LSU Game

Once again, we come out flat as a pancake

Once again, here you are when something bad happens. Please troll elsewhere.

Nobody is looking to rebound.

Gafford not getting the ball

Awful start

Jones air ball

We’re settling. Attack the basket. At this point, we’re playing to not be down by double digits at half.

We need a 20 point run here

Nice to see the team fired up and excited to be playing at home

Shots will start falling.

Not giving up yet. This team will fight

Agreed. We are getting open looks, but we need to attack the rim. LSU is begging for it and now Anderson has the refs in the pocket at the moment, so use it.

I swear, the one of home game I can’t go to and this happens. LOL.

We just can’t buy a basket. We’re getting open looks and just can’t hit them.

We are just giving this game away. If they’re going to play like this, they just need to forfeit, and that’s pitiful.

Wow, down by 22 in the first half. Guess we’re still settling in…

Doe not make sense for sure.

5 for 29 at home

Seriously, all we have to do is just stay in front of LSU, their whole offense is drives and kick outs. We take that away and they have no game.

I wonder how long it’s been since we scored less than 22 points in the first half of a home game?

LSU isn’t playing that good, we are just playing that bad!

CMA should have called an early timeout before they made the big run. I could not believe he just sat there and watched. I would send a message to my starters by starting the walkons and manger in the second half. They say you play like you practice. ???
Maybe someone will wake up and hire a coach before the bb gets as bad a the fb. Once the ticket sales take a nose and they will if this continues, something will be done about it.

If this continues yes, but there’s still plenty of game to play and season to play. But I agree, this is embarrassing.

Boys are playing better and getting stops. Need to calm down and get on a run. We can do it!

The type of ball we play you get get blowed out on any night, but the type we play you can come back from big deficits. MA can coach but I have never believed he can win consistently these days when you can’t put a hand on someone while playing D. WPS

Anderson made a mistake pulling Barford, Gafford, and Cook. yes, Barford is in a little foul trouble, but he was the one getting us a decent run with Gafford. Big mistake.