Lol...typical Mike Anderson team

General…You’re like most bully’s or no it all’s, when you get called out you really don’t have anything!
Go study the game now for a while longer and perhaps your 24-7 record will appear in ferry dust.
If you honestly think that the Hogs will lose only 3 more games all season then I need to have whatever it is that you’re having.
I would love to see that, but if they lose a 2 or 3 more before the Texas A&M game then I will sell my tickets and get and take a credit on my airline tickets as I live out of state and have great seats for the A&M and UK games.

Go Hogs!

If you want to watch how basketball should be played then watch UCONN’S WOMEN. They play the game the right the way and it’s because of how they are coached and what is demanded of them. It also helps they have the best players in the country, but Geno coaches it the right way and they certainly play it the right way. If you have young kids who play the game have them watch UCONN, not Hawgball.

Pot calling the kettle black my friend. I called out what you said, the majority of what you’re saying is about me personally or mocking me. So who exactly is the bully. And again, I never claimed to know it all, but if I’m wrong call me out and challenge what I said. I’m not glass and I won’t break just because I’m proven wrong.

I gave a prediction, that’s my opinion. If my opinion is wrong, then so be it.

If you’re at the A&M and Kentucky game, maybe we’ll see each other.

McHawg, the General has been studying the game of basketball evidently for quite some time now and is constantly correcting all the novice fans of the sport that have a differing opinion than his. So, I’m quite certain he has a full grasp of the type of fundamental basketball that your are referring to with the UCONN women’s team.
Running sets in the half court offense utilizing screens and moving without the basketball to create lanes and space on the floor. Pick and roll basketball, High low screen game.
Mixing up your defensive looks during the game for in game strategic reasons.
Our Hogs, if they don’t get a quick basket in transition then they struggle in the half court due to a lot of standing around with limited movement and end up with Barford, Macon or Beard trying to drive or taking a long jump shot.
Occasionally, we get the ball down low to Gafford, but not that often enough.
It’s difficult trying to beat a real solid fundamental basketball team with talent playing our style of uptempo and that’s something that the Roster of 1994 had the ability to do with the depth and versatility on that team they could compete at whatever the tempo was and this squad lacks that ability, depth and versatility of talent.
Perhaps, that magical season will never be replicated again at Arkansas, I don’t know.
Maybe the General has the answer?

Go Hogs!

Based on performance to date, this team winning 24 or 25 games this season is complete fantasy.

Oh heavens to Betsy. We may ONLY win twenty to twenty two games and only get a six or seven seed in the Tournament. Remember the not so long ago days when we were hoping for an NIT bid? Look at the Vols and Aggies. 1-2 and 0-3. Not impressive. But does anybody think they won’t fix their problems? Their players and coaches are too talented not to fix things. Do any of you think that Auburn won’t come back to Earth? Yes their blazing hot right now, but what will happen to them when their shots start to not fall? How will they respond when they hit a slump? I would rather be hot in the second part of the SEC schedule than right now. Not saying we should just dog it the first half of SEC play, but let’s remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Our players and coaches are too talented not to fix things just like the Aggies and the Vols. They will be there at the end and so will we.

Article in today’s paper has Anderson emploring his team to play better defense. This should tell us everything about Anderson. He’s a defensive coach who probably spends the majority of practice time working on his press and running his players. Little time is spent on the offensive side teaching these kids the fundamentals of running an offense because it’s foreign to our coach and it shows!

Any questions…check Lsu game

THis isn’t normal.

33.3% (2s)\t22.2% (3s)\t60.0% (FT)

Defense only caused 9 turnovers. Gave up 75 points.
If you are all about defense and pressing defense at that, you expect to score points off your defense not give up 75.

I was right behind the bench tonight. Anderson is definitely not a game coach. Unreal how he sat by and ALLOWED his players to slack off the entire first half. He has no idea how to motivate his players when they need it most, sad really. We do have some talent on this team, clearly no leadership. Bielema syndrome all over again…