Let go of the rope folks

Is there any way you can make an argument without lying?

CBB- 89-45 (12 years)
CBP- 104-39 (13 years)

BERT 89-45… Crappy record.
Bobby 62-18… Huge difference folks.

You just support a loser because you are a poser.

No he can’t. We all fall short in some of our statements, I’m guilty sometimes, but this guy takes the cake.

http://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/coa … ino-1.html

104-39. Numbers don’t lie.

Bobby’s win percentage is .727 not sure where you get your numbers or if you are including the NFL. I got mine from google.

Berts is .664 thats a HUGE difference buddy.

CBB has meet or exceeded CBP in accolades, and in less time. Not to mention CBB did so in the Big Ten and SEC. CBP got most of his accolades in Conference USA, and the “Mighty” Big East. Care to go and take a look at the level of competition of the 2 conferences at the time?

Hog’s Breath wrote:
Is there any way you can make an argument without lying?

CBB- 89-45 (12 years)
CBP- 104-39 (13 years)

Fine use your numbers… How exactly is 89-45 better than 104 -39 ? Its NOT EVEN CLOSE DUDE. POSER.

Yeah and Bert walked into what BA had established at Wisconsin. Which is a weak weak conference. Meanwhile Bobby started his own thing at Louisville. The FACT that Bobby won at LOUISVILLE is a huge deal. Bert should give BA credit for his first season. If you really think that Bert is as good as Bobby then you are beyond help and don’t know the first thing about football. Thats a fact. EIther that or you are a poser.

Speaking of Berts record. Isn’t his former offensive coordinator undefeated and ranked at Wisconsin ? Hmm he hires good assistants. And still his record doesn’t come close to BMFP… IT was a dumb dumb dumb thing to fire Petrino… The fans lost out. The posers won.


While were at it here and Jdear wants to dog Frank Broyles.
FB - 1
BP - 0

Why not hang that accolade trophy right next to your “integrity” and “time of possession trophies” for all the good they will do you. POSER.

Ok you have made it clear that you would hop on the back of that Harley with BP anytime and ride off into the sunset er uh I mean ditch.
We get it now. You are truly infatuated with the man to no end. It’s not just about coaching or football.

Ok I get it. You would love to go on a road trip with Bert. You would gladly ride in the itch seat for your boy Bert. You are so IN love with Bert that you don’t care if your team can’t beat the Aggies or Miss St at all EVER. Maybe you have a thing for portly gentlemen … I think its obvious.

Its NOT just his offense man. His special teams were special. His defense was better than anything we have seen so far out of Bert. The mans a football genius period. Not just an offensive genius. I believe the coach at WKU runs a similliar style of offense. But its more than just the offense. A guy like that is NEVER going to come to Arkansas and agree to work for a guy like Jeff. I wouldn’t work for Jeff for all the tea in China. We need to clean house on the Hill. The GOBN is clearly still in charge and Jeff is their puppet. He needs to go and so do they. And Bobby coming back is far from impossible. Louisville was smart enough to rehire him. And they are reaping the rewards. The fans need to boycott. The GOBN had ten years to win with this style. They failed. Boycott.

I will never boycott. We need to support the young men and women in all sports that play for us. As far as for Long, firing him will not get us any more victories… that up to the coaches. All it will do is make the situation much worse… no stability… that will lead to more losses in the short term… in football that will mean several years… I was at almost every game when BP was here… his defense was average at best… certainly not any better than what we have now. Yes, his special teams were better… he had special player in Joe Adams…I wish we had somebody like him… so far we don’t. CBB has improved every year so far. I still support him. In my opinion, nothing will happen until the end of the 2018 season.

Improved every year ? He started out 0-13. Just by showing up he would improve !! As far as Joe Adams goes come on man. Joe Adams is NOT the reason why our special teams were good. We have guys just as good if not better than Joe up there right now. THey just aren’t being coached well. DId you watch the Louisville FSU game ? Bobby didn’t have Joe Adams but somehow took more than one kickoff back. And the numbers do NOT support your statement about Bobby having an average defense. The numbers say that Bobby’s defense is better than Berts…

And we don’t need stability as much as we need competence. Stability in itself is useless without leadership. We had stability during ten years of HDN’s tenure. Where did that take us ? Nowhere. No coach worth his salt will agree to work for Jeff Long. SO yes he needs to go.

I will only LOL to that. Because I really haven’t said anything here about Brett or Bert as you call him if you look at my posts now have I.
Unlike you on the other hand with your obvious gloating and praising of your beloved Bobby and the persistent push to boycott the program and clean house and roll out the red carpet and apologize to said Bobby, pull out an open check book and beg him to come back. Just overlook his immoral character and the liar that he is, the shame and embarrassment he caused, not just to the UofA, but to himself and most of all to his wife and family. Just because he won a few more football games here? Do you think he could talk his family into coming back to the place where he shamed them, no matter how many 0’s you keep adding to the check? I can only assume you hold the same standards as he does or hopefully he did.
I would rather lose the rest of our football games rather than be lowered to that level. But you can continue with your push for Bobby campaign and I will be content knowing how I feel and where I stand on this issue whether we win or lose any or all of the football games whoever is coaching the Hogs.
This will be the last time I ever address you on this board.

Cheating happens. Monogamy is a myth. Nothing more. For you to be upset at Bobby for cheating is moronic. It wasn’t your business to start with. My personal standard is that I do NOT believe in marriage. I am NOT married and will NEVER. I have slept with more married women than I can count. They are doing what comes natural. Its called natural selection. Your code of morality is out-dated. You don’t own someone for their entire life and its dumb to think that you can. Divorce rates are what they are bc people cheat. Never should have married to start with. Its not natural.

More of your backwards thinking that you would rather never win another game than hire Bobby. You are pulling for the wrong team. Your team is ORU. Arkansas is an SEC team that hires young girls to entertain recruits. Their head coach forget the theme of Vegas that is, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” And brought his home. So he’s no better than Bobby. Your outdated notions of morality have no place in this discussion. IF we cleaned house and rid ourselves of the gobn and Jeff Long we would at the very least have a chance to get a great coach. If Bobby doesn’t accept our apology for having been railroaded and blackballed at least we can say we finally did the right thing.

Despite your pre-historic points of view on morality.

You are correct in that there are current players that can match Adams, but so far none have shown they can make the first wave of defenders miss. He had that innate ability… you can’t coach that.

Yes you can. Bobby does it at Louisville still. Unless you want to go on record and say that Bobby is just a better recruiter than Bert. BC he’s only been at Louisville 3 years and he already has two Joe Adams types. Both recruited by him NOT Strong.