LSU Game

I had to turn it off!!! You people that believe this is a good team are very wrong. They will finish in the bottom 3 of the SEC with no post season play. They don’t know how to play defense or offense. They are capable of playing a good game once in a while against a good team but not that often. The problem starts at the top, CMA must go along with the entire staff. Hogs need to completely start over.

Sorry effort from those 3 seniors. The strength of this team is there # 1 weakness. The 3 seniors did not lead and have not lead! Play the underclass men and sit them on the bench let them watch.

What a humiliating performance at BWA on the heels of last weeks road losses.
They are digging themselves into a huge hole if something doesn’t change, I don’t know if they will be able to get out.
Great home crowd and this is how this team rewards them, pitiful!
Long season still to play, but if they don’t play with more intensity than they did tonight then they will be watching the NCAA Tourney just like the rest of us.
Our defense was non existent for most of the game and we just aren’t able to make in game adjustments when things aren’t going our way.
We’re a one trick pony and when it’s not going our way we lose and it’s just as simple as that right now.
We are looking at double digit losses at this point when you look at the remainder of the schedule, it’s just a matter if it’s only ten or does it swell to 11,12 or 13.
This team could end up being a major disappointment.
Coaching staff doesn’t seem to have the ability to make in game adjustments.

When does the Baseball season begin?

Go Hogs!