the reason we lost

Your first paragraph ignores a lot of perameters. Most of those coaches you listed either walked into a good situation, a good recruiting area, or both. Unfortunately for Bielema, he had neither as a luxury. For example, most people would say Art Briles is a good coach, but it took him 4 years to make Houston at the least a decent team and 6 years at Baylor to make them a consistent winner.

I’ll agree our special teams most years under Bielema is atrocious(this year they look ok). Who would step in for BA? I don’t blame the o-line, I blame the play calling on that one. It still amazes me that after one loss, people instantly start up the “Bielema might be on the hot seat debate.” We are Arkansas. We can’t afford to change coaches every 4 years and think we’ll be successful.

I was not trying to offend you. I have been called allot worse. However, you need to deal with facts. Your whole perspective was comparing to BP and I still don’t get it. You don’t get ranked in the top 10 two years in a row for having a pitiful defense. No, it wasn’t as good as Nutts defense however the offense was that good and made a huge difference. One year by CBB of having a good defense. So, that one year means that CBB defense is better than CBP? You are also wrong about saying that every Championship team runs the same system as CBB. That statement along shows that you know little about football. Sure, everyone teaching the fundamentals of blocking and tackling ect… Yes, every team passes and runs the ball. But that’s not a system. That’s the nature of the sport. They system is how those things done and the type of formations that are schemed to make it happen. Then there is the terminology you have to learn.

One thing for sure teams that win championships are teams with very good to great defenses. Still need a pretty talented offense but both usually go hand in hand. Teams that have high powered offenses but mediocre defenses usually don’t go further than the 9-10 win threshold. Makes for a good season until they come up against their equal or less equal offensive team with a talented defense. Really good defenses can adjust quickly to your offense.

We have a good offense, not great yet, but will continue to get better, just need to sharpen up on the mental things.
Need more studs on defense, we are slowly filling in the gaps, but sometimes your only as good as your worst player(s) on defense, they will get exposed.


I have never called for Bielema to be fired dependent on the outcome of this season. I just feel that O-Line performance is not what is to be expected from a coach who has recruited here for 4 cycles. I know we lost several real good offensive lineman from last season. However all programs do over every series of a few seasons and they don’t have drop-offs like that. The play of this O-Line points to poor recruiting about any way you cut it and will most likely in itself cause a mediocre season with another minor bowl appearance perhaps being most optimistic. I was just notching this stuff up in that comment you responded to. That is what all fans will eventually do. Bielema came here talking of SEC championships. That SEC championship is totally impossible with continual problems akin to this.

A couple of those coaches I mentioned as getting the job done by the third year were at Arkansas. Broyles, Holtz, Hatfield and Petrino were all more successful here in four years than Bielema has been. Nutt even was. I know the program was in bad shape when Bielema arrived. However Bielema has had the recruiting cycles to remedy that. It is no legitimate excuse moving forward. Mediocre is just not going to cut it but for a very few more years.

It is one game. Yes it sucks. I would rather lose to anyone other than TAMU. Guess it goes back to my disdain for them during the SWC days. Always found TAMU terrible losers & even worse winners (the fans). I have been to Arkanasas vs LSU games many times. Wins & losses . while there are always a few jerks in any crowd, the fans for the most part are classy & good sports. Been to Bama /LSU games. Same thing- class on both sides regardless of outcome.

On the game. Those trips into the red zone that collectively ended in 3 points. If instead we take a 17-7 lead, or 24-7 lead in at halftime TAMU’s demeanor is likely much different. We had several chances to close the door and break their back like they broke ours in the 4th quarter & simply did not seize the moment.

OL has to get tougher & meaner. For running the ball to suposedly be what the offense hangs it’s hat on, to not get in from the 2 yard line is just unacceptable. Defense played well other than a few missed assignments & a terrible terrible 4th quarter.

AA was overheard by sideline mics a few times. Did not sound like he was very happy about the play of his unit. I believe we have a leader in him & can definitely sling it around the yard.

When they have a chance to knock a team out they better do it in the wild wild SEC West. You cannot play around in this league & let someone pick themself up & go back at it. Thought they had learned ths lesson.After Saturday obvously not.

“A couple of those coaches I mentioned as getting the job done by the third year were at Arkansas. Broyles, Holtz, Hatfield and Petrino were all more successful here in four years than Bielema has been. Nutt even was. I know the program was in bad shape when Bielema arrived. However Bielema has had the recruiting cycles to remedy that. It is no legitimate excuse moving forward. Mediocre is just not going to cut it but for a very few more years.”

Broyles was the exception, which is why I said most. Holtz and Hatfield walked into a healthy program and kept the engine running. Petrino did very well on the offensive side and got us wins. Nutt walked into a great recruiting class left by Ford. 1. The seasons not over so to blanket his 4th season one way or the other is illogical. 2. Even if Bielema recruits exactly who he needs, it’s not like everybody else is standing still.

I feel if that O-Line had given push off the line of scrimmage in all those short goal line situations we would have had a good chance to beat Texas A&M. As one previous poster pointed out, William’s fumble and minus other mistakes, I think the Hogs would have most likely won. Whatever, Bielema is going to have to start winning these type games. They have lost them on kicking game failures and this kind of stuff long enough.

I don’t know how quick Long is on firing a coach. I know Broyles fired or ran off everyone before I was ready to see them go. I could just about figure Broyles. As you fellow fans are chiding me, this season is far from over and speculation on the outcome is very premature. However getting back to Broyles, this season going south to mediocrity followed by another mediocre season in 2017 would be the end for Bielema. I certainly hope that doesn’t become reality. However it would be interesting to see if Long would go beyond 2017 with mediocre 7 and 8 win seasons with a minor bowl. The fan base might not allow Long to go beyond 2017. By fan base, I mean wealthy donors. Broyles always used that particular wealthy fan base as his excuse for his firings. Bielema may not have as long of a rope as some of you think. Especially if the stadium starts having empty seats galore.

I hear that every year. We will get better. Every fan at every school says the same thing. Those are excuses. If you have been somewhere 4 years you should see better on the field from all aspects of the team. Why are we even talking title? CBB hasn’t even match CBP top 10 finishes. “We are slowly filling gaps” is just a laughable statement to me. CBB has been here 4 years so all these players were recruited by him and in the same system for years. By your own statement we will be forever filling gaps. Why? Because this group of seniors will be gone then there are some more gaps to fill. The year after that and the year after that. He has had enough time to get the kids he wants and have this team winning 10 wins. But I bet you anything it won’t happen and we will hear more excuses by this fan base. I have never seen so many people that are satisfied with average. CBB has been here 4 years, why has our defense sucked every year except one?

Ok fire CBB, and from that point on every coach we hire will have the 10 by 4 clause in the contract. Win 10 by 4 years or your gone.

I hear you, Jimbeau77.

You get the feeling that some folks expect a little too much. I feel bad for their families. I suspect everything in their lives is not quite good enough.

The internet and message boards have allowed anyone to whine in public. They feel good about their whining being noticed. It’s kinda sad.

There is a difference between football and personal life. WOW it’s sad you don’t know the difference.

You got it. The only way to win is expect a coach to win or get fired. PERIOD.

Sounds like a John Forbes Nash type of deal. Go back to your room.

You just invited cheating and scandal into the mix right there. But that seems to not bother some here with the win at all costs attitude.

You just like to add things to the conversation. Who said that?

Some things go without saying. It’s also called intuitive thinking and knowing the environment you’re in.

So, if I am reading you right, you think cheating and scandal goes with any team that is winning…let’s say…10 games a season. :roll:

No I’m saying by giving the ultimatum to newly hired HC’s, either win 10 by 4 years or your gone. Will encourage cheating to reach the 10 wins to save their jobs.
Like he said only way to win is, expect the coach to win in that time or get fired.

After Alcorn St. It will be interesting if we are favored in any game the rest of the year.?

Bama and Ole Miss. No, Pickem with Miss St. and Auburn, Florida at home? Pick-em, LSU? doubt it. Mizzu is better than most thought and their QB is slinging it around. 4-5 wins could be it. Especially if BA can’t make it through the year. AA played great vs. A&M, but his body took a pounding, If he has too many more games like that it will be tough to stay healthy. Hold on to your Hogs hats we have a rough streak coming.

I stated nothing that gave an indication that I am for cheating. You took that and ran with it yourself.