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Who knows you could be right. One thing for sure I have learned in life there is always someone out there a step above the last bad a… that was cruising around with his chest puffed out, glad you haven’t bumped into him yet.

Now you sound like my father. However I was very fond of him. So Good Day.

So let me be clear - you said that Bielema has NEVER taken any blame, but that only covers a few videos that you have watched and you thus are not sure of it now and he may have?

when I started researching the archives

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I’m just going to leave that here…

As I recall CBB put squarely half the blame on himself and the coaches for that terrible loss at Auburn. Yep, Warhog, looks like you’re wrong about CBB not looking at himself about blame. NO, the big question here is will he/when will he replace some of his defensive staff. Let see what he actually does after the bowl game since it would be foolish to say that changes are necessary before. HOGS YA’LL.

I have watched more than a few Bielema videos. Just not every one he has ever made since arriving in Fayetteville. Have you?

I have NEVER seen him shoulder any blame on himself. Show me where he has done it this year after all these horrible games played defensively? Isn’t his history in coaching on defense just as Broyles once was? Broyles believed in a strong defense above all else and his teams always mirrored his defensive philosophy. Maybe Broyles is just a supremely phenomenally better football coach than Bielema? I think that is obvious.

This coach has blamed his assistants, his QB, a DL and the whole team this year. Never himself.

Then you have the display he put on about no changes in his coaching staff the other day. I think suggesting he might be arrogant is being kind to him. I actually think he was intentionally thunbing his nose at this whole fanbase with those remarks.

People as you will jump at the chance to defend Bielema as a great caring dude. Have you ever heard of the expression of being two-faced? Does that term boggle your mind? You give me four million dollars. I will change my moniker to Sweetie Pie, and become the kindest soul on this board by a mile. Bring a TV camera to my home, kindness towards humanity will flow as long as you point the camera at me. It is no sweat for someone with much sense. You don’t know Bielema. LOL

Then yes - I have been at every PC or watched video.

On Monday

I tried to pick out some from his worst losses here:

After Toledo - 2015:

“There is plenty of blame to go around and it starts with me,” Bielema said. “I did not have our team ready to play and that’s always on the head coach.”

After Texas Tech - 2015:

“I wish I could say something to make everybody feel better – our fans, our players,” Bielema said. "We’re just not at the point yet where we can not play a perfect game and win.

“…I have to do a better job. We all can do things better. I know I can and I apologize to our fans for not getting it done. We will get back to work and be better. I know this unacceptable.”

After Texas A&M - 2016

“We have got to be more physically and mentally tough,” Bielema said. “That starts with the head coach. That’s on me.”

After Alabama - 2016

“We can not be satisfied with this,” Bielema said. “I know I’m not, I know our players and coaches are not, I know our fans or not. It is my job to make sure we get to the point we need to be. It’s all on me.”

After Auburn 2016:

“Tomorrow will be a long day, but it’s got to happen,” Bielema said. “Our guys - starting with me as a head coach - and our assistants have to do a lot better job of putting our guys in position to have success. If we can’t then executed when we call them, then we have to make changes.”

You really can’t compare an SECe team’s conference record with an SECw team’s conference record. If Odom had been coaching in the SECw for the past 2 seasons, I think his record would have probably been more in lined with Bielema’s first two seasons. Especially given that in Bielema’s first two seasons, there were no weak links in the west.

Odom got a win over an SEC West team his first year. Something Bielema did not do. That has nothing to do with the SEC East. Bielema gave Arkansas their first winless conference season in over 75 years. Odom did not do that to Missouri.

Did he just say all this stuff personally to you? I am going to have to see links on this to acknowledge it further in any way.

Good grief. Do you have to argue with everybody? Just accept it and move on.

Oh for crying out loud. Just give it up. Neither Clay, nor Dudley, nor any of the reporters on this board make up stories. It is one thing to ask an ordinary board member to provide documentation, but it is quite another to ask Dudley.

You sure like to attempt to pick arguments with me. Follow your own advice. Go back to HA’s board.

“You sure like to attempt to pick arguments with me. Follow your own advice. Go back to HA’s board.”

Just pointing out your idiotic behavior. And I’ll go where I please.

And he also didn’t face anywhere near the number of ranked opponents in his first year that Bielema faced. You are really comparing apples and bowling balls here.


But I will let some other mod decide whether you are allowed to stay around here.

I couldn’t care less who the football coach is here

You ask for examples and I gave them to you.

If somebody else wants to get you the video - which is readily available on this site - they can

But after four days of answering your questions to the best of my ability, I’m done interacting with you

But I will also pray for you that the seeming hate on your heart for anybody who disagrees with you will dissipate.

God bless.

Ban him! He went too far!

I think I can speak for all of America when I say, political correctness has gone haywire in America. Short of someone threatening violence, posting someone’s personal info…ie… address, cc#, encouraging violence or harm on them, etc… just put them on ignore, and move along.