MA needs to go after JUCO's like Nick Marshall, Antun Maricevic, and Ivan Aurrecoechea

I doubt Gafford will be drafted in the 1st round after today, he’s a 3-4 yr project in the NBA, but either way, enough is enough. Get someone who can coach big men, and get some big men, or quit!!!

We should keep Mikey, he’s done a great job for us, we made the second weekend once in 7 years

Portis, Kingsley, and Gafford are all men who are/were very good big men for us. Everybody and their dog talked about the progress of Gafford. So, I don’t see your point having any merit.

Once again, we didn’t make the second game. Go ahead and keep defending that.

This was the first time, but let your ignorance lead you like always.

It’s nice to see the trolls back! Maybe folks need a little humility. In any game someone is going to get beat. Get off MA’s back and crawl under a rock! The hogs are in better shape than they have been in 25 years. We have a talented class coming in and that talent is rated higher than the ones leaving.
Theres no reason to bash the players that are leaving. Let it go. It’s baseball season and I’ll be looking forward to seeing the incoming class take the court.

One and done. Get used to it. Some years we won’t even get the one.

Gafford was good at the end of the yr, Kingsley started off slow, and had a decent JR and SR yr, and Portis was obviously a solid player. (((I’m talking about Rebounding numbskull)) I’m talking about a 2-3 person rotation in the POST, that they have to cover at the 10 ft range, and the POST. That rebounding isn’t a figment of my imagination, it’s a continual problem. I was mad earlier, and said some things I didn’t mean, i like mike, and think he’s a good coach, but he’s not succeeding on the glass, whether you choose to admit it or not, may be the problem.

You didn’t say just rebounding, so you can knock off the insults. And all you proved by you comments on our bigs was that they DID progress with Anderson and his staff. And Portis solid? SEC player of the year and first round draft pick is more than solid.

I didn’t say that scoring is important, and basketball is played indoors either, because it kind of speaks for its self. We barely beat Wofford with BP, after being out rebounded, and we did lose to NC after being out rebounded with BP. And last yr we were dominated by Seton Hall on the glass, and managed to win, and were dominated by NC on the glass and our luck ran out.

Dude, the bottom line is this, if you can’t see a consistent problem with rebounding, then your rose colored glasses are cracked. And yes, to speak the obvious, part of the development of big men, is the development of rebounding.

MA just needs to go sit in the stands with NR and watch the games and talk about the good old days!!! The rest of the staff just needs to go.

Here’s my take.
NCAA D-1 programs that aren’t named Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, Michigan St. and North Carolina need to be able to build teams with players that will be tough, smart and relentless in order to compete and beat the blue bloods that constantly get multiple lottery pick players year after year.
You have to look at programs like Villanova, Xavier, Cincinnati or West Virginia (pressure defensive team), none of which are landing spots for one and done players, yet they are continually Nationally prominent come NCAA Tournament time.
Arkansas needs much more toughness, or as UNLV legend Larry Johnson told Nolan “ coach you better go get yourself some men”.
We are simply not deep enough with toughness at the Power Forward/Center positions and have not been during Coach Anderson’s tenure as Head Coach.
Until our recruitment and signing addresses that glaring weakness we will only have the type of success that we have had the past four years.

Go Hogs!

Juco’s are a quick fix sometimes, they come in and most of the time only have two years to make a impact. If you can’t recruit the type you need from high school and have most of them for 3&4 years your probably not going to be as successful as you would hope. I’m just not sold on the Juco route, look at where we are today as we just lost 4 Juco’s that’s including DT and we lost in the first round of tournament. I’m sure someone will correct me with a bunch of # to show that Juco’s make a huge impact on getting to the final four but I don’t believe that’s the case. CBB,CMA ,CCM and CMN for our women’s team have dove into the deep end trying to get a quick fix and keep the wolves away from the door,it didn’t work for CBB and the rest is yet to be determined. I’d rather bite the bullet get them from high school coach them up and build depth on the bench,it’s difficult to teach a system in two years where as you can redshirt a freshman and have him for five years. Just my opinion, but with the departure of our seniors and possibly DG we have a very tough row to hoe next season not because of talent but the learning curve ahead for these young men. WPS

JUCO’s are hit and miss. The only reason we had to go JUCO was we lost a lot of players unexpectedly a couple of years ago and needed to fill the gap. Luckily, two were very good for us. Looking back at Arkansas’ only championship team, I think we had 3 JUCOs who played major roles in winning the title.

Yes it is hit or miss, once you have a team with three starters from the Juco’s it becomes a pattern that’s hard to get away from it seems. We have had success on the recruiting trail with top twenty classes yet we find ourselves talking about getting more Juco’s, when CBB did it one of our sports writer posted it was a sign of desperation and it appears to be the same way now with CMA if indeed this is what happens, Good morning General, WPS

Who’s talking about getting more JUCO’s? We’ve got a full class as of right now. The only reason we might need to go JUCO at this point is if Gafford leaves or another player transfers.

Wasn’t Cook a Top 5 JUCO? How did that work out? What about transfers? Kouassi, Thomas. How’d they work out.

Hmmmm…let’s grab JUCO’s and pray they work. If Gafford bolts, I’d rather get a SR transfer. Reason is Moody, Moore, and Doakes. Right now we have 2 scholarships for those three. I want Gafford back for next year, so we have at least one proven guy, but I don’t think he stays three, so if he does the Portis route, it would give us the third scholarship.

Jucos don’t bother me and they’re needed from time to time. What worries me most is length. I know we have a 6-7, 6-8 and 6-9 on the way but if DG goes and the loss of Thompson we are going to be really small with a 6-9 freshman being our tallest. Couple that with poor rebounding due to either style of play or lack of rebounding fundamentals being taught and we have a team quite vulnerable to paint pounding. With no inside game that puts us right back into relying on the three which doesn’t work so well when defenses lock down our guards. I just want the option of an inside game to keep us from being one dimensional. I know Hall plays big and crashes the boards well. We need more players with his defensive intensity.

Heck yes lets see if we can get Louisville ole coach he can cheat and win and then deny it like crazy but heck at least we will win games that’s all we care about anyway. It will take at least 10 years for NCAA to catch us and we all won’t care by then. We don’t need a guy like MA that is honest and actually makes Arkansas look good because people know he is a great coach we need guys like started this subject they know it all know how to win Lol yea it probably the same guy you started the one on getting rid of Van Horn lol if you guys could knew your butt from hole in ground you probably be doing something else than showing your head is up your butts

Pretty good first post, and you’re correct