Ole Miss game thread

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I may have to stop watching.

I’m still watching, but I turned the sound WAY down.

Fire them all today! What an embarrassment

Just look at stats:
Ole Miss 21-7
Passing 5 of 6 for 99 yards
Rushes 9 for 154 yards (17.1 yards per carry)

According to those HOMERS, it’s an Ole Miss advantage playing without their starting QB because the Hogs don’t know how to game-plan. That’s great analogy by homers, acted as if the Hogs would know how to stop a good QB.

Looks like we’re headed toward another 50-something to 20-something rout. I’m starting to get used to those…

Ole Miss new QB 9 of 11 for 164 yards early 2Q
Hogs already gave up 31 points with 11 min left in 2Q

I just got home and turned it on. 31-7 with 5 minutes left in the half… enough evidence for Rhodes to be fired after this game… we can’t play defense. Bielema looks like he knows he’s done.

Seen enough??? Any fools on here want to come out and say there is any reason to keep this inept fat windbreaker wearing idiot as coach???

Nope, this is a game I expected to win and turn the season around. No chance anymore to stay. Needs to go

Sure is good to see as Coach Bielema keeps saying each week in his postgame press conferences that they will watch the film, make the necessary corrections because he knows the are “ CLOSE “.

He doesn’t have any answers, it’s time for him to do the right thing and step down.
He will have been paid 20 million at the end of this season and produced virtually nothing. He should announce his exit sometime after this ridiculous performance today @ Ole Miss and waive his rights to the buyout money due to his failure to produce as the HC.

Our defense is likely to give up 700 yards from scrimmage to Ole Miss today, worst performance ever.

I know no one believes we will make halftime adjustments and come back…0-18 when trailing at the half.

CBB is a great coach. Ole Miss is a better team. There is nothing CBB can do about it.
Oh… make sure an assistant does not forget about CBB’s lunch order !!!

What does saying something about his eating habits have to do with anything? He’s a former lineman, I’ve never seen a skinny lineman.

BTW coach Petrino’s Cardinals is losing to an upstart Wake Forest

well… we have life now thanks to a couple of turnovers… Ole Piss is moving the ball at will and we’ve gotten lucky to pull within 10. Watch us pull this one out and close out strong so we’re false hoped with CBB again next season.

Do you know the difference between BIG and FAT???
I guess not…

“Still haven’t punted yet” … Matt Luke at half… nuf said about our defense.

What was that stupid shit??? Is that from some inept coach or is this freshman out there freestylin?? You can’t make this shit up

Was that the stupidest 4 nd 1 call, I mean what the hell!
I’ll give the Hogs credit, they didn’t fold up the tents @ 31-7, got a couple of breaks to make this interesting. Just wish we could tackle because I fear we will still give up at least a couple of more scores and I don’t see us scoring 45.
We’ll soon know.