the reason we lost

How do you correlate that??? There are plenty of schools that expect their programs to be at a certain level. That’s why they win. When you have little expectations you get little. A coach should have the chance to get his players into his system. BB has done that. But you guys don’t expect but 7-8 wins. That’s cool with some of you. That means you accept being mediocre. There is no way we should be waiting another 4-5 years.

CBB is in his fourth season, but can you really count the first recruiting class signed in 2103 as his? I give him a pass on that one considering he had less than 2 months to get to know the recruits and their families. His first recruiting class that you can put on him is the 2014 signing class, so I will give him one more year before I say he has all his recruits in place. JMO

I disagree. He recruited 99% of these guys. How do you not count 2013 class his when he recruited them. Remember he got hired in Dec. 2012. He had a full year to recruit them so there is no pass. Name 4 players that wasn’t recruited by BB that’s playing now? I rest my case.

You say he was hired in Dec 2012. His first signing class at the UofA was Feb 2013. That is only 2 months. Now I didn’t major in math at Arkansas, but my 10 y.o. can tell you that’s only 2 months. That’s the one I throw out.
The 2014 class was the first that all the recruits were his. That signing class was after 14 months on the job. That leaves you the 2015 and 2016 signing class, when added to the 2014 class is 3 signing classes.

We lost because we have a dumb coach. PERIOD. WE lost bc we fired a great coach and hired yet another Broyles man. He won time of possession and in his mind thats how you win. He’s wrong. You win by outscoring your opponent. You think BMFP would have failed to scored in ten tries ? Heck no.

But you better believe he wouldnt throw away plays on the QB sneak like derpy Bert did. HDN part two folks. Fire Long and fire Bert or BOYCOTT. SImple as that.

CBMFP was winning in two. ITs NOT the players its the coaching dog.

Laughable post. CBMFP would have tore this same Aggies team a new one. I know he just beat them last year in a bowl game. System this system that. Its coaching. We had it. Long fired it. Long was a fool Its going to cost him. Not soon enough for me.

So called fan gladly accepting losses. Well you are going to love having Nutt. I mean Bert.

Yeah but he said curse words and had sex with pretty young ladies. We can’t have that around here. Not in the next to last in everything except false sense of morals Arkeeensaw. Where the media is controlled by our only source of sports entertainment worth a dang and the GOBN insists that it be done Broyles way even after CBMFP showed them he was leagues better than Broyles ever dreamed of being…

They were threatened and ran him. Boycott.
GO Cards

Why are you even here? It’s obvious that you are not a Razorback fan. The only thing you talk about is Booby Petrino. Take that crap over to one of the Louisville boards and stay there. You bring nothing to this board but whinig and crying like a two year old that doesn’t get their way. Do everyone here a favor and disappear permanently.

You couldn’t be more wrong on AA. He shows great leadership!

These tirades about Good Old Boys as if Arkansas has cornered the market on the species are absurd. Your Louisville has them too. Petrino was fired because he lied, broke federal hiring laws, sexually harassed a female employee and further nationally embarrassed the university and people of this state. You referring to Petrino all the time as a ladies man is silly. A toad with a fat wallet. A ladies sugar daddy idiot. Look at the spastic pic that the goofy buffoon allowed to be taken at a press meeting after a football practice he attended right after his display of spastic incompetence on a motorcycle. Just allowing that pic to be taken was enough to run his goofy rear out of the state. He didn’t have enough common sense to stay home and heal, he looked like his head had been stuck in farm machinery. This fan base doesn’t want Petrino back. You will not change that. Louisville is stuck with him. He is on a short comet ride with Strong’s players. He will land in the ditch again once he has to recruit.


I disagree. He recruited 99% of these guys. How do you not count 2013 class his when he recruited them. Remember he got hired in Dec. 2012. He had a full year to recruit them so there is no pass. Name 4 players that wasn’t recruited by BB that’s playing now? I rest my case.
[/quote]I should know better than to get involved — but how many players that CBP won with were actually recruited by HDN ? You believe our program was in as good a shape when CBB took over after John L’s lack of recruits, as it was when CBP took over ? Nutt still had a good program going, that CBP inherited. All the Warren guys, Joe Addams, etc… John L did not do anything after CBP---- so you missed at least one year of recruiting. One year is a tremendous amount – and how do you recruit here after that crap season ? Now that — you can blame AR administration’s inexperience because they listened to the players and thought we could actually win with Tyler Wilson coaching, I guess. CBB inherited a mess that takes time to change and yes — I’ll take 8-9 wins per year and you better too. We haven’t challenged for a conference title yearly since the SWC and it was us and TX normally. By the way, you only get a hall pass with your affairs if you actually win the Sugar Bowl — lol.

What is the world (or this blog) coming to, when Saint is one of the most rational ones on the board…
Right now petrino has some things at Louisville that he never had at Arkansas: 1. A good DC 2. A dual threat qb who doesn’t have to force things 3. A running game early in games because of his dual threat 4. Not having to play bama early in the season.
Bielema system will work here if: 1. We get better players. Our philosophy is similar to Sabans, but I think you have to have better players to make it successful. Spread teams don’t need great players, just fast players. 2. Our players have to be solid. Reed to me right now should not see the field. He to me has had maybe one good game in all the time he’s been here. He is not reliable. Our rb’s must know their cuts. 3. Our defensive schemes must be sound. Smith had one decent season here. In two games this year, TCU and A&M, we have not accounted for the MOBILE QB. We have left the middle of the field wide open and gave up huge amounts of rushing yards. I think if we keep having these huge scheming mistakes against spread teams, smith will not be here next season. 4. Our offense must take what the defense gives us. They were shutting down our runs at the goal line, but we never adjusted to them having 9 men in the box. They were pinning their ears back and coming. We have to assume everyone is going to stack the box and try to force us to throw. 5. We can’t turn the ball over. Nothing like a drive in the teens of play numbers, that goes 90+ yards and doesn’t score that destroys a ball control philosophy.
Keep fighting the good fight in here Saint. Welcome to the Light side of the force.