Moving Forward

What do we as fans think needs to happen to get our basketball team back on track? No smartalic answers please.

MA had a press conference today and vowed that the low energy performances we’ve seen will stop Saturday. We as fans need to hold him to that promise.

First thing I want to see is hard nosed, blue collar effort being shown. I watched Gafford on offense and defense last night and thought that wasn’t the same player the first 12 games I saw. He never fought for rebounds and was letting players go by him. I don’t mean to single him out, but it’s just a symptom of what we’ve seen the last two games.

Second, Anderson needs to fix the starting rotation if he’s wanting to pick up the defense. Our guards are ok at defending the last few games, but where the major break downs happen is the 4 and 5 spot getting pulled away from the basket and our guards having to fill the gap leaving players wide open. He started Bailey, but if you want just a hammer down player on defense to help Gafford, Anderson needs to start Cook. He’s not a scoring threat but he’s a blue collar defender and rebounder we need to help Gafford down low. Also, we need to switch defenses more often than we do. Teams are picking us apart because they are adjusting and we aren’t compensating. We need other teams to consistently have to change what their doing, not us waiting till disaster strikes to make the change.

Finally, the bench has GOT to step up. It’s nice to see Thompson the last two games get more involved. Bailey and Hall are fighting their hearts out. Jones, we need him in a big way! I really don’t know what’s happen, but since Christmas it seems like Santa took away his shot instead of giving him something. Our bench, which was our strength in the out of conference has now become in some spots a liability. Our starters go out and the offense/defense stops.

We need to get that fight back into our spirit. I don’t know what it’s got to take but we need that fighting spirit back.

Not a smartalec (spelling?) answer but I truly believe Anderson needs to go. Constantly out coached.

Completely agree

Prove it. I’m not trying to start an argument but I’d like for you to back up that claim. And no, saying he lost a game doesn’t count. I want scheme/philosophy/coaching attitudes that prove your point.

Get ready guys because “The General” is about to attack your lack of knowledge about the sport and tell you to site specific examples when Coach was outcoached during his tenure.
That’s how General operates and I believe that’s probably why his post has not gotten hardly any response.
Nobody likes a no-it-all plane and simple, so his opinion is becoming irrelevant to most Hog fans that have a differing opinion or just want to vent which is fine to do.
My suggestion to the both of you is to just ignore the General because he isn’t interested in your opinions mainly due to his self identified mastery of the game that he has spent much time studying.
Trust me, this guy is a NOB!

Go Hogs!

Completely agree

The only thing one needs to know is the truth. Anderson recruited these players, he coaches these players daily and plans the game strategies. Coach B was only given 5 seasons to find 44 kids with only 3 true recruiting periods due to the mess, but for whatever reason Mr. Anderson can’t find 5 kids to play hard after 7-8 years???

Man I must have really bruised your ego really well for you keep making posts like this.

I didn’t realize asking someone to back up their claim was so out of the question.

You must have been a gem as a student. That know it all teacher asking you to submit proof of your knowledge/claims must of triggered you something fierce.

And I’m also glad that you speak for the whole forum, including my view of others opinions. What would we all do without you?

To be fair, Anderson has also not had a losing season, had more success, and recruited better than Bielema. But I will agree, if what happened at LSU continues to happen, then Anderson needs to answer for it. Not being fired, but a lot of fans have sold out and continue to sell out these games for the first time in a few years. We expect the “fastest 40” in terms of effort and we haven’t seen that the last two games.

Keep talking to yourself, as you can clearly read my advice was spot on with your response to these two posters.
Enjoy what is about to become a lonely existence for you on the forum, no one wants to hear from you anymore, until you get over yourself.
And no, you didn’t and can’t hurt me because I have learned to place zero importance to your thoughts!

Go Hogs!

Obviously I did something for you to keep replying the way you do.

Look, you wanna talk sports, lets talk. That’s what this forum is for. If you or anyone else can’t take an honest discussion about Razorback sports, then that’s you’re problem not mine.

You see, the problem with you is that having an honest discussion with you isn’t possible because in your opinion you have the only opinion that counts.
Sorry, not interested.

I’m trying to end this dialogue with you, but you will respond because your a person that thinks he must have the last word, we all know people like you. You just can’t seem to get away from them!

Go Hogs!

I keep replying because you’re not being honest. Yes, when it comes to discussing basketball, I’m very brazen. But I do enjoy reading others opinions, especially if they disagree with me because it makes me think and look up more information. You can see there are plenty of posts over the last few days of people disagreeing with me or posting opinions where I said nothing. And when it comes to having the last word with you, you can simply go back to forum and I can see at least two topics where you and I spoke where you did have the last word. So again, YOU are the one with the problem, not me. So stop lying about me and talk sports.

Back on topic, General. In my honest opinion, I believe CMA needs to send a loud and clear message. I know people won’t like it, but if I was him, I’d show the team this Sat, that they are a team and not individuals. Barford and Macon would be benched and not play. Beard and Gafford would be bench players with minimal time in the game (to give others rest). I’d let the other guys play and try to find a rhythm with each other. I think the other four can come in and add to that rhythm, instead of being the rhythm and everyone else trying to add to. JMHO

You may very well be right and I’m open to that possibility. Anderson knows these young men better than we do, so I hope he has a plan of action to get these men fired up. And I agree completely, that the message needs to be loud and clear, not only to the players but to the state as well.

I should edit my response, Barford, Macon, Beard, and Gafford would be on the pine for THIS game only. Just to send a message, not saying they shouldn’t play anymore. Not aiming this at you General, but I know someone will think I mean don’t let those four play anymore. I think we can afford one more loss to a tourney team (and yes Missery is considered a tourney team), while allowing our bench to improve and learn how to be a team.

I’m open to the possibility if it gets the message across.

I disagree. I certainly see your point and do partially agree. Maybe he shouldn’t start them and should limit their minutes, but when you’re in the midst of a three-game losing streak, you’ve got to have the best players on the floor, especially at home.

I wouldn’t be completely against that idea, I’m just afraid if CMA let’s these four guys be “the first off the bench” that they would probably not come back out, except to rest. I don’t think the other guys can find their rhythm if those guys are playing. I’m kind of looking at the 15-16 team, I personally (and some on this board agrees) believe that was his BEST coaching performance, he got the most out of those guys, but how would they have fared if Portis and Qualls did return and had the ball the majority of the time (ex: Moses, how much would he have improved that year if Bobby was playing?).

I understand your point about getting the bench going, but they have to do that in their roles. I think they need some increased time. CMA can’t keep playing Barford and Macon 35-plus minutes a game. They will wear down, if they haven’t already. So, I’m all for getting the bench more time and maybe they can establish a rhythm together, but we cannot afford to lose a fourth game (and second SEC game at home). Of course, it all just hinges on how the game is going as well.