SEC Network takeover for Arkansas

… will be Monday, July 24. But because everything is based on EDT, the first Arkansas program will be at 11 PM (CDT) Sunday night with the 1991 Arkansas/Texas game. From that time until Monday at 11 PM, all programming will be Arkansas.

As they say, check your local listings. (I was going to try to put up a list of the programming, but there is no easy way to do that.)

I’ve been somewhat “out of the loop” for a while due to an out-of-state move, BH. I don’t fully fathom the term, “takeover” as employed here. Does that designation mean that coverage of all Arkansas Razorbacks Sports original programming will now emanate exclusively from The SEC Network, - - or that there will now simply be a somewhat greater emphasis placed upon Razorbacks-related programming material with a somewhat more generous market share of spotlighted programming content?

I would appreciate your enlightenment here. Thank you.

There is not much going on with college sports this time of year, so during late July, the SEC Network runs special programming. They devote one full day (24 hours) to each SEC school. Therefore each school “takes over” the network for one full day.

Arkansas’ day will include broadcasts of several football games, a softball game, one or two baseball games, and some basketball games.

Please accept my sincere thanks for your explanatory post.

That will be much better than watching the guy from Alabama who seems to own the SEC Network.

Have they released the full schedule for the day yet?

has been replaying the 25 best CFB games of 2016…Ark vs TCU is Saturday night from 1800-2100

From this same post on the Football board:

Note that I think some of those descriptions are slightly off. I suspect the 2003 football game vs texass will be shown instead of 2008. And I’m pretty sure that the 2017 basketball game vs. the tea sippers will only be shown once.

Check out the link in this tweet:

For the non military-oriented among us here, - - - 1800 hours occurs in late afternoon/early evening when the small hand on the clock is pointed at the “six” and the large hand is pointed at the “twelve”.

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I’ve taken the time to address one and all

Counting down now to the time for football

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Ridiculous lineup for Arkansas. Seriously? Not a single game against a SEC opponent? No Overtime game with Kentucky or Ole Miss? No Miracle on Markham? Just games against Texas teams???

I have NEVER YET noted a game on The Longhorn Network in which Texas ended up on the losing end of the score. A regular viewer of that network channel might well be led to believe that Texas NEVER LOSES a game. Perhaps one or more Longhorn alums are pulling strings on the SEC Network programming production crew. Apart from that consideration, I can only conclude that EITHER someone or some group in the SEC Network production crew has a burr under their saddle about Arkansas, - - or else the Arkansas liaison responsible for arranging the Razorbacks’ programming lineup is an utterly incompetent, carelessly lackadaisical doofus.

Beam me up, Scotty!!!

These are all victories and, technically, one is against an SEC opponent (softball over A&M). But would like to see more victories over SEC teams. If we were A&M and only in the league a few years, it might be understandable. But we’ve got 25 years of programming from which to choose.


My take exactly, we’ve had some epic games in the SEC and this is on the SEC channel.

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That’s okay, Silver, you are now a Texan and they are noted for inflated ideals.

I an indeed now “deep in the heart of Texas”; - - - but Texas shall never be deep in the heart of me.




Was this a message from the SEC Network telling us we don’t belong or was the university in on the programming options and think showing us beating Texas and Tech would improve recruiting in Texas?