No easy fix

I think we are playing to the talent level of our football team. If Bret had the talent of A&M or bama his coaching would look better. We beat LSU and Ole Miss last year and they had more talent than us. Bret is a good coach but he believes in one style of football. We need a coach that will run the offense and defense to talent he has. When you are finishing seventh in the conference in recruiting you need to be getting everything you can out of what you got. A&M has a great defensive line our o-line is struggling give Austin a chance throw inside the five instead of running it every time. Just an example.

You are right. We have to fire Jeff Long, run off the GOBN who has had their hand on this thing since the 60’s and beg Bobby to come back. So you are right. There will be NO easy fix. It starts with a boycott. This is an inferior product for a four year tenured coach. Quarterback play was good. Secondary improved but they still found a way to make costly mistakes. Special teams were lousy as usual. And the play calling in the redzone was conservative and predictable. How many times in a row did we call the QB sneak ? Twice in a row ? I thought Berts strength was power running football ? Our problems start at the VERY TOP. With the wealthy good old boys who have been running this things since the 60’s. BOYCOTT AND CLEAN HOUSE.

I disagree. When Bielema got hired, all you heard was he was just going to run, run, run and call it a day. We are a much more balanced team that we’ve been in a while. I believe he is running the defense to it’s talents. We did pretty well most of the game till the 4th.

We aren’t even close to being as good as we were under Bobby. In fact we were better year two under Bobby than we are year four under Bert. BOYCOTT time to clean house. The fans were promised change and then given the same crap we got under Nutt. TRUE HOG FANS MUST BOYCOTT.

Who would you replace Bret with?

If I were the AD first thing I would do is tell the GOBN to get lost. And remind them that my loyalty is to the fan base not to their purse strings. (Jeff Long) cough cough.

Then I would offer Bobby Petrino whatever it took including a very public apology from the University for failing to stand behind him when he needed his boss and friends to do just that. If he wouldn’t come back then I’d be looking at Tom Herman and I might consider the guy at WKU. But our hands are going to be tied. NOBODY in their right mind would want to work for Jeff Long. The guy who will throw you under the bus the first mistake you make. Regardless of how well you are doing your job… We have to fire Jeff.

Hire Chris Klieman from North Dakota State. Look him up…He’d bring NDSU to Fayetteville and beat CBB any day of the week…Book it!!! #WPS

Let’s see… 3-1 with the loss to a top 10 team at a neutral site, currently ranked #20, offense is replacing 2 NFL running backs, last yrs QBR leader in college, 3 OL and an all American TE, yet offense appears on its way to being potent and diversified. Defense has issues to address but seem more talented and deep than I can remember. How in the world does this back drop set the stage for discussions about who our next head coach should be??? I call that a$$y9, a$$y10 and a$$y11 all rolled into one. Get a grip…

I was wondering that myself. I truly don’t understand the 2-3 “fans” who can’t get passed Petrino or that he fired himself by what he did.

I’m tired of hearing about Petrino! The SEC of today is different than it was 5-6 years ago. The SEC West is much tougher today than it was when a Petrino was here.

Replacing Bielema is also not the answer because starting all over again is not an option for a school like Ark. We just need to recruit better linemen but as much as Bielema has shown how much he covets them they are not responding his call to join the program! Now Coach will naturally spin that everything is fine as he should but we all can see our OL is a problem.

Correct - that todays SEC is much tougher than 5-6 years ago.

Incorrect - that linemen aren’t responding to his call to come here - we have a pretty good D-Line now,
Oline are all 4*'s + including most reserves and more good linemen on the way. Maybe some haven’t developed as quickly as we hoped.

Agreed bro!

Double that! We are one-third of the way into the season. Let’s let it play out before panicking.

Which game do we play to our talent level?? The La Tech? Or TAMU at #10? We have fine talent. CBB has recruited them all. Oh but our best WR… he was here before. CBB has been touted as recruiting guru and OL recruiting guru… I mean we had…“Coach Sam” for 3 years who was a great recruiter and the best OL coach in the world. (Just ask Georgia) You think …Next year with be the year?

Idiotic, moronic post!

BTW, How is Sam doing over there. Chubb and RWIII are neck and neck in rushing yards. Even though Chubb only got 80 against St. Nicolas St. A few sacks and QB hits. Ole Miss got him, but he is just a freshmen right?

We passed 42 times for 371 yards. We passed a couple of times inside the 5, and they were called for pass interference. We passed another time inside the 5 for an incomplete pass when AA got hurt. We should be able to get one yard in 10 plays even if it’s just running up the middle. One would think we could win one yard 10 to 15 percent of the time even if they know what we’re going to run. The O line was getting physically beaten every play on the goal line. The players just aren’t good enough. I think all coaches at the highest levels are good and work to get everything out of the players they have. The difference then is the talent of the players.

If the difference is the talent of the players then how come Miles just got fired? He gets the best every year.

Miles won a NC, so if it’s the coaching, did he just forget how to coach? I think it’s like with Mack Brown at Texas. He also won NC but started losing when he didn’t have the same level of qb play. The same things with Malzahn now. He’s not winning nearly like he did with lesser qbs. NC winning coaches lose when they get different players. That tells me it’s pretty much all about the players. Particularly the qb.

Well Miles won the NC with Saban’s team and when is Saban gonna start losing with the different players he has every two years? Hey I’ll take 4 and 5* players all day, but that ain’t happening with us. Hard to believe with all the talent LSU and Aub get they can’t get a QB. Especialy Malzan considering the offensive genius he is supposed to be.