TEXAS A&M game prediction

I like Bret Bielema and his intentions seem to be in the right place. Having said that, everyone in the house at Jerry’s world is likely to know the Arkansas game plan. The question is, if A&M stacks the line and defends, can the Arkansas staff improvise and make necessary adjustments? If A&M’s read option starts smoking, can the defensive staff adjust and make needed changes?

As much as I hate to say it, I don’t think so.

A&M: 38

Arkansas: 17

Ps. Very much Woo Pig hoping to be proven wrong.

I don’t have a clue. Hoping for the best, kind of expecting the worse…Please prove me wrong!

Yeah, I’m kind of in the same boat. Expecting the worst, hoping for the best.

Texas A&M is a 3 point favorite. Therefore, Arkansas more likely than will lose. The odds of Arkansas winning is about 43%. That is a little less than 50/50 so, win or lose, I will not be surprised.

Both teams have offensive problems: Arkansas 17
Texas A&M 14

The old coaching adage is that you improve the most between games 1 and 2. Considering the weakness of our first opponent, this equation is more likely a better fit between games 2 and 3 this year. Plus, Arkansas has had an off week to get ready. That would be a plus in Arkansas’ column.

A minus would be if the rumors are true and Devwah is not able to play. We may have depth there, but still would like him back there.

I will go with an Arkansas win just because I’m not ready to jump ship. Good guys, 24-21.

Aggies lose another QB to injury and all hope. We win 21-10. :smiley:

Texas A&M 24
Arkansas 35

The biggest story of the game…the Razorback offense
Austin Allen passing for 289 yards 19/29 no int…2 TDs
Whaley 21 rushes 146 yards: 1 TD 3 receptions 46 yards
Daniels 14 rushes 108 yards: 1 reception 21 yards
Williams 12 rushes 88 yards: 1 reception 11 yards
Cornelius 8 receptions 111 yards 1 TD
Tight Ends combine 6 receptions 100 yards 1 TD

Razorback Defense holds A&M in 2nd half to a field goal.
Halftime Texas A&M 21 Arkansas 21

It must have been the uniforms…

Ok. Here goes … (gulp) … I don’t like the new uniforms. Kinda dull in appearance.

Greetings: hog authority it’s been awhile since I’ve seen your postings I trust all is well. Take care