Okie Light!

I wish Mike would just go off. This is BS!

This will be a difficult game to win no matter what. OSU is much better than their record.

I would take being down 9 at the half right now…lol. Everything falling their way so far.

Coach Watkins steps up and takes the T! Should have been done by MA about 6 minutes ago!

Inconsistency of the Razorbacks has reared its ugly head once again ! WPS

They are quicker than we are so far. Looking rough!

Not inconsistency. OSU is just playing WAY over their heads. But Kingsley and Thompson have got to stop popping to the top of the key because OSU is killing us when they do that.

No defense, no rebounding, and poor shooting (shot selection) translates to a blow-out.
They didn’t show up to play. They looked beat at the start of the game. Give CMA 10 5 star players and he would still find a way to lose. This will be the start of a major skid that will kill any chance of making the NCAA tourney and probably the NIT also.


We have no choice but to run with them now. Keep fighting Hogs!

Forte gets the calls on the drives for one reason and one reason only!

Coach K, Cal, Izzo, and many others don’t win it all every year.

I’m glad I don’t look to you for hope.

I’m curious, why is that?

Because he is the best guard we have seen this year! :slight_smile:

Wish we could have had this effort in the 1st half. I also wish we could play them again. This reminds me of the Minnesota game early in the season. Bounce back Wednesday night!

Yep, they seem to be our kryptinite. But I agree with you. Play on a neutral floor and this game would be much closer.

A big Giant Amen to that! They are 12-8 for a reason.

What a pathetic showing. Okra state sucks, and they beat us like a step child. Great job coach.

Macon having one of his worst games as a Hog! But Barford I really like! 1-1 on the road this week at two tough dens aint too shabby! Hope the committee sees that and not just this big loss!