

Don’t we have some back up offensive linemen that we’d like to develop instead of keeping in our starters down 50?


major regression.

I disagree-Ole Miss is a good team almost a clone of Auburn and with a better QB. Its coaching. This team has been up and down like a roller coaster so far this year. We have the talent but we had huge letdown this game. HOGS YA’LL.

Auburn has a better OL & DL. You win in the trenches.

Be patient fans… CBB needs time.

How much time? Go root for UK.

I really hope no one bought the alignment excuse. As if terrible defense could be fixed so easily.