Stop the talk about Bobby Petrino

I get it, if you don’t like what he did to get himself fired. But, there is no denying he is a great coach. Not good but great and better than coach BB. I have read many post how his defense was sorry and how we lost to LSU and Bama. Let’s deal with facts. BB defense gives up more yards per game. Those of you who love BB so much I am going to give you some more facts. BP had Arkansas ranked in the top 10 2 years in a row and heading for great things but got fired. Arkansas has NEVER. You get that NEVER ended the season in the top 25. BP has yet another team in the top 10.

Let’s get some other things corrected about BP. People want to be angry the way he left Louisville. Well, they weren’t so mad to give him his job back. My point him leaving for Atlanta is nothing more than what other coaches do. People want to get mad about what he did at Atlanta. Common sense let’s you know that he wanted to be able to coach Vick. Guess what. Vick went to jail, in my opinion shouldn’t have but that’s another subject. Without Vick Atlanta was not going to be very good and BP struggled. Every analyst said he would more than likely be fired at the end of the season. Arkansas offers and he jumps on it. I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t wait to be fired either if I knew it was going. He is not a great people person but he is a great coach. I don’t condone cheating but plenty of people do it everyday. The fact he hired the same young lady he was sleeping with was my big problem. However, it wasn’t the worse thing I have seen a coach do. Just stop the talk about BB being a better coach. BP had a top 10 program when he was at Louisville before and now he has them back again with Heisman hopeful to boot. He had Arkansas in the top 10. The fact that many fans bring up defense and our defense has given up a ton of yards is laughable. Louisville just blew FSU out of the water…Seems they are better than we are at this point and BB has been here longer. I wrote this novel in the hopes that people quit bringing up BP as though we are better off now. We are not.

The great Petrino divide/debate started the day BP was fired, it will continue. :smiley:

I shall allow myself to be baited once more into replying to this spun fantasy that Petrino walked on water and turned pickle juice into Chardonnay.

Should The Bombastic Biker orchestrate ALL of his future offensive football production machinations into compiling an over 100 points per game average, that laudable accomplishment would NOT - repeat, NOT - move me to long for his return to The University Of Arkansas.

NOTHING you or the other nostalgic, dissident Petrino supporters may cryptically opine will move me to wish that Bielema could be presented his walking papers and that Petrino could be welcomed back to Fayetteville in a majestic, rose petal strewn parade.

A hypothetical gardener who has ostensibly been proven to have molested a victim within a secluded area of MY grounds may forevermore be a SUPERB gardener; but he won’t be pruning the foliage in MY garden ever again.

And each his own. I enjoy watching the man work, watched every play of the destruction of Florida St. But I like BB and his style also.

Then again, I also think Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame because he was one of the toughest competitors and best ball players I ever watched. I can still see the play at the plate at that all-star game. This was before free agency and designated hitters and inter-divisional…er, real baseball!

This thread and all other Petrino threads need to be deleted. If this team was in disarray and losing games then I would say it has merit.

There is not merit to these posts for Petrino at this juncture nor does it look like they will for a long time. These are nothing more than pot stirring agendas.

Be of good cheer

For Bielema is here

And he’s the right man for the job

He invites no reproach

Like the Louisville coach

Who can impale himself on a stob


There are those who [attachment=0]stir.gif[/attachment], but there are also some with interesting points of view. As long as the discourse is civil, it will remain. How much you let it bother you is your call. You can opt out of viewing those individuals that bug you the most, just mark them as a Foe through your User Control Panel.

The basic principle that this is a Razorback Board or lounge for all things Razorback is lost to these people. Putting it more accurately is they could not care less. Their foremost concern for reasons only known to themselves is to advance another coach and team on this board. I could easily name these people and they have been on the old format board for years. They were somewhat lost in the shuffle of numerous posters there and hindered by the given rule that postings much remain on topic to the Democrat/Gazette article to which they were under. We had references to the former coach constantly by them but they were ignored or slightly bantered with less & less as time has inevitably marched on. Here those people have the ability to post TOPIC THREADS. They are enthused about that feature on this board. THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE THEIR PRESENCE UNAVOIDABLY KNOWN. THEY ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE HERE. THEY LIKE THAT BECAUSE THEY ARE T_____. They will ruin this board for everyone if moderation allows them to continue. This board will turn into a Louisville board. I am already beyond tired of posting about this subject. THEY ARE NOT!

This may be construed as an antiseptic, anti climactic addendum to this poignant, scintillating thread, - - - but I am extremely proud of the head coach we now have, and extremely proud of the exemplary manner in which he conducts the Hogs’ football fortunes AND HIS OWN PERSONAL BUSINESS.

I am avidly confident that future Razorback fans will have absolutely no penchant to say, "Well, yeah - - Bielema was a good coach, BUT - - - "

IMHO, we have a surfeit of “butts” on this fine board already. We really do not need to encourage the acrimonious accumulation of additional numbers.

One of my father’s notable country adages from many years ago held that - - although it may seem to be mathematically irreconcilable - - there are nevertheless more horses’ behinds in the world than there are horses. Think about it.

Awful lot of suppositions there, three games into the season. Nobody knows where Arkansas or Louisville will end the season. I do know that Lousiville will have the benefit of playing in an overall weaker conference than Arkansas.

And I do know that CBB has had teams finish in the Top Ten at Wisconsin.

And I do know that CBP was such a wonderful coach that the Cotton Bowl had decided they would NEVER invite Arkansas again as long as he was the coach. And don’t even say that doesn’t matter, because it most certainly does, especially in recruiting.

And I don’t have ANY IDEA what you mean by your statement that Arkansas has NEVER finished in the Top 25. I can only assume you really meant in the three seasons under CBB, but that is not what you said.

Arkansas-NEVER finished in the top twenty-five under anyone but Petrino? You want to take that back or do you want the truth now. HOGS YA’LL.

What are you 14 years old? Petrino was (is) a slug. Good offense coach or not. Our great shame!

Petrino is fine just where he is geographically and location-wise. He’s picked up quite a few players formerly from other football programs. He successfully marketed his program as good but troubled player’s 2nd chance for personal redemption and shot at playing for high team goals that maybe were similar expections from their previous teams they were on but kicked off from for whatever reasons etc. Landing Lamar Jackson was the key. But remember Louisville was at 8 wins last year same as Arkansas. Lamar would be a program changer for any team in the top 25 and those not ranked this season. He’s that tremendous THIS season! Petrino had nothing coming in that trancendent in the program to stay on course for continued 10+ win seasons at Arkansas. Remember that VT was a title contender by Vick’s redshirt sophomore yr. This is similar to Louisville and Lamar Jackson. You may not have this type of talent to come along every year. VT did eventually fall off afterwards from annual national contender and top 10 stage. And FSU would have it’s hands full at Razorback stadium against the Hogs due to our D Line and their frshman QB is not the electric type scrambler nor is a spread yeam. Their OL is quite iffy as well. But the polls are not perfect as FSU really was not a strong #2 team. Actually much weaker than the FSU team that got similarly whipped by Oregon in one of those playoff games two years ago.

Silver Fox is a poet, I don’t know if he knows it.
He’s a great (not a good) poet, and better than Shakespeare.

I believe you totally missed my point. It wasn’t that BP needs to come back because of course he couldn’t even if I wanted him to. So, many people have dogged him as a coach because they are mad. He is gone and not coming back. However, his coaching ability should never be in question. I don’t think he walks on water but is a hell of a coach and better than what we have now. His offense has always been explosive. Ours is not. His special teams guys are explosive ours is not. His defense may not be the best in the country but better than we have now. BB has been here 5 years and I see nothing close to the teams we had with BP. So, those that have dogged the man year after year…Look at Louisville and then hush. I doubt BB will ever have us on that level. I was not trying to bait anyone into this conversation. Just trying to get those haters some reality.

If that statement was throwing a jab at me let’s make this clear. I HATE this change on the board. But this is the change that has been made. Why did I post this comment? Because of all the post about BP that were being posted. I have no love for another program or BP. However, because of others that have posted that we are so much better than BP ect… need to look at reality and facts. Numbers and records don’t lie. So, no I am not trying to promote another coach. I don’t believe we should be on here dogging him either when he is having more success than we are.

If you read the context of my statement that is exactly what I am saying. Under BB we have never finished a season in the top 25. Let’s make this clear. I don’t care what BB did at Wisc. He hasn’t done it at Arkansas. It’s funny how you bring up the Wisc. and coach BB rankings there, yet you open your statement with how weak the conference Louisville is in as if to belittle what BP is doing. My point was factual. Louisville was ranked highly after he left. Arkansas was ranked highly when BP was here. Now that he is back at Louisville he has them ranked highly now. They just blew out a team that has way more credibility than any team we have played. Any football fan can appreciate that no matter who is coaching or what team they come from. But my point was simply made to those who continue to dog a man that is no longer here and has been more successful at other teams as well as at Arkansas.

I was referring to BB. I guess you missed that part. We have not been ranked at the end of the season at all under BB.

Now you are putting words in my mouth.
I am in no way belittling what BP is doing at Louisville. I just said it’s early in the season, and we need to wait to the end of the year to make a full comparison. I think Petrino is a phenomenal football coach IN SOME RESPECTS. I just happen to value character, as a matter of principle, but I also think it builds a more successful football program in the long run. I believe Coach Bielema, in the long run, will build a better program than Petrino would have. I also happen to think we had a pretty awesome offensive football team by the end of last year, and think we will this year as well.

Do not come in here and poke the tiger and then be astonished that it took a swipe at you. We are a fan base that is rare in that we had a coach fired at his pinnacle. 99% of the coaches leave because people are sick of their losing. This rare issue created division in our fan base, that is painful because he was doing so good… with his first class that Tim Horton saved. Petrino’s recruiting sucked after that and it was nothing more than a house of cards when the players from that 1st class moved on. CBB had to build back the talent and the depth because Petrino left very little to work with.