Pure Speculation

It seems to me that the abrupt firing of JL is a precursor for the immediate official announcement of Bielema’s pending firing immediately after the final game against Missouri one and one-half weeks hence.

I could certainly be wrong about this, but I have a strong hunch that Bielema’s replacement has already been settled upon, and that the Arkansas Powers That Be will waste no time in ushering in the new coaching era following the conclusion of the Missouri game.

If I’m wrong, I’ll dine on crow.

Reasonable speculation. I might thing that those folks making this decision didn’t do it without answers already on the table. While I believe Arkansas fans should appreciate the decade-long work Mr Long did, I also believe change is good. Looking forward to the next chapter and with hope that we bring the football program forward to take advantage of the talent readily available in the Hogs own back yard.

I’d like to think your right that they already have a plan. Recent history suggests this could also turn into a disaster. I hope they have a plan though. But very skeptical.

One of my most significant outstanding question marks is whether the selection committee will decide to go with an established, high-recognition-name coach, - - or a relatively little-known, up-and-coming young overachiever.

If you look at everything out there and really study details over last month. I think it’s a no brainer that Gus is on his way. Get ready for Gus on Hill soon

I don’t know about that. There appears to be a substantial amount of anti-Gus bias in play among Razorback fans. Just how willing are The Powers That Be to antagonize and thwart the will of fans on a widespread basis from the get-go?

That’s NOT a rhetorical question.

IMO, the only way Gus would be interested in Arkansas is pure ego. Money, prestige honors etc.
will be much on a higher plane for an Auburn coach than an Arkansas one short term at least.

Agreed there would be an immediate split of the fanbase the likes of which we haven’t seen since The Dales last few years.

I just simply fail to support a leader that their only concern is about themselves.
He stirs junk up and is a jerk! Where’s his loyalty? I’d say to himself and hip national.

I personally would like to see Malzahn. I think that he really got the shaft while OC and has a lot to offer the program. But why in the heck would he come back? His experience at UA was bad. He is at a place that is much better historically than we are. I guess maybe he’s worried about getting fired the next time he doesn’t have a 10 win season? Seems like the Arkansas fan base is a little too optimistic about attracting him.

I suspect we don’t have a plan or a coach in hand. Every fan base likes to think that their program is some mastermind of amazing back room dealers but most are not and I’ve seen several articles calling it a “mess” at Arkansas

So if I read this right ya’ll think they hire a coach before hiring an AD? Don’t think that will work very good.

Because he’s at a place where the fans and administration have a very short memory span. One game at Auburn can put a coach on the hot seat. And, reportedly, because he has been advised that he is the coach that the UofA wants. And further, Gus and his wife want to get back to Arkansas; this may be the only chance he’ll ever have to do it.

That said, there may be a catch to all this. If Auburn wins out and gets into the playoffs, that might kill the deal. Understand the UofA wants the next coach on campus as quickly as possible, before the early signing date, to save as much of the recruiting class as possible.

labb, I agree, or at least I would have five years ago. Now, it seems that coaches, good coaches, are a lot harder to find than ADs. So, it appears schools are a more amenable to hiring the coaches first. Even read that if Gus were to elect to come to Arkansas, he would have some input into who replaces Long.

That indicates that the AD is not the actual head of the programs…Asking for a lot of trouble.

From what I’ve read around Razorback Nation, JL’s firing might not have been all that abrupt. But, you’re probably right about Bielema and his replacement. I’ve heard the Monday or Tuesday, following the Missouri game will be BB’s last day.

There’s are back stories which I will not put here, it will just be taken down as soon as one of the mods sees it. And maybe because I’m in a self protective mode. One or two of the individuals may not wish to see their names put here, even though, some were in the local print media recently. So, if you are interested in finding out more, you’ll just have to search and read.

JL’s firing is for his stubbornness.
Anyway, the good thing is Beliema will be fired shortly…
It hurts to see that fat guy ruining this great program.

As I stated in another thread, I’m relatively positive that Bielema is fully aware of the mood of the Arkansas fan base. He may - or may not - venture onto WHS to stay abreast of prevailing sentiment. His cumulative record, his rhetoric, his decisions and his rationale are all fodder for the public grist mill - - as as such, are deservedly open to debate, critique and censure. But please don’t demean Bielema on a personal level; berating him and ostracizing him for his physical appearance gains us nothing in the way of sympathy or support from the world of collegiate football, and reflects very poorly back upon the composite character of Arkansas Razorback fans. Please reconsider this tack.

Agree on the point of CBB and his appearance. I think the magic date for any announcement on CBB will be Dec. 1 or after due to his buyout. I think the buyout goes down after Dec. 1.

Reddie I could be wrong, but I thought buyout date was Dec 31
https://i2.wp.com/footballscoop.com/wp- … uyout1.jpg

I think the AD already been selected. She is well liked throughout the administration. She will be appointed and fire Belemia. Malzahn will be offered but has to accept or decline within 24 hours. If he says no or doesn’t answer, Norvell will be offered. Just my 2 cents.