No more excuses..

Firing Petrino was a monumental mistake. In fact I’d call it the biggest mistake in Razorback athletic history. Yet 24/7 the fans are exposed to nonsense lie after nonsense lie about whose fault Bobby’s dismissal was or how it had to do with integrity. You know in order to get the people who view themselves as better than the rest of us for our humanity more involved… You know the type. Its a brilliant strategy from Jeff. Especially knowing how backwards Arkansas is… The truth is Jeff put Bobby in a corner with demands and tried to take advantage of Petrino’s outing… Note I said outing bc Jeff knew very well what was going on. When Bobby refused to give control of the program to the Allens cough cough… He was fired… Folks it had NOTHING to do with integrity thats just a ploy to divide the fans.

It had to do with a group of super rich people and their AD attempting to use a situation to bully a head coach. They blackballed the man soo bad that he couldn’t even interview for Auburn !!! Thats dirty pool. But Coach BMFP fought back. BC thats what he does. He fights… Thats what makes him a great coach… He doesn’t try to sit on a 13 point lead. Nope he fights. He doesn’t take a knee and brag about feeling borderline erotic… Nope he runs the ball in two or three more times so that the fans are the ones feeling erotic !! And now the truth is out for everyone to see. Bob’s defense is just fine… Bob’s success is sustainable. Those who said he would never beat FSU or Bama are all about to find out that they are WRONG. Bob is back folks and Jeff Long has nowhere to hide from his stupidity. IN fact its all over TV this morning. Commentators are all over Jeff Long about how badly HE mishandled the situation… Give it time its only going to get worse. Now they are talking about all of the SEC teams who are going to be coming after Bobby… Good for him. I wouldn’t let that bunch of want to be coaches on the Hill tell me how to run my life either !!! IF you really cared about the Hogs you would be sick of hearing excuses from all of the people Jeff pays to get on here and post garbage and start a campaign to get rid of Jeff Long and clean house on the hill. Frank retiring changed NOTHING up there.

Dude, just go over to the Louisville board and fawn over him there. Who cares why he was gone? He is gone. He isnt coming back. Eventually you will have to accept that.

Beat a dead horse a bit more.

NO I changed my mind. The only thing this group understand is money. So boycott the games… Boycott anything razorback football related. Boycott Allen canning company. Support ASU. Who says we have to make the Hogs our team ? You know we do have a choice… If we put the same amount of support behind ASU that we have the Hogs all these years maybe we could actually have OUR own team. Instead of a team being own and ran by the richest people in the state ? Its a business if they want to own it and run it let them do it on their own dime. BC trust me you are NEVER going to have anything but a mediocre product as Long as Jeff and his cronies are running things up there. Fire the Allens and fire Jeff then clean house with the foundation… Otherwise, find a new team. I know I have. LOUISVILLE.

You may want to accept that the Allens and their rich friends used their AD to railroad the best coach we ever had but others don’t. So tell you what you worry about your opinion and let me worry about mine. If thats the best you can come up with maybe Jeff is paying you too much.

It’s amazing how much of an idiot you are.

The way to figure out the truth in any situation like this is simple… Follow the money… Who has been there through change after change ? Bobby Allen. Coaching staff after coaching staff whats been constant ? Bobby Allen… Was Nutt really running the show or was it the Allen’s ? What better way to isolate yourself from criticism… Makes sense. I bet if you did a FOI you would find that the Allens donate a ton of money. And we all know what donating money to the University does for your kids… Starting QB ? Sure no problem. Can’t win a game ? No problem.

Bobby now you are going to have to start listening to Mr. Allen a little bit more now on how you do things… He feels you take too many risks with your offense. Plus you know he’d like to see his kids get a real chance to start… Or we could just fire you and blackball you all over the country…

Lucky Louisville had Bob’s back… Arkansas fans need to wake up and clean house.

Did I hit a nerve there Mr Allen ? By the way calling people names is against the rules here. You should be banned. Lets see if you get away with it. Bet you will.

is there an ignore button on this website? Just asking.

Yes there is, and I’ve used it today. It’s in the user control panel with your login name. Friend/foe

Good advice…this will go on all season as Petrino heads toward a possible playoff berth. … bby-allen/

19 years and on every single staff since !!! Coincidence ? No way. Nobody stays EVERY single staff like that year after year… And think about it what has changed during the last 19 years other than the Petrino era ? And uh they found a way to get rid of him… Allen’s running the show folks. Has been. Things are still being done the Nutt way, the Frank way… BC its the Allen way. Wake up. He’s hiding in the shadows and running things behind the scenes. Safe from being fired. Get rid of Bobby Allen and Jeff Long and your Hogs may be relevant again.

Evidence please. Or this is pure speculation or conjecture.

You were baited into that Gentry. Don’t let the insults get to you, and don’t feed the _____ (you fill in the blank.)

BP will probably blow it…like he did here.

Sorry about that. I really do try to be civil most of the time. Thanks for being understanding. I now have him ignored. It shouldn’t be an issue moving forward.,

Thanks for keeping the forums clean. I know it is a lot of work and I really appreciate it.

We’ve been here before, friends and neighbors. We’ve heard (and smelled) this monotonous, droning olfactory assaulting hot air draft emanating from the southern anatomical aperture in persistent redundancy.

Could they perchance be persuaded to have the grace to direct their odious (and odorous) malfeasance in another direction?

I don’t think he would have been fired if he was honest with Long the first time. The fact he not only lied once he lied 3 times after long had come to him on 3 separate occasions with finally a termination. Anytime you lie to you boss it’s not good because you not only make yourself look bad but your boss and the University. You do realize he was having an affair with the same young lady he hired. If you really want to be honest he open up the University for law suits as well. There were plenty of more qualified applicants for that position in which she had the least yet she was hired because she was a lover. EOE would be all over the University behind if other decided to come forth. If you were working for me and did all of that and the heat was coming down on me I would fire you too. I agree with 100%. BP is twice the coach BB is. Commentators mean nothing when it comes to a persons job. However, after Long explained the termination I don’t recall that same commentary about him being fired. I am not a fan of Long but he left Long no choice after all of that.

I disagree. What Bobby was doing was none of Jeff Longs business. As far as him hiring her ? Jeff Long approved the hire and knew about he affair. Do I have evidence ? Of course not. You think that kind of evidence would still exist ? No way. Bobby was railroaded. As far as him having affairs frankly if I had been the AD I would have said do you have enough girlfriends or should we create a few more positions so you can have more ? You can’t buy that kind of coaching… ITs very rare to have someone who understands and coaches the game as well as Bobby does… SO you placate the man. You don’t say if you don’t do this this and this we are going to fire you. AND BObby was NOT fired for lying to Jeff. Bobby was fired bc he refused to play along. Jeff gave Bobby a list of things he expected and told Bobby that if he would go along with those things he could keep his job… So honestly it had NOTHING to do with integrity… Guys can ask for proof all they want. But I was there when it went down and thats exactly what happened. It wasn’t an integrity thing although thats how Jeff wound up painting it… It was you got caught with your pants down and hey you already have a shaky rep so play ball or we will black ball you…

Thats exactly what happened and I don’t care who believes it bc I KNOW. Bobby said screw you and packed up his crap… He took showtime on the road… Now we are right back to where we were under HDN with that run first clock mismanagement afraid to compete football… And thats where we are going to be until we as fans get sick and boycott all things razorback… Long needs to go the Allens need to go and anyone who feels like they have some unearned right to dictate to our head coach how to do his job needs to go… I’m NOT guessing those are facts… The only part thats guessing is Allens involvement. And that would not surprise me his kids are NOT very good QB’s.

Ummm, you just said BP quit

No I said Bobby refused to allow Jeff Long and his rich friends like the Allens to take advantage of his situation and RAILROAD him… Not the same thing. If I’m working and doing my job and doing it very well and something I’m doing that my boss knows I"m doing comes out for one reason or another. If my boss tries to use that situation to take advantage of me then my leaving wouldn’t be my fault. It would be my bosses for trying to take advantage of my mistakes. See the difference ? Would you be told that you HAVE to play the Allen’s ? For example ? Or would you have enough INTEGRITY to tell Jeff to stick it ?