Lol...typical Mike Anderson team

This team sucks…any if you who actually think they are more than a n.I.t. team are out of your mind

Just a brillant take.

I’ve warned fans all season not to get ahead of themselves about this team in a much better SEC than its been in a very long time.
Can’t blame the refs in this game, we are just getting housed!
Looks like the typical Coach Anderson team that can’t win much away from BWA and with the likes of UK, Missouri, A&M, OK State coming in we could have several losses at home as well.
We might be lucky to end up .500 in conference play and if we happen to lose at home to OK State we could be on the outside looking in when it’s all said and done.

Go Hogs!


CMA just can’t get it done. Maybe our new AD will correct another of Long’s mistakes.

It’s just hard to watch. There’s just a lot of bad basketball out there which makes it even more difficult to win on the road.

And if you knew anything about basketball, then you’d know how foolish and untruthful this statement is.

It amazes me how we win, and I see almost none of you. We lose, and here you are.

If you don’t know a thing about this team or Anderson, then please learn before posting some of these comments.

“Looks like the typical Coach Anderson team that can’t win much away from BWA”

Have you looked at recent history? Going back maybe the last 15 SEC road games, we have a winning record and still have plenty of opportunities to add to it. And also, until tonight, Anderson was undefeated playing at Auburn

And the beat goes on…

I would be very interested to have General, whom obviously is “The” basketball guru on the forum tell us how many road games this team will win the rest of the way.
Also, General will the Hogs win all of its remaining home games in conference?
Please enlighten all of us with more of your elite basketball knowledge.

Go Hogs!

Coach Anderson is fine man and fine coach. There may be better ones out there, but he has established a winning tradition everywhere he’s been. It’s amazing how two games cause people to jump off a 30-game bandwagon.

Man I love it, so many on here are so ready to jump on the first hint of adversity, but very slow to praise.
We have many military members or ex-members anyway on this board, is that the way we were trained that at the first
sign of difficulty we jump ship.
I too am disappointed in the outcome of the last 2 games, but I remember how proud I am when we win.
Seeing the athleticism of these young men & women here at Arkansas is very promising to me.
Will we win them all “heck no”, but let us do OUR part as fans & cheer them on. We are a TEAM right!!!
I’ll get off my soapbox now, but dang try to remember SOME of the good times.
FYI, I believe the time for criticism is at the end of the season/battle not when we are still fighting.

I think the General is CMA or a relative since he can’t see the glaring problems that have existed for most of CMA’s tenure. If you want to watch a well coached team, watch VA for one. They dismantled NC yesterday with excellent offensive plays and great defense which the Hogs have neither.

Never said I was a guru, just stating what you guys claim to be truths to be false. How many road games? We’ve got 6 left and I can see us winning at least 4 of them. We played this past week probably the two hottest SEC teams right now. The only remaining road games that might be tough are Florida(though they aren’t that great right now) and Mizzou just because it’s Mizzou. LSU might even be tough, but we should be able to win. Home games? We should win them all, especially if fans show up. UK and Auburn should be tough, but all winnable.

Nope, just a fan of the game and understand that MOST of the complaints about his tenure have essentially been squashed throughout most of tenure here. Your last statement just proves you don’t watch Razorback basketball.

Good news Razorback fans, General has stated that the Hogs should win all of its conference home games (as long as fans show up) and 4 of its final 6 road games even though we have 7 more road games.
So, mark it down the Hogs conference record should be 14-4 when all is said and done according to the General. Gosh, I know all of us feel more optimistic now that the General, who knows Coach A, this Razorback team and basketball far better than any of the rest of us has shared more of his basketball wisdom with us.
If General is including a Home victory against OK St. then the Hogs will finish the season 25-6 and based on the strength of the SEC this season and the Razorbacks RPI then no doubt they should be ranked inside the top 10-20 and probably no worse than a 3 or 5 seed in the Tourney.
That would result in an absolutely great season and I for one hope that the General is correct, but forgive me for being a bit skeptical for believing that this team will go the rest of the season and only lose 2 or 3 more games.

Go Hogs!

You’re smartalic comment is petty sir. I did miscount, my apologies there.

I don’t understand, just repeating much of the same language that you have used to disparage other forum users on their understanding of the sport as if no one but you knows anything.
I’m just taking the mask of vanity off of you and that bothers you, well too bad. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and that’s actually all they are because no one knows with any certainty how this season will turn out including yourself.
It’s fine to disagree with others opinions, but to repeatedly tell others that they must knot know the game is small and petty of you.
Time will tell how much knowledge you have as the remainder of the season unfolds and I and everyone on this forum have your predictions of 25-6 with a margin of era of plus or minus 2 ( Winning all home games and 4 maybe 5 road games ).
Good Luck!

Go Hogs!

I tell people their wrong when their wrong, I don’t mock people. And if me calling out your ignorance bothers you then to bad. Don’t say it and I won’t have to correct you. You corrected me on the amount of away games and I didn’t cry about it.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if someone posts an opinion based on false information on an open forum, their going to get called out.

The fact is a lot of people who post acting like they know what their talking about, don’t actually know what their talking about. Again, so if I call that out, I’m not going to feel sorry for it, especially if they keep repeating the same false statements.

Again, I’m no guru of basketball, but I do understand the game and study it often. My original prediction after the PK80 touney was 24-7, so I’ll stick to that and hope for better.