Reggie Perry

Well it was nice to see the note from Reggie Perry’s parents saying he has not de-committed from the Hogs. Altho they did not explicitly say he was still firmly committed. It is hard to imagine the amount of media attention top recruits get these day. I don’t see how they cope.

Mike in Dallas how much plainer do you want, Geeee … Her last statement was to let us know he did NOT re-commit… Mikein Dallas, reread her post again----slowly !.. Keep your nose in Dalles!

Perry will be pulled in many directions between now and signing day due to this rise of his stock nationally and ultimately he will decide on the program that he and his family feels will allow him to reach his ultimate goal of getting drafted in the 1st round of the NBA. I would expect all of the usual suspects like Kentucky, Kansas, Arizona, UCLA, etc will do all possible to lure him away from Coach Anderson and the University of Arkansas.
I would argue that if he stays with Arkansas his stock will certainly not drop with the next few recruiting classes that are projected to sign, but instead rise with the fortunes of a UofA program getting back to national prominence. If Perry really likes the style of play at Arkansas and enjoys playing with his fellow Arkansas commits then everything would work out fine for him and his future prospects of being a high draft pick and help lift a once great program back to that level once again.
I hope he decides to be a Razorback.

Go Hogs!

Well said

Well he has decommited now I really dunno what to think about the reason they claim he has though

I smell Kentucky!

I for one will hold judgement on Reggie Perry’s decision to decommit until I see what program he signs with and how far from home that University actually is from home and his parent that has health problems. My hope is that he stays home and plays for either Georgia or Georgia Tech because if he ends up at Kentucky, UNC or Duke then that would speak for itself.
I do hope his father gets well and is able to have a long and productive life.

Reggie, thanks for almost being a Razorback, Im sure your Hawks teammates are thrilled with your decision.
AAU ball is played all over the country as is the case with college, so I hope his reason to decommit is legit, time will tell.


Well said.

I hope for a few things here: 1. His father gets well. 2. Fans don’t go on social media or his twitter account and blast him for decommitting(things Arkansas fans are notorious for). 3. I hope the door is still open for him to recommit, though the article makes it sound like a done deal that he’s going elsewhere. 4. If his decommitment is permanent, I hope it’s not to another SEC school.

I agree with you, if he decommits permanently, I hope it’s to a local school(which I would count any North Carolina school as local, since Georgia touches North Carolina). I would also count a Florida schools as close(depending on which one like FSU). If he wants to go play for a coach that plays a similar style like ours, he’d go to Georgia Tech, though Pastner isn’t half the coach Anderson is. The only way this looks suspicious is if he does end up going to somewhere like Kentucky, or a team further west or up north.

All in all, family is the most important thing. I wish him and his family the best of luck no matter where he might land.

I want to know if any of the writers have any knowledge on if this is a total decommitment, where he is not coming here at all, or if he left the door open at all to come back. From the article, it looks like the door is shut completely, but I’d like to know for sure.

Looks like the FedEx package arrived. Maybe he should find a Georgia AAU team to play for.

Wish good health to be around the corner for his father, maybe with Reggie being able to find a school of his liking close to home his father would be able to see him play more often and that’s just being a caring son. He will be in the pros one day soon no matter where he chooses to attend school, hope the Hogs are still a option if the health issues clear up. Best wishes to him and his family ! WPS

Proud he is thinking of his dad. You only have your parents a short time and I hope his dad get to watch Reggie play a lot of basketball.
Good luck young man!!

Interesting timeline from when Reggie Perry got upgraded to a 5 star recruit around June 22, then the Mothers statement on June 25 with a family meeting to re-evaluate family needs gong forward, to finally decomitting about 10 days later.
I hope that his decision to back out of his commitment is genuine and if his father is truly having health issues that drove a decision to stay closer to home then all the best to all of them.
On the other hand, if what eventually transpires with his new choice of a college program doesn’t fit the close to home scenario then Coach A and Hog fans have been played. I certainly hope this isn’t the case.
I wonder if RD or anyone else close to the AAU Hawks had any heads up earlier this summer about his Fathers Health issues and did those issues keep the family away from AAU Hawks games this season?
Some have thought that perhaps the door is still open pending his fathers health
situation, I think that ship has sailed and my fear is that he simply believes he can possibly raise his profile now that his star # has risen, much as was the case with Monk and Archie when their star ratings rose nationally.
I don’t know this family, but someone must have the true insight about this situation and like I’ve said I hope it’s legit. If the health issue is the case then I wish Mr. Perry better health going forward, and I think all Hog fans would respect the decision.

Go Hogs!

Yeah I am really going to watch and see where he goes if he had not have been upgraded in recruiting rankings and had alot of programs coming after him and them had the drama that happend a few weeks back I would not think anything of it but he decommited due to his father health reasons and he has been playing on an arkansas team and he’s from Georgia something doesn’t add up but we have seen it before and it won’t be the last time

Good luck to Reggie Perry and his family. Will pray for his family. Basketball is not as important as family!

Reed now maybe it is time you go back and read her post again!

He has committed to Miss St which shows it had nothing to do with his dad illness. He apparently was pressured to sign where his dad played but they chose to lie about it!

Not necessarily true. It is a fact that his father is ill. What you posted is purely conjecture. Maybe his father is so ill that his life is in danger and he wants to honor his father and play where he did. Simply put, we don’t know. Until more facts about his decision to go to Miss. St. come out, there’s not point in making any accusations.

For us the fans, it just sucks that now our boys will have to play against him.

But please, fans of Arkansas, don’t get on social media and start being disrespectful to this young man.

I’m a bit disappointed that he didn’t choose a school closer to home, unless the family is moving to Starkville given his fathers past ties to the school.
However, I for one am ready to put this recruit in the rear view mirror since he obviously doesn’t want to be a Razorback and focus on what we do have and look forward to next season.
Hopefully, we can improve on last years results and make things very difficult on this young man on the hardwood over the next few years.
I only wish the best or his fathers health, but I know that his current Hawks teammates will have extra motivation every time they take the floor against him.

Go Hogs!