Renegotiate the buyout this week!


Very true, but that wasn’t my point which was that, instead of never like the lawyer, sometimes they are renegotiated.


The buyout was changed and both sides agreed. That is all it takes. In any event, it’s kind of moot since we have now learned that the buyout is not that large.

Nevertheless, after the last game, if they decide to fire coach B, it is likely the buyout will be renegotiate because the UofA can save over $1 million dollars by waiting another 36 days until Jan 1. It the UofA agrees to pay his salary though Jan 1, and let coach be leave 36 days earlier by accepting the amount of the Jan 1 buyout, he would probably agree since he would receive the same amount of money either way.

The terms and length of Coach Bielema’s buyout should be formulated and ready.
The dollar figure, whatever it actually is can be paid out over multiple years if the Administration can get the coach and his lawyers to agree to it and I believe that can be achieved. A long term payout would be a win win for both parties by allowing the University to move forward with a decent pay package for the new HC while giving Coach Bielema an above average base salary while looking for his next coaching opportunity, I mean seriously, we could probably agree to pay him 500k per year for the next ten plus years and who can’t survive on 500k per year?

Arkansas simply can’t allow another season like last year and what will likely be a 3-5 win season this season to continue, it doesn’t live up to the standards that this program has achieved since the arrival of Frank Broyles.

Go Hogs!

That’s why I suggested Matt Campbell at Iowa St. his contract is 2 million a year for 6 years. If he gets fired he gets his money, if he comes here they keep his money. At least that looks like what it says. 2.5 million/3 million a year for an up and comer, compared to at least 4.5 for a “name.” Plus we still pay Bret 5.8 million. I think Matt said $100,000+ a month until Dec 2022.

Haven’t looked at some of the other names, but I’m assuming the smaller schools have more manageable salaries. Mike Leach, is a little bit more than that. I bring him up because he was a name mentioned the other day, he started 12-26 at WSU and the fans wanted him fired.