The Big Rivalry Yawn Game Thread


Go Hogs!

Hard to believe it’s almost over.


2 plays and a score. 7-0

Kind of quick.

Nice play call to start.
I wonder if the mizzou LBer knew the last time someone disrespected the state name, we beat the #1 team in the nation!

Apparently their offense understands.

Should have been a touchback

Not so fast.


Yep, screwed on replay, again.

Don’t blame replay, they shouldn’t have drove that easy.

Good answer

Whaley fast

And now it’s time to pretend to play defense.

You are right, but under the rules, that was a touchback.

Baked, regardless of the big play that got them there. The call was blown. They are separate issues.

Yeah, I forgot I’m talking to Bielemers

Lol wow, no holiday cheer here.

:wink: :smiley:

So far, Mizzou D looking better than Hogs D. A competition to see which one can take over the coveted title of “worst in the nation.”

I do agree with ya that Mizzou did everything they should have and earned the score. Just a bonehead move to show off almost cost them the earned score. Just don’t know why players still do these silly things. Time after time it comes back to bite them in the butt. All that being said, I am going to be very interested in what takes place on the defensive side of the team this offseason.

I absolutely agree, he didn’t score, but replay ruled a Missery player recovered the fumble (which he did). I just don’t know the exact rules for that. I see every week, in both the NFL and College, a team fumble and it’s ruled down by contact. A video review says they fumbled and another team grabs the ball (sometimes after the whistle) and they’re awarded the ball at the spot of the fumble. I never go off what Danielson says.