PETRINO made UofA fire him!

Louisville’s impressive win over Florida State shows that he still is a brilliant, top coach. I’m sorry that he made Arkansas fire him.

Had CBP stayed at Arkansas, Jessica would have had a slam dunk winning “Sexual Harassment” lawsuit against UofA for many $millions of dollars, if CBP had not been fired.

A boss of a big operation can’t have an affair with a subordinate. The boss always is in a position of power over a subordinates, so it becomes “Sexual Harassment” case if the affair ends and the subordinate files a sexual harassment case against “the boss’ operation.” The operation or company will lose every time…and pay the subordinate damages in dollars.

Therefore CBP made Arkansas fire him and luckily resulting in no sexual harassment case for $millions being filed against UofA. I’m still sorry CBP put his affair with his subordinate above his loyalty to the UofA.

Abe, Old news. Move on.

I’m still very proud to have Coach Bret Bielema as Arkansas’ fourth year Razorback head football coach.

You got to really like a coach that glorifies the offensive line and stresses toughness in playing "Big Boy"football.

What a great win this weekend, with the Hogs now winning 9 of their last 10 games under coach, many against ranked teams. Sooie Pigs!!

The story of CBP’s dismissal as UofA football coach will never become Old News on here as long as HogAuth posts on this site. HA would agree with that.


If you simply said CBP violated the terms of his contract and was fired, I could go with the essence of your view. Especially when you said " I’m still sorry CBP put his affair with his subordinate above his loyalty to the UofA." Where we may disagree is on the consequences of each option that Long had to assess. One could argue the phantom lawsuit could have been paid, or the results that we are seeing now on the field would have replaced CBP’s presence. I am very happy that we have legit chance about going 5-0. I think that this years team success is timely , because another bad start with CBP making Top 5 would have caused chaos this year.

Incidentally, not sure of your views on the new site. I have tried to be patient; but I am starting to see few strange things with no logical explanation. i.e. I think one of my topics was removed; not locked. I am not sure what happened? It could have been that a few posters went off the deep end; or simply censorship? Regardless, when I came back a few hours later and it was gone. If I am doing anything wrong, I don’t need to be ban, I will dismiss myself. With said, I do find the personal attacks reduced, but I still see a few that simply won’t go away.

Abe, replied to another post of yours. I have always maintained that CBP’s firing will be old news when the next Razorback coach does one of the following…

  1. Have back to back 10 wins seasons
  2. Ascend to Top 5 twice over two year span
  3. Win SEC West
  4. Win SEC Champ
  5. Have a recruiting class ranked #16 or higher

I think for some it is not about a CBP or CBB. It is about the results of a UA football coach. I am guilty of wanting the results and not thinking the price to maintain was too high.

HA, the topic you referred to being deleted, there were posters going off the deep end, including Saintly (who is acting like he did nothing wrong). At the top of each forum there are board rules (most were copied form the old Scout forum) if you (everyone posting) read them them, it’ll give you a better understanding of what is and what is not allowed.

HA, I like the new site’s results of screening out obvious inappropriate comments. It’s slightly more effort for me to post on this new site, but I too am trying to be patient. The General seems okay with new site.

Like your comment that we have a legit chance to go 5-0 this year. Here’s to that!

Your opinion is not backed by any facts. You can file a lawsuit over anything but not having it dismissed and winning it, let alone such a absurd sum, is a far different matter. In order to have a valid basis against the UofA, she would have first had to file a complaint that the UofA ignored.

Talk to any lawyer involved in sexual harassment lawsuits. They’ll say that I am correct about the winability of the case had he not been fired after the affair with the woman that he hired to be his employee.

If CBP had not been fired, the attorney would also tell you that the award to the one being sexual harassed would have been a staggering $amount for the UofA to have to pay.

You are right HA… If yo have a post that someone does not like or I guess the moderator who seems to be bombastic hog… it can get wiped or deleted or you can get banned. The concept of free exchange has been removed in this format … If goes beyond cursing, off topic religious rants, personal attacks and threats… If by chance you post something factual that may hurts someones feelings… here come the banning.

We didn’t seem to have any trouble fighting off the Nolan Richardson lawsuit.

It has chance to be magical year. MUST Beat A&M. We have got to see more of Walker or Whaley to have chance to get through season. RW3 is the deal, so we must not wear him down. We have offense that is designed to attack, we should not throttle off the pedal until game is well in hand. CBB has tendency to play not to lose too much. Trust in players to make plays.

Site is very awkward to navigate. You know I would be the #1 fan for the personal attacks being aggressively blocked. But if topics are frequently pulled, locked etc; there should be some communication of what type of topics they don’t want? We didn’t create topics on old site so there is no precedence. The fact that you no longer post to the subject articles tend to force posters to get creative to create a thread (topic) But you know what, I don’t think any of us to deserve to complain about their site and how they wish to administer. A number of old faithfuls are long gone, I have tried to patiently stick around, but as BB King would say “The thrill is gone”

Glad you and I end on a good note if the goodbyes are inevitable. I take back most all of the bad things I have ever said about you. :roll:

This is where you and I disagree. What’s the point of looking backward? He’s gone, we have Bielema in the present, and it looks like so far he’s going to be our future. Looking back and not moving on accomplishes nothing.

General, I am not sure at what we disagreed on?

The question to me was at what point would CBP become old news?

I don’t control the universe. It is obvious a lot of people discuss CBP every day 5 years later before, during. and after games. I provided my opinion to Abe as to when I thought it would become old news. I think I assumed he was talking in general across the board with most all. i.e. IMO Nutt became old news when CBP went to Sugar Bowl.

BTW, my answer was not looking backward, it was forward looking at the things that will occur sooner or later by some coach at UA.

You seem to have a very bad memory about the Richardson lawsuit along with all your many other deficiencies. That lawsuit dragged Broyles & the U of A through the muck of being on the wrong side of civil rights issues like hogs through slop. Although ultimately won from a court judgement standpoint. It cost millions in legal fees and left what I think are definite scars. How successful has that basketball program been since then? The basketball program success was only comparable by North Carolina as the most successful in the country under Sutton & Richardson. Now it struggles to win an NCAA Tournament Game periodically. Mike Anderson has been highly successful everywhere he has went but not here yet with all the roots he has here. I would never refer to that Richardson lawsuit as “didn’t seem to have any trouble.”

So is your point to NOT fight what would be frivolous lawsuits? Don’t think anyone chose to not file civil suit against CBP / UA simply because he was fired. There were no State or Federal laws so civil judgement were only options.

Also, since it is clear you do not like me, I again question why you continue to deride me ny reply to everyone of my posts? You additionally slander my name by association with others to which I don’t think is in good spirit of the site. Since I have so many deficiencies as you state, please ignore me. I try to do the same with you, but it is hard with your constant replys, it is almost as if you are attempting to bait as to create situation. I stated my opinions and I am stand behind them. I very sorry you do not like them. I don’t see how you can state you don’t like BA, the Allen name; but think AA will be better, but I can’t say I like BA as the #1 QBR is the nation as he was, like AA, like CBP as well as like CBB? Sounds hypocritical to me, but I don’t deride your views, you deride mind. You call me names, I don’t. You have been banned in the past, I have never been banned from ANYWHERE. Good day.

No they are starting to do what hogville used to do and remove any posts that accurately display an incompetent AD… Then they start one like this to once again spread more lies. First of all any lawsuit would have been handled by the University with EASE. EASE get it… In fact one could argue that the money we lost when Petrino was dismissed and the subsequent mediocre seasons is far worse than any lawsuit Jessica could have launched. And one COULD EASILY win that arguement.

THE FACTS here are that Jeff Long gave Bobby an ultimatum… I don’t know the exact details of that ultimatum but someone out there does. I have little doubt that it had to do with his coaching style and what they were going to require from him. Something along the lines of if you want to keep your job then from now on you are going to have to do things OUR way. This includes how you deal with the fans and the media. And we expect you to be OPEN about certain positions on the team… (Allens hint hint hint) Jeff grossly underestimated Bobby Petrino’s fight. He thought he had him over a barrel and that Bobby would just knuckle under. Well Jeff you were wrong. Great men NEVER knuckle under. I know I wouldn’t. Bobby didn’t force his firing, Jeff did. If Jeff hadn’t come out with a list of demands then Bobby would still be our coach. And we would likely have at least one title by now. Sorry to say that its very unlikely that the Allen brothers would have sniffed the QB position that Daddy has now managed to entitle them too. We would more than likely had a dual QB so Bobby could implement the offense he created for Michael VIck.

You can create all the garbage posts you want on here but the biggest part of the public knows the truth. And you can’t rewrite history to suit your agenda. The victor gets the spoils. And Bobby is the victor. BB will more than likely go down to the Aggies and then Bama and then Ole Miss. While Bobby goes on to the playoffs. The true losers here are the Arkansas fans. And NO REAL fan would ever post garbage like this OP. NO WAY. REAL fans know the TRUTH.

No, I prefer the old way, but I agree that it is moderated better against the foolish acts of others.

What has BB accomplished exactly ? Even this year is NOTHING. He just beat up on a Texas High School team last night… I mean come on. Texas State is a blimp. We have no business scheduling small fry like them… EVER. La Tech almost beat us !! Lol and our coaching was soo conservative that we almost let a soft big 12 team that will not amount to anything this year come back from 13 down !! Frankly we needed luck to beat TCU AND La Tech… So what exactly has he done ? He’s still in way over his head. Heck even with an overqualified DB coach and an overqualified offensive coordinator this guy still manages to find ways to screw things up !!!

The fans need to wake up and fire Jeff Long and clean house on the hill. Or we will never have what Louisville has… Blame Long and his bosses for this mess.