Long enough

It took a while for a lot of people out there in the internet lands to come around to the fact the Bert is a pile of trash. Glad that many realize he can’t coach this team above 7-5 or 6-6 in the regular season. If you look at the games they ‘lucked’ out and won this year, then this team could just as easily be 4-8 or 3-9. Bert’s comments tell a lot about his state of mind, in regards to coaching. He knows his buyout is large and no one is going to touch him YET. The money will have to dry up for that to happen and that won’t happen until they start losing in that bright and shiny new stadium. When it does, change will be swift and include getting rid of Jeff as well. Bert doesn’t seem to be willing to admit he is wrong and adapt. He never takes blame and seems only willing to place blame on his players. Jeff gave the farm away when he elected to pay him all that money to lose, Bert knows it and will laugh all the way to the bank as the Hogs lose. His caring is tenuous and fading as he realizes more and more how much he sucks.

I also notice just what you allude to. Bielema never publicly takes any blame for losses big or small, he also is never the least bit apologetic to this fan base. The people that buy the tickets and make possible his huge salary. That is all in direct contrast to many Razorback head football coaches I remember of the past.

I think it possibly points to an underlying arrogance with this dude as a man. Let me say this, anybody that thinks they know a public figure by the personna or personality character nuances they exhibit in their brief moments in front of a camera is only fooling themselves. These people guard their true attitudes and thought inclinations very carefully when it is in their best interest of prospering monetarily. A lot of them get a kick out of it, like having their cake and eating it too. It makes them feel grandiose & smarter than thou.

To be sure I think some changes MUST be made. The DC has got to go. I think that will come later. The offense is good-AA will be a better QB next year and the OL will also have gained valuable experience in spite of losing two main starters. The secondary must be overhauled with more speed and tenacity/desire to dominate. All that is in CBB’s lap. Now we’ll wait and see both in the bowl game and in the changes on defense. HOGS YA’LL.

Just not true in never taking blame. I will find you quotes on Sunday disproving that, but I am covering a basketball tournament now.

Give me the video link showing Bielema accepting personal blame or even saying my bad. I have never seen him do nothing but refer to evaluations of players or assistants as being necessary and thereby insinuating blame on their part.

Of all these men on this board you seem to center on my posts as being contrary to fact. Good to know you think everybody else here is 100% factually correct and I am the only foul-up. Anyhow my posts have been more accurate with regards to accurately predicting the future course of this program than yours have been lately on this board.

I agree with most of what was said above, there is definitely an arrogance about this guy that’s unappealing. I would fire him, and take my chances with a High School coach, before I would continue to let this man’s lack of character destroy the program. That’s basically what Mizzou did, and they looked a lot more enthusiastic than our coach did yesterday. The thing is this though, no one likes the guy, he’s more unpopular than Aids around this entire country. He has to keep the worst defensive coach I’ve ever seen in my life, because no one else will work for him. And everyone who has, quickly moves on. I feel bad for the recruits, this guy isn’t going to be here for 4 more yrs, he will be lucky to be here in two more yrs, because the fans aren’t going to tolerate a defense that looked like that, I mean get serious…LOL…

I’ll take an arrogant Coach any day, just look at Saban and Harbaugh.

To say that CBB doesn’t shoulder any of the blame or doesn’t care so much about winning, I guess you missed the presser after that 14-13 loss to Bama a couple of years back. Or I guess you think that was all show. If it was well then CBB missed his calling and should be in Hollywood making more money there if it was all about that.

I do think he needs to back off of his loyalties and find a good DC and do it now.

Did you miss the shot of the Missouri coach right before halftime firing up his players like a maniacal possessed lunatic? I heard he gave a more heated talk to his team at halftime. Did you notice the swagger & demonstrative actions of the Missouri players in the second half as they literally manhandled our Razorbacks? The Missouri coach was then laughing and celebrating with his players while Bielema was sadly whining about one of his defensive lineman touching the football in a costly offsides.

That Missouri coach showed more fiery emotion in that one game than Bielema has in his whole college coaching career. Bielema was in his element up north with culturally similar assistants and even a lot of the athletes. The SEC is a culturally different mean spirited animal. Bielema for whatever reasons, arrogance or just stubborn stupidity, shows a severe resistance to any change. That resistance to change is going to be his downfall here as surely as the impending sunrise.

You and Dudley can rejoice about him being a nice dude as he goes out the door.

I noticed you are an expert on underlying personas as well, must have a degree for that, I can admit I am not I suppose, I just take what I see on the surface.
Maybe we will find that maniacal possessed lunatic Coach who has the underlying persona of Cinderella and win the SECW.

Oh by the way that maniacal, possessed lunatic at Mizzu won less games than we did this year, but he had a shining moment and beat us.

That Missouri coach won two more SEC games in his first year in the SEC than Bielema did in his first year. Bielema won one more SEC game in his fourth year in the SEC than that Missouri coach did in his first year. Could you see that on the surface without a degree? We do need a new coach though with some spunk, you got that part right.

That’s why I referenced “this year”, no degree required there.

Some people are just very easily pleased. Bielema is surely proud of you.

War, you know my feelings towards Bert, but Dudley is correct. He took blame for Toledo last year, I know for a fact. I’m sure he’s had one or two more my faults added in.

I have not watched every presser Bielema made here. If I was wrong to say he “never” took blame, so be it. However the general attitude of Bielema is to blame others. The QB, a DL mistake and even his assistants, he has done that all this season. That would be fine, but most head coaches predicate those type inner team criticisms with, I take full blame for that. Bielema never does that. I have heard coaches in pressers on the radio long before computers existed. I know this coach is not normal in quickly acknowledging blame as most coaches do. I don’t know why that is? I hit on a possibility but Bielema just being a nice dude is ingrained with some here. They think they really know him. LOL

Most coaches do that, (by the way he did it at Wisconsin, even blamed Alvarez). I don’t disagree that people thinking he is “a nice guy” may be clouding judgement of many. At the end of the day, these losses were 100% his fault (whether bad recruiting, or a lack of coaching, I believe a combination of both). He must improve. I don’t think he will, and I think Long screwed up on his and CMA’s extensions. Another 7-5 season next year, should send him packing (it probably won’t) and CMA not making the tourney this year (I expect NIT) should send him away as well. However, until all the “upgrade” of facilities are made, I don’t think Long can fire them. The buyouts would take money away from the expansion. JMO

I didn’t say I was pleased either with this years outcome. Actually I haven’t been thoroughly pleased with Razorback football in a long, long time. Not even BP and his 23-5 record, but couldn’t beat anybody that was ranked and got smoked by ranked SEC teams always. Ooops he did beat highly ranked LSU last game of the season once on the last play.

HDN got us to the SECC game, but a muffed punt return blew that for me, and before that a good QB laid the ball on the turf or we would have beat number 1 Tenn, letting my sails out that year.

Seen Lou Holts blow some big SWC games, but also seen him kick OU’s a… in their heyday.

Game of the Century in 1969 against TX was my 1st big depressing loss that I can recall at young age. Seen what that did to a lot of people wow!

Basically what I’m saying is I roll with Razorbacks through it all. Was a good athlete myself and get a kick out of you wanna be experts here who have all the answers.

Never met CBB, but if he is proud of me I will roll with that too.

I wont be pleased till we win another NC!!!

I agree with most all that. I don’t see improvement either, I think the chronic problems with Bielema even rule out the possibility of a fluke 10 win season. No way on earth he can ever better a 10 win season in the SEC. I also think we have him two more years no matter what. Contracts and the construction you note. All that is why he is not appropriately contrite. This fan base will be nauseous of him by the time he leaves.

I think a high percentage of football success is forged above the shoulders. The mind is all that separates a human being from the beast of the field. You keep putting yourself ahead other people due to brawn. Just feel fortunate you never dealt with many dudes like me in your apparent long life.

HaHa but you don’t have a clue what I have dealt with in my life or what I’m capable of Dude. You might be the fortunate one in that regard.
Yes I played the game of football, was good at it as well as other sports and am a fanatic about it. I know what it takes to win personally in sports and in life. Mentally and Physically.
So you can just get on with your bad self bud.

I have never meet anything on two legs I cannot deal with. Maybe you crawl on all fours with long claws and big fangs? A terror with no rabies vaccination.