Okie Light!

I bet you just love that you turd.

Okra State beating us by 28…yeah Mike’s a good coach

Go suck an egg. We win and you don’t come around. You just wait for us to lose and here you are. We are 16-5 and played the worst game of the year for us, it is what it is.

OSU 59 pts in the first half? Now that is pathetic/embarassing. Arent they a pretty young team?

Not really. They’re top scorers are upperclassman, with the exception of one.

Spanked yet again, we’re pretty good six years in

Yet again, we’re 16-5.

Yes, they’re very young, and they have a new coach

and out of the rankings, and the NCAA tourney

What? We still will have a top 35 RPI and now OSU will be in the top 50. We needed this game, but they needed it more and sadly for us, they got it. So no, we aren’t out of the tourney at all, but it makes Wednesday’s game more important to win.


BIG 12 bottom feeder just owned us. Yes, we have a bright future.

Sshhh! He didn’t even know we play Wednesday this week.

Look, like most, I’m not happy about today, but as BLU stated in the other thread, Okie Light is looking better, and our next 4 games are winnable. 20-5, 9-3 SEC record isn’t horrible. I think I know the problem, are you one of the guys that bought into the preseason hype and expected a Final Four with this team?

Bake if we are even 19-6 8-4 at that point…I like our chances.

another rout on the road…we suck bad

I feel better about winning the Lotto than finishing like ya’ll are hoping for!!! Oh, I don’t buy lotto tickets but once or twice a year.

Bottom feeder, they have 7 teams out of 10 that are projected to make the tourney and now they are one of them. The SEC has 4 and Arkansas is still one of them.

Why? The next 4 games we get bama and Vandy at home with LSU and Missouri on the road. The odds the next 4 games are in our favor, which would put us at 20-5. Now over the next 5 games after, we have 3 away games where I feel we will be the underdogs, at SC, Auburn, and Florida. If we win just one of those games and the rest of the games we should win, that would put us at 23 wins and at the least a top 50 RPI, so that would guarantee us a spot.

Once again, no discipline. If we can’t beat Okra State, we cant beat anyone that matters…dream on