the reason we lost

Against A&M, we had 371 passing yards. Allen was 28-42 with no ints. The problem was not being able to run the ball consistently and not playing good defense. Back when Petrino was the coach we were dominated by the two best teams we played also because we couldn’t run effectively, and we couldn’t play defense. You can’t beat the best teams unless you can stop them and run the ball. The problem wasn’t that we didn’t play like a Petrino era team. The problem was we played too much like a Petrino era team. CBB’s system works. He just hasn’t gotten good enough players.

Free, I appreciate your football related insights which are few and far between with then new group of posters. Here you are making a legit football observation and you can’t muster a reply. Tme will tell if the system CBB runs will work. I am not quite ready to give him credit for any “System”… He does have a philosophy. The fact that all he really calls is punt return right or left, takes away any chance he ever developed any “system of his own”

Here are two guys that recruited well an have really good defenses… Les Miles and Gus M. Les got canned because the team with a Heisman Candidate can’t put up more than 20 points a game. Gus is in the same boat. Great defenses may win championships but those are few and far between… I would suggest … great offenses keep you employed. Les does not get fired if they lose 43- 45. Honestly a Championship at Arkansas is a reach. Once every 10 years we may win the SEC west if we are lucky… If we lose to the #1 and the #2 ranked team in the country… very year… the fan bas will be OK.

Here is the problem I saw in regard to the TAMU loss. 1.)OL needs more work on pass protection and an uglier and tougher attitude on blocking along with more leadership from AA. 2.)Defense was OUT OF POSITION on the QB runs that broke our backs and that is on the coaches. 3.)We don’t need one of our best safeties ejected from the game either and that is going to require the coaches’ attention in practice. We need some big plays on special teams as well;in particular kickoff returns. Its not the system its the leadership and the WILL to win and that is also the coaches. HOGS YA’LL.

“The problem was we played too much like a Petrino era team”
the only HUGE difference is the Hogs won 10 then 11 games under CBP in his 3rd and 4th years.
And that’s the difference between a winner and an average/bad coach.
Learn about football, free… you should not be that “…”

We lost because we cant get an inch on the goal line!!! CBB’s suppose to be this o-line guru but his o-line cant get an INCH when we need it! #WPS

The reason we lost was we got out played the second half by a deeper team than we are, we got tired and had turnovers that were costly. If someone had told me in April we could possibly enter the Alabama game 4-1 and ranked 20th in the nation in a poll, I would have gladly accepted and been thankful for the obvious improvements we had made. WPS

Like BP coached team??? Only difference is he won, cant dispute facts…

You lost me. You said we can’t beat the best. A&M may be better this year but I would not consider them the best. It’s funny how you bring up Petrino and then talk about his defense. Since CBB has been at Arkansas the defense has sucked. This is the dumbest statement of the day. “CBB system works. He just hasn’t’ gotten good players.” NEWS FLASH…NEWS FLASH…NEWS FLASH… Any coach can put X’s and O’s on a board and come up with schemes if ran correctly will be a TD’s and/or stop the opposing teams offense. Who fault is it that we don’t have good enough player? Who’s responsibility is it to recruit good enough players? Stop comparing CBB to CBP. We might have gotten beaten by LSU and Bama but you also have to consider that both teams were one of the best in the country. We had to have some sort of defense to be ranked in the top 10 two years in a row. We are barely ranked now and have NEVER been ranked in the top 25 at the end of the season since CBB has been our coach. It’s embarrassing that you would ever bring CBP up.

How much more time does he need? This is his fourth year at Arkansas. These are his recruits. They have been under him for 3-4 years. Again, how much more time does he need for his system will work. You guys are killing me with this only time will tell as though he just got at Arkansas and the players are not his recruits. These are his guys that he offered. They have been there under his system. It’s showing NOW if he has the players and if his system will work. So, the question now is, is it working? The answer to that question…NO…Not on an elite level. We are still looking like a middle of a pack in the SEC team. We haven’t had a great defense since CBB has been here. This team, these player, his system right NOW is not working. PERIOD.

The system is working, it’s just not going as fast as some would like. Building a team to be a consistent winner for most coaches takes time. It’s the same argument people make against MA and basketball, just because it’s not happening as fast as you want doesn’t mean it’s not working.

I am afraid not. I don’t make that argument in basketball. However, we have seen results in basketball with a 27 win season which is really great. We haven’t had any great seasons in football. How is the system working? And again how long do we have to wait for it to work. If he had won 10-11 games last year I could over look this year. But since we haven’t been there under his leadership I have an issue. Again, MA had a year of greatness. We have not had one in football. So, how much longer do we need to wait for at least that one? You have yet to have answered that question. If MA doesn’t make the tournament or win at least two games in the tournament this fan base will be furious and wanting him fired. Yet, this fan base doesn’t have those same expectations in football.

The Alabama and LSU games Petrino’s last year looked very much like this past A&M game. What do I need to learn about football? Am I wrong to say that you have to be able to run and play defense to beat the best teams. Even Petrino said that you have to run to win.

If you actually read my post, you would see that I was talking about beating the best teams. We got dominated by Alabama and LSU his final year.

CBB did have a good defense a couple of years ago, so it hasn’t sucked the entire time he’s been there. What does Petrino’s defense have to do with CBB’s. They both can have bad defenses.

It is CBB’s responsibility to get good players. So far, he’s not recruiting well enough, as I’ve said before. Our defense wasn’t good enough to beat the best teams when Petrino was the coach. Just like our defense wasn’t good enough to beat A&M recently. CBB’s system is to be able to run through people, while being able to also throw effectively. Considering that every championship team runs that system, I would say it works. As long as football allows blocking and tackling, the more physically dominant teams are going to win. This means being able to run and play good defense.

I get you not being in agreement with me. What I don’t get is why do you have to be so disrespectful about it? Why can’t we just have a friendly discussion about the Hogs? Why do you feel the need to be antagonistic towards me because I may have a different perspective on a sports topic? And it’s not just you. I get that same hostility from many others as well, even though I’m not that way towards them. Such a thing is more understandable if the topic is politics or religion where differing views can conflict with people’s overall world view that they think and live by, but it doesn’t make much sense to be that way over something as trivial as sports. I think the way that people act towards others when they are posting anonymously is a good indication of how they actually are as a person. Most people will at least try and act well towards others because they want people to think well of them. When you’re posting anonymously over the internet though, there are no social consequences for being insulting and impolite, so people will reveal more how they really are. I try and keep this in mind when I make posts on any topic. Even ones that are about politics and religion. Being respectful of others over trivial things like sports should be done for its own sake and not just for social approval or the benefits that may come from that. This means how we treat others when other people don’t know who we are should be the same as how we treat others when they do know who we are.

Who didnt get dominated by Alabama and LSU in CBP’s final season? They were #1 and #2 in the rankings when we played them. We were also ranked in the top 5. NOBODY was beatin LSU and Bama when CBP was coaching the Hogs. We also played both teams on the road his final season. CBP NEVER had a problem with A&M…beat em last year in a bowl game #WPS

All these references to a winning coach needing a great deal of time to win do not really jive with the reality in college football. A winning football coach routinely shows his winning pedigree by his third year at a new college job. Saban did it at both LSU & Alabama. Herman did it at Houston. Broyles did it years ago after 1/2 season. Petrino who people love to talk about here does it at his coaching stops. It is done that way all over the country. Two or three years is the tried & true normal. NOT five years and beyond into eternity. That is just wasting time with a proven loser.

Look at the Razorbacks. Always very poor on special teams with Bielema. We had the goofiness of not even having an extra point kicker one year with him up there. A job well done by many high school kickers around this state. We had an inept QB up there for years that absolutely would not be benched. Now the O-Line is in a situation of being a total embarrassment when needing a yard at the goal line with a 1st & goal. These are just rudimentary type things but they will get your butt beat in football against a good team. The SEC is full of good teams. I have big concerns about Bielema. I think time is no longer in his favor.

I thought we lost because top to bottom AM was the better team. Well, not exactly top to bottom. AA was far better than their QB. It’s just hard to be accurate laying on your back. I’m impressed with AA. He’s ahead of where BA was at this time IMO.

No complaints about the performance of AA. Arkansas lost several TD’s in the first half by failure from the O-Line to move the Texas A&M D-Line in a goal line situations over & over. Arkansas was still tied with Texas A&M at the half even minus the points on those lost opportunities caused by the O-Line goal line failures. Texas A&M took the opening second half kick-off and moved down the field to score a TD. Arkansas answered with a drive that would have tied but were denied any points by the Texas A&M D-Line when the Hogs had a 1st & goal on the Texas A&M one yard line. Momentum then drastically changed into an Aggie blow-out of the Hogs.

I have just detailed the O-Line repeated failures. The worst goal line performance by a Hog O-Line I have witnessed in decades. No push off the line of scrimmage at all. No team loss thing in my book. Only on the scoreboard. The Hogs getting all those points lost on Texas A&M goal line stands. The Hogs might have went on and won the game. They would have surely been right there to do it. No damn blow-out.

To me, the biggest reason was mental mistakes. The goal line stand was the breaking point for sure! But, the fumble at the goal line by RWIII was huge. The fumble by Reed inside aTm territory was huge. aTm scored 10 points off of those turnovers. Even if we did not score on the Reed fumble drive and only on the RWIII drive, that is a 17 point swing. And lastly, the targeting penalty. If you all recall it was on 3rd down and aTm was backed up inside their own 10. If we would have forced them to punt we would have had great field position. Instead they get the first and drive and score. All of those plays were mental mistakes and IMHO caused the goal line stand to become what it was. If we would have not had those mental breakdowns on those 3 plays, we would have easily been up by double digits. Then on 4th and goal you just kick a field goal and add to the lead on a back breaking 10 minute drive.

Arkansas loses players on those targeting calls all too regularly, I have never seen it happen with a player ejected on another SEC team against us. It is downgraded to a personal foul on review and the player remains the few times I have even seen targeting called in the SEC. Another example of this program being an SEC whipping post. Whatever, the O-Line is going to have to do much better than that or the Hogs are going to lose a lot of SEC games this year. All opponents have the impetus to muscle up along the D-Line after watching those game films.