PETRINO made UofA fire him!

I have never been banned from this site. You stated yesterday in that removed thread that you were here to vindicate Petrino in the eyes of the Arkansas fans who were mistakenly glad to see him go. Where have I ever stated on this board that I am only here to bad mouth the Allen name or prove BA was a bad QB? I have only ever mentioned BA when it pertained directly to the thread topic or was in direct response to a post directed at the subject as you did here. When have I ever made a topic thread here about bad Allen QB’s or that name? I have never did so and never will. You bring up Petrino constantly and even posted a silly off topic thread yesterday about Petrino and Louisville that was removed. Quit making absurd posts, I will then give you due respect. Men must earn respect.

It has chance to be magical year. MUST Beat A&M. We have got to see more of Walker or Whaley to have chance to get through season. RW3 is the deal, so we must not wear him down. We have offense that is designed to attack, we should not throttle off the pedal until game is well in hand. CBB has tendency to play not to lose too much. Trust in players to make plays.

Site is very awkward to navigate. You know I would be the #1 fan for the personal attacks being aggressively blocked. But if topics are frequently pulled, locked etc; there should be some communication of what type of topics they don’t want? We didn’t create topics on old site so there is no precedence. The fact that you no longer post to the subject articles tend to force posters to get creative to create a thread (topic) But you know what, I don’t think any of us to deserve to complain about their site and how they wish to administer. A number of old faithfuls are long gone, I have tried to patiently stick around, but as BB King would say “The thrill is gone”

Glad you and I end on a good note if the goodbyes are inevitable. I take back most all of the bad things I have ever said about you. :roll:[/quote

HA, it’s obvious that you and I agree on some points and take different sides on other poonts. I do now enjoy discussing all things Hogs with you. It’s light hearted discussions to me.

I don’t expect to be logged in on this site as often as before, but it I’ll enjoy your posts when I do. I find your opinions and facts to be interesting to read. Yes, I too am glad we both regret any testy past between us. At least the two of us will enjoy this fan posting board. :smiley:

First, I don’ need, care for, nor have asked for you respect. To me you are only an harasser of me.

2nd you continue to lie / slander because I did not say yesterday or any other day " I was here to vindicate Petrino in the eyes of the Arkansas fans who were mistakenly glad to see him go" I guess you used a removed topic to why you can’t prove it.? I have said over and over CBP’s firing was justified as he violated the terms of the contract. You take issue because IMO, I would not have fired him despite that violation.

3rd, I said I have never been BANNED from ANY site. You can’t make the same claim.

4th, I never said you bad mouth BA. I said you didn’t like BA, nor the Allen name but seem to like AA thus far. Have you not gone on record saying you want any QB not named Allen, do you believe BA was the legitimate #1 QB in the nation last year? If so, then we both agree that was and always has been a stud that was in bad situation with OC. AA has been fortunate to have Enos for his tenure.

Point, can you site any original post you have made where I replied with opinion? I didn’t think so. Every post we have has always been about you reply to an original post of mine to deride my views. If you don’t like my views and think they are out of order, please report to the moderator, but please LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Your harassment is a burden as I have to repeatedly defend myself from your false claims which are nothing more than smear and slander.

At the end of the day, there is no Razorback Coach or Player I don’t like, former or current. That includes BA, CBP, AA & CBB so deal with it and let me be. Don’t read my posts if it makes you feel better.

You don’t want respect. Quit crying because of my responses. I am no mind reader and really don’t know what your problem is. You called me a liar concerning a quote I made from you from a removed thread. I therefore cannot prove truthfulness but can surely allege deceit by you. I know what you said on that silly thread and you do too as well as many that surely remember reading it. It was so inflammatory as to warrant removal. The rest of this malarkey you wrote is not worth addressing.

Another lie. I still have access to that thread. What I said is below:

The topic was removed not a post. I have no idea why. Moderator should have sent notice or at least a PM to creator if it was a concern. If it is because of Petrino and possibility of beating FSU, then you just posted on Topic about Petrino and what job he may take next. Why is it okay in your mind to discuss Petrino; but others cannot? Asked the moderator why topic was removed? I only asked the reaction if Louisville went Top 5? They are #4. Hogs are #18, it is all good to me.

Below is from thread that topic was removed. By the way, it was you that I referenced in it that called me a troll. If Moderator was true to what is being said, you should be banned from this site at least a week for name calling.

I wasn’t trying to stir the pot but admit, I missed the old gang. It is a Long ways from the same experience. I learned that I am a troll this morning? It never cease to amaze me how others can be so hateful with those that see things differently. I guess you can study history and learn about hate for ages.

To me, being curious about what CBP does it the same as me watching Jacksonville hoping BA gets to play. My point of my post is that most that felt CBP should not have been fired were infatuated with his results of making Top 5 twice and national relevance. It is fact that even today 5 years later CBP lights up all boards. I get some are simply sick of it, but it is a consequence of a decision. You can’t just tell everybody to go away, unless you are Hitler. I think a win today against FSU will take him to Top 5. I am no Louisville fan, but I am very pleased to see CBP get his life back on track when many spurned him because of a mistake he made.

You just called me a liar above. You can take a week ban with me. I can not see that thread anymore, not good at bothering with delving into monotonous buttons on these type sites. Erased playlists several times doing it on YouTube. Anyhow, I remember what you said in one of your posts about being here to wave Petrino in the face of Hog fans that don’t like him. You used different words but that is what you said. You got Petrino going on this board. I don’t hate discussing him. I just don’t like him being put on a pedestal all the time like you do while you make Long a goat. Petrino is a unscrupulous rat.