MA Firing

Of course, I’m disappointed but not totally unexpected. Maybe we’ll find the next Chad Morris. I sense a player exodus coming. Be prepared for Pelphrey-like numbers for the next few years at least.

Are you serious? You actually think it’ll get worse now that Mike’s gone? C’mon now. You’re making too much sense

ESPN is reporting Sampson is a candidate. Ok, maybe, if he is really through cheating. We certainly don’t need that.

I’m not here to defend Sampson but would someone please tell me what he did to get in trouble with NCAA?

Sampson 30 years as D1 HC. Mike 17.
Sampson 15 NCAAT (50%), Mike 9 (53%)
Sampson .655 win %, Mike .649
Sampson 4 conference championships, Mike 2
Sampson 5 trips to 2nd weekend of tourney, Mike 2
Sampson 5 losing seasons, Mike 0

If we fired Mike for Sampson, it confirms my fears that HY isn’t in charge, the good ole boys are

He made phone calls at a time he wasn’t supposed to, by the way what he did is now legal, but OU did have to vacate a season in which they won the B12 title

I think this is one year too soon. The team’s performance in the NIT and at other times through the season suggest that Anderson may have had a really good team next year, even without Gafford. If it fizzled, then…

It will be sad if we lose a lot of the current crop of young, talented players.

I agree and I expect it

Hasty decision. Anderson deserves better. Hope Hunter doesn’t bring any more Texans to the picnic. It’s fast becoming University of Anywhere.

I have been a University of Arkansas Athletics supporter for 75 years. Although I may have been a little young at the beginning (~6 when we first moved to Arkansas), I stamp this as the most colossally moronic decision by UA powers that be in my memory (and there have been many). This blows up in one fell swoop one of the most promising classes and the allegiance of the players during the era of our only National Championship, accounting for many if not most of those banners flying in the lofts of the Bud.

This smacks of a ______ _______ too big for his __________ out to cause mayhem.

Adios mis amigos y amigas…

OK, I may not be able to rein in all my support – maybe Track and Women’s sports for now…

I am so disappointed!


Not sure how this is moronic. Mike isn’t getting it done, period. It’s been 8 years. You really think if he’s given 2-3 more years, he goes from average SEC performance to elite? We’re losing Gafford, probably have more kids transfer out and we have only 1 recruit coming in, that isn’t even a Top 300 player.
We’re getting worse not better in years 8 and 9. Just because some of the kids are Sophmores doesnt change the fact Auburn, LSU, Tenn, South Carolina, etc have all had way better success than us lately and are surpassing us as a program. Very sad.
We can do a lot better than Mike A. Mike doesn’t run plays, can’t recruit very well and hasn’t taken us to one Sweet 16 in 8 years. Freaking Chris Beard takes over a below mediocre TT team and in 3 years has 2 Sweet 16 appearances, a chance for 2 Elite 8 appearances. Smh.
If anyone wants to keep Mike at this point, your the dude who just cares to be average.

Mike left a potential NC team at Missouri to come to this dumpster fire (which Frank Haith promptly lost in the first round to a 15th seed). College basketball has changed. We had our run with Eddie and Nolan in a weak SWC, and now it will be like football; when you get the right group of guys on the Hill at the same time, you’ll have a chance that season. Otherwise, we’ll likely not be able to consistently compete with the bigger states (Florida, Tennessee, etc) or the more established programs (Kentucky, Duke, UNC, etc.). That’s the part of “fan expectations” that is totally unrealistic. Thank you Mike for getting us out of the dumpster fire. Yurachek better deliver on this. I’m not impressed so far.

I am inclined to agree that Mike Anderson deserved another year but I am not surprised by this. I totally agree that our AD better have an A list of candidates and not some “flavor of the month” type coach waiting in the wings. Stan Heath (another good man) was a “flavor of the month” guy when he got hired but did not possess the charisma or savvy to recruit effectively or coach well enough to get the job done. John Pelphrey was a C list guy we had to go to after Dana Altman showed up and then left. Having played for Kentucky, Pelphrey had some institutional knowledge of how a “blue blood” program functioned. But he was completely inept. Mike Anderson was a good choice and, in my view, bled Razorback red and cleaned up a large mess left by Pelphrey’s incompetence. But he wasn’t near the coach that he had to be at UAB and Missouri because he (like Bielema) felt that he arrived and could live a protected life in Jeff Long’s bubble. Unfortunately, like Bielema, he never became the coach he was elsewhere.

So, if Hunter Yuracek wants to move the needle, he better have a real compelling name in the wings. While Chris Beard has done a great job at Texas Tech, I am not overly excited by his accomplishments thus far. He needs more seasoning in the form of showing consistency over a larger body of work where he demonstrates he can recruit 4 and 5 stars to Lubbock Texas . Kelvin Sampson has some baggage that (rightly or wrongly) could drag him down but he knows the game well. The problem is: does he want to recruit to Fayetteville as opposed to Houston where he can fill out his roster with mostly guys that grew up three hours or less from campus?

My super A list would be in no certain order: A.) Billy Donovan, B.) Jay Wright and C.) Brad Stevens. If Yuracek could land any one of those three, I would proclaim Hunter Yuracek for Sainthood. Needless to say, I am not holding my breath.

I just hope Yuracek understands that firing Mike Anderson was the easy part. Now comes the time where he really earns his money.

I’m a Celtics fan. Sorry, you can’t have Brad Stevens.

HY should have had a plan before he fired CMA. If not it’s his rear end that will be on the smoking hot seat! We endured the Stan Heath and John Pitiful years. So if it starts being a repeat of that era he might as well rent a moving truck and pack!

From the article that started this:

[size=150]Arkansas was one of the most successful Southeastern Conference programs during Anderson’s tenure; over the past five seasons, only Kentucky had more overall or league wins than the Razorbacks. Anderson’s teams were 120-68 overall and 53-39 against conference opponents since the beginning of the 2014-15 season, and twice finished runner-up to Kentucky at the SEC Tournament.[/size]

I don’t think that’s average. I assume by elite you mean compete with Kentucky every year, like we did when the Hogs first entered the SEC, with Anderson on the bench. I don’t think that will happen with the next coach and the next coach won’t bleed Razorback Red like Mike.


MA had 8 seasons. He obviously didn’t reach the plateau expected of him by The Powers That Be.

I have nothing unflattering or unkind to say about MA; - - but I can imagine that there was a philosophical decision made - after 8 seasons - by those above-mentioned Powers That Be - that The University Of Arkansas could just as well fail to win national honors with a NEW FACE fronting the program, - - as with a continuation of the same face that has fronted the program for 8 consecutive years (and no cigar).

I was delighted when MA was hired and I can understand how difficult his first 2 or 3 years would be. However, the firing of MA is long overdue. Whatever the reasons be they outdated coaching, poor recruiting, or inadequate assistants, MA record at Arkansas is not adequate to satisfy the fans and the administration expectations.

Nevertheless, if MA wishes to continue coaching, I believe he would be the top choice for many of the open coaching positions.

A change was made

And MA’s gone

There’s a new course laid

So let’s move on

Shoulda’s, coulda’s and “woulda’s” are moot

They won’t get us anywhere

The bid has been made to upgrade our repute

After all of the wear and tear

MA was let go. WE should try to let it go, - - - and move on.

I agree with you!