Obviously Bielema needs to go?

He can’t motivate. Those kids had no desire to tackle, block, make an extra effort to get open, even at home, in front of their fans on NATIONAL TV on CBS…

This guy can’t coach, it’s that simple. Has he even been competitive against a good team since the FL game???

Agree changes will need to be made to see improvement. Time to see what the other QB’s can do in a real game. Where was Hayden today, is he hurt?

Needs more time
He’s building it the right way

The guy can’t motivate, and his assistants can’t motivate. Need to start over again… I’d take Sumlin with a top notch D coordinator, over this clown.

Why don’t you folks compare last years TCU game to this years game. I’d say the defense was better. The offense is what caused the problem today. Young receivers. TE stepping out of bounds in the end zone. I’d say that’s the issue and it’s not the end of the world.
Someone we must all find some good even in a loss. I am disappointed but it’s not the end of the world. A week off and then A&M

Yep. Another Lackluster Game on how to Lose. SAD.

That type of Playing just won’t cut it in the SEC. Just Not Enought Excitement and Desire to WIN, which equal’s Lost Again.

Alabama went through Several Coach’s Fast, before they got one that Know’s How To Win. They could have easily Lost their First Game against Florida State, but they knew how to Turn Thing’s around with the Special Team’s.

You’ve got to Pull and Push as a Whole Team to Win in the SEC or You’ll Lose Game after Game within the conference which is what Count’s.

I sure hope the Hog’s can get thing’s turned around, but IMO, it’s got to start at the Top and change the Top until Thing’s change, and Change Fast.

In the SEC, You’ve got to be Strong, Tough, Clever, and most important Play with The Attitude & Goal to WIN, not Lose.

Good Luck

It’s just not Bielema. We had 3rd and 20 and we play action and send out 3 receivers! Did we learn anything from the TCU last year? Apparently not! Safeties are up and we try to run at them. Did we try to spread it out with 4 WR’s and one RB? NO we didn’t. It was insanity doing the same ole stuff that wasn’t working.

Defense, it was basically 3 on 5 on the line. I thought we might see more pressure on their QB but no way! The coaches are soft, the players are soft and that huge new expansion will hardly be used because no one will be going to see this product on the field.

To me it’s just no desire to tackle, no desire to beat the initial coverage by the receivers. The blocking was terrible. I didn’t see a LB coming off the edge with any intensity all day. Even in a 3/4, you gotta let the QB know you will be coming occasionally… Inside the ten yard line twice, and they got no push up front… The kicker looked nervous and unfocused…

That’s just piss poor coaching, there is no SEC team Arkansas will beat this yr… I don’t think the guy wants to stay to be honest. I heard an interview where he vacations with his old boss from Wisconsin. Dump him, and bring Malzahn in, I’m no fan of his, but he wants the job, and can coach circles around Bielema…

The bottom line is, if no one likes you, and is willing to lay it on the line for you, you’re not EVER going to win at Arkansas…

Malzahn doesn’t want this job! He has it made at Auburn. In Bielema’s 5th year he still can’t put a team on the field that is competitive even against a team that probably recruits even with us. I can’t think of another SEC team as of right now that we can beat. As bad of a coaching job this is, I put the blame on Jeff Long. He hired him and set the terms of his contract. I realize why he did it but it was a gamble that has not paid off. Sure our kids are doing great in class but that will not fill those seats!

If Long was an investment advisor he would have violated his fiduciary responsibilities with Bielema’s contract. He gave this guy a huge contract and a bigger buyout and in turn our program is suffering. I think both Bielema and Long need to go!

Coach B is a fraud and he has been since he came here 5 years ago.
This is his 5th year as our head coach and he isn’t even .500!! Like godbless what other stat do you want?? He’s not going good here at all, it’s his 5th season and he’s below .500. Like Smh, anyone that wants to defend that somehow. And if you do, fine, try and argue his 10-22 SEC record after 4 years. And spare me on the first year, he’s going into his 5th year now and 10-22 in SEC. AND under .500 overall coach. PATHETIC!!!
And he’s getting 4 mil a year to lose the majority of his games. Just stupid!!

These guys were flat from the start they never showed any energy. I knew things were bad when they cut corners running through the “A”.

And why is he throwing the kids under the bus at the PC tonight? You’re the guy getting paid. You’re the adult. You’re the responsible party. Rip them a new one in private, but that kid was beat down mentally after the 1st kick, your job is to send a coach over there, get him kicking the ball again quickly, and make sure he puts it out of his mind, before he went out there again. Secondly, why were we kicking it anyway? If the offense had done it’s job, it should have been an extra pt. I don’t blame the kid, your coaches didn’t do what they should have done, and your players aren’t being taught to support each other. Your job right now is to to go find the kid, and support him, not trash him at a PC. This is a game, his frickin life is more important than a stupid game… If that was your son, would you want him being talked about like that? No. You simply say, we didn’t do anything right, we all need to improve, and that is that…

Austin Allen looked like the sophomore version of Brandon Allen.
Offensive Line just isn’t coached or recruited well.
Wide receivers aren’t speedy as advertised.
3-4 defense doesn’t work if you don’t mix coverages and play with tenacity.
Special Teams has been non existent in all facets of game.
We have become soft.
Defense has been missing tackles going on 6 seasons now.
Offense is not in sync at all
Play calling is sub par.

And I predicted 10-2 season.

Maybe just maybe we played vanilla and we’re looking ahead to TAMU. Doubtful
Could realistically be a 4 win season 1-7 in conference type of year… and we will be handcuffed to CBB for another year. I’m still rooting for our 10-2 year.
Coach BB needs to rally the troops, take over the play calling, and get it together.

The worst decision ever to make our lack luster secondary coach from last season DC… I mean our secondary was pathetic last season and he gets a promotion?
I guess when you make 4mil a season it’s easy to make bad decisions. SMH

Our bad secondary coach got a promotion because the other 2-3 D-Cords Beilema went after said No, Thank You! Bielema has been terrible. Not even a .500 coach at AR and other coaches see what he is. Plain and simple.

It’s good to see all the armchair coaches and athletic directors on here providing their “$.02.” What would the world do without these fools.

This is the second time you have denigrated frustrated fans on a public message board that whole reason for being is to give fans a forum go voice their opinions. You claim to be a former Hog player, give us your honest assement. Break down the game for us “fools”

Plain and simple this team has been overrated. There will be no post season, no bowl. You have a 5th year senior qb and an All-American center. Then what? Inexperienced receivers. True freshman guard and one from Denmark. No true first team running back.
Same ol’ same ol’ on defense, regardless of the scheme. Not so special special teams. Is it coaching, recruiting, strength and conditioning, or combination of all of these? Bottom line, a long year with no reward at the end.

ALLEN 9 OF 23 not getting it done… over throws, bad routes by receivers… he’s doing too much due to not establishing a running threat… which is what we were all lead to believe is the coach’s bread and butter… the bread is stale and butterless, and I’m hungry for something more and apparently maintaining momentum and making adjustment are not on the menu…

So many contributing factors to the complete loss in all facets of the game and it all comes down to coaching. I believe current coach can turn it around, I’ve been wrong before

First fire Jeff Long and then decide what to about Bielema. Long is the one that chose Bielema and gave him the ridiculous buyout. Granted Long has made a couple of good hires, but he has also made a couple of horrible hires.

I know one game doesn’t determine a season. However, ignoring last week’s pushover, at least 2 of the last 3 games should be been wins, instead Arkansas lost to all three starting with Missouri.

  • Under .500 overall in his 5th season
  • 10-22 in SEC
  • 0-14 in games down at half
  • 0-4 against A&M in Dallas

I mean how do people root for him???