TEXAS A&M game prediction

The hot seat bowl will be a make or break game for both teams.
The aggies wanna spread the field to expose our depth deprived secondary to open up their running game. The Hogs 3-4 defensive scheme will add some extra blitz packages to the fold to keep the aggies guessing. Austin Allen will utilize his tight ends due to the lack of separation from our receivers opening up our running game. All 3 running backs will be utilized just enough to keep the tight ends open. I see a close, lower scoring game against two teams beginning to feel the pressure of a long upcoming season. Hogs find a way to score in the 2nd half and utilize the running game to chew the clock.

Final score
Aggies 17 hogs 21
Hogs score with 2 rushing TD’s
And passing TD to a tight end
Hogs go 3 for 5 on fourth down electing to not kick a field goal at any point in the game…

Fingers crossed
Go hogs

Hogs 42
Aggies 14

Hogs score 21 points in each half.
And like you go for it on all 4th down inside the 40 yard line.

Defense gets 2 picks.

AA will pass for 300 yards and we will have
Whaley runs for 100 and Hayden runs for 100.

We score in the red zone

Yes please… enough said

Texas A&M has their back up QB and he can run but his passing is suspect. Thier freshmen stater is good but he is out for the year.
Our defense can stop the Aggies. I have watched the them. They can’t stop the run if you spread them out.

Army Hog, you know the Hogs will not spread them out. That would be non- CBB to do that, two runs up the middle and pass on third and long. He’s rubbed off on Enos!!!

I have no idea who wins this game but I do think A&M will run all over our defense. They can run the ball and Hogs have trouble stopping the run.

Hogs lose , even with the nice new uniforms, the score does not matter, right now a 1 point loss is huge.
Two men enter, one man leaves.

These guys have been known to lose a game them come out the next game looking like giant killers. It’s still really early in the season, so why not. I going out on a limb and predicting we win 21-17. Probably going to need a 4th quarter TD to do it. I really hope they fixed the early season issues and start a run. Here’s to hoping…

Got to believe practicing against the ones has helped us improve enough to play better, Hogs find a way to persevere Don’t care if it’s ugly or by sheer luck or a nail biter or a blow out just get the win and move own to fight another day ! WPS

The team was dominated by TCU. We had as good if not better talent than TCU. Yes, we had a off week and we play much better after the off week. However, we haven’t shown that we can score in the second half. One statistic that kinda shocked me when I saw it … CoachB is 0-15 when we’re behind at halftime. So if aTm is ahead at halftime, I’m really concerned. I just want to see a competitive Razorback football team for 4 quarters.

I believe that Coach B has seen enough tape that hopefully he will make some O-Line changes or I’m afraid we could struggle with scoring enough points to win.
We have to be less predictable with our offensive schemes and play calling in order to keep defenses on their heels a bit more.
I was hoping they would hold open tryouts for a kicker during the bye week, but I don’t believe that happened, so I don’t know if we can count on that again on Saturday. Missed field goals are a major momentum changer especially when they are from 25 yards or less, that has to change for the rest of the season.
No matter how bad Texas A&M has looked lately, you know that they have to have confidence since they have gotten a win in this game four years in a row and they are just as desperate for a win this week as we are in order to turn things around.

Defensively, we need to dial up more blitz packages against the inexperienced QB they will have under center and possibly force him to turn the ball over a couple of times.

If we make some changes and not play the exact same way then I will predict that we finally get this monkey off our backs.
Hogs 28
Aggies 24

Go Hogs!

IF we come out with the same offensive and defensive philosophy then I predict:
A&M. 28-14

IF we come out and spread their defense to allow us to run and our defense attacks the next:
Ark. 24-17

In either case this will not remove either of these coaches from the hot seat!

2 things scare me about A&M. first they can run read option out of shotgun which TCU killed us with. Mond isnt the passer Hill was so should be able to commit more guys to run and force him to pass. however A&M’s back are better than TCU’s.

second Kirk has owned us the last 2yrs, he is great receiver but im more worried about him vs our suspect kickoff/punt coverage squads. im afraid he will break our spirits with a return TD.

i say hogs 28-24 if Kirk doesnt have return TD. if he does ill say 31-28 AM.

go hogs

First, I will point out disclaimer that Cole Hedlund is from about 25 miles from house, I don’t know what the deal is but I know for a fact he is a real good kicker, or damn sure was. Has to be something wrong with how they practice in my opinion…

But anyway, did you see the kicker from Texas Lutheran that had 18 yard FG blocked, and then kicked it off the bounce and made it!!! Damn sure he did. You do that kind of stuff relaxed when you are having fun.

A defender came around the end and blocked the attempt. The ball bounced back in Hopkins’ direction and Hopkins kicked it off the bounce and through the uprights.

Officials appeared puzzled by the play and ultimately ruled the field goal to be good.

With all of that said, earlier I saw where someone on this site was a retired lawyer threatening serving notice; so I will come with another Disclaimer.

It shouldn’t have counted. Here’s are rules:

A ball that is not in a player’s possession is a loose ball: in-flight forward passes, fumbles, kicks, and backward passes are all loose balls. So, the blocked field goal remains a kick, but it is also a loose ball. And under no circumstance may a player deliberately kick a loose ball. (A ball being dropped for a legal punt or dropkick is not considered loose if it is kicked as usual.) So, at this point there is a foul for an illegal kick. [color=#0000FF]This being Division III, we are under NCAA rules, and the illegal kick is a 15-yard penalty and a loss of down. Assuming this is a fourth down, this would be a turnover on downs.[/color]

[color=#FF0040]The rule need to be changed for exception to allow the kicker to kick as many times as he can or as defense allows LOL[/color]

Saw the kick, very quick thinking to be able to get it through off the bounce, hope the Hogs develops his attitude of never quit attacking ! WPS

HogAuthority, I don’t quite understand what your point was about? Maybe something with how the kickers practice? Here’s your answer, they KICK! They workout with strength and conditioning, flexibility training.
The coaches set up many different kick scenarios that might come up during each weeks game.
It’s not like they are involved with any other facet of game preparation, they have only one thing to do and that’s to put the ball in the end zone on kickoffs, develop onside kick ability and put the ball through the uprights consistently within 40 yards when called upon. I don’t believe that’s to much to ask from a scholarship kicker at the Division 1 level.
Maybe it’s a pressure issue, some players just don’t play the way they practice when the lights are turned on and all eyes are on you, I don’t have the answer.
All that we do know is that it just has resulted in success.
I wish this young man nothing but the best in wherever life journey takes him and nothing that has happened with missing some field goals as a 19-20 year old certainly should have no lasting negative impact on potentially great things he does with the rest of his life.

Go Hogs!

Arkansas gets motivated finally, probably because they want to at least beat the guy that Texas A&M wants to fire, and they squeak out a 4 pt win 28-24… Bieleme gets the ice bucket, they pick him up and carry him off the field, he falls being so fat, gives Jen a broken ankle, Beleme breaks his leg, Enos coaches next week.

Aggies 35 Hogs 10. As bad as Sumlin is, he once again gets the best of CBB. It simply isn’t that hard to do. Bye week energy lasts until the third play of the game when the Aggies run it up the middle for a 60 yard TD. I saw nothing in our loss to TCU that made me believe last year’s end of season problems have been adequately addressed. Long time Hog fan (50+ years), and this is really disappointing and frustrating to watch. I hope I’m wrong about this one.

Let’s kick the ball out of the in zone?

Aggies going away - don’t believe it will be close. If the Aggies that throttled UCLA for a half show up, I know it won’t be close.

IMO, talent is/will be an issue. They have more / we have less.

And, judging from the “assessments” as detailed by the head coach and others, I’m not sure he has any idea how to fix any of the problem areas that TCU exposed. Trying to deflect criticism from the fans . . . for another week.

Kicking the can down the road.

What will “the deflections” be if the Aggies do what I think they will to our Razorbacks.