TCU defends Kenny Hill's TD celebration … eligious-/

So it was about religious beliefs. HMMM I thought we weren’t supposed to discuss that here???

That maybe true, but they should specify what religion. That will add credibility to their claim. Otherwise the reaction will be “say what?”.

I looked it up, Google rising kings gesture, click on images. It shows a woman showing the sign, it also shows Kenny Hill making two signs. 1. Is the throat slash 2. Is the rising kings gesture. I can’t post the pics or I would

So, he combined the two.

Religion? Maybe Islam where they cut the heads off people they defeat and don’t convert.

Baked I watched the instructional on how to do the sign and you essentially take two fingers start at the shoulder and go down to the waist in a diagonal direction indicating a sash. He slashed his throat. Plus, what religion does this originate from? Never heard of it.

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and now Patterson - TCU

What did CBP do again?

What a disgraceful position to take. Don’t talk to me about character when it involves some football coach. Is Kenny Hill Sr in the same Religion? Been to lots of Rangers games and never saw the dad do it. What Church do they go to in Southlake? I guess I can get a gun, drop my pants, pop some drugs, play some police hatin rap and workship with Kenny Thrill Hill Jr on Sunday and exercise my right of freedom of religion to slash my throat at my opponents.

From what I found Christianity. Also, that’s why I said I assumed (the first one) was actually the gesture, because the pic is identical to the woman doing it. The second one was more of a throat slash into the sign.

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Did Hill score any TD’s against S Dakota St?
If so, did he perform his religious gesture afterwards?

What denomination in the Christian faith? It looked too much like a throat slash to me and probably every other Hog fan. It looked like a throat slash to Todd Blackledge, too, who said he did the same thing after the first touchdown. And he believed it was a throat slash.


So the officials let him get away with it once without a warning then?

Christian (should be all denominations). I put the scripture on the thread. It’s referring to Revelation and the 4th seal. Yes, I agree what he did looked more like a throat slash on the penalty. The first one looked different and looked more like the actual sign.

My guess is they did warn him. Usually, unless very blatant they’ll say don’t do that again. If it’s super blatant (like Gurley throwing the ball straight at the 49rs DB, or Antonio Brown’s twerking) they’ll call the penalty.

Well then if he was warned and still acted like the spoiled brat that he is, it was perfect timing for him to be humbled.

Look, I’m not disagreeing with anyone. I thought the penalty was more of a throat slash. I absolutely agree, if he was warned, he shouldn’t have done it again, heck even if he wasn’t warned he shouldn’t have done it.

My explanation earlier was trying to show, that 1. There is sign language for Rising Kings which is related to religion. 2. The first time he did it, didn’t look exactly like the second. There is a pic on google of a woman and Hill both making the sign for Rising Kings. In Hill’s pic it shows a Razorback behind him, and no one else in the pic. That was the first time he did it, on the penalty there is a pic, with a OL hugging him and his hand looks more like The Undertakers (for those that watch WWE) throat slash.

I know nothing about his religion, but I know a throat slash when I see one.

I don’t care if it was a throat slash or “rising King”, it was taunting.

…as an after thought to a dramatic, decisive, throat slashing, gesture and think that will let you get away with a flagrant gang sign that EVERYONE knows is being penalized all over high school, college, AND pro football.?

Two years ago, I watched the “now a Razorback freshman, then a junior @ Smackover” Jordan Jones give the 3A championship to Ty Storey’s Charleston Bulldogs. As the safety, he had a great hit on a Charleston receiver to flatten him just as the throw got to him for an incomplete pass, stopping Charleston’s drive on a fourth down that would have iced the game for Smackover. He strutted toward the sideline and did the throat slash gesture for his buddies in the stands right in front of an official. First down Charleston and they score on that drive to make it close. Totally takes the wind out of Smackover, they three and out, and Ty Storey leads Charleston for the winning score to end the game. That was two years ago and Hill thinks last Saturday that his after thought flick of a finger up makes this OK? How did Patterson pretend to believe that in public without gagging?!?!?!?