Let go of the rope folks

Its time to realize that BB is NEVER going to come close to what Bobby accomplished here. Not in four years not in 8. He’s going to keep trying and trying to win with Frank Broyles possession football. We had ten years of that with Nutt. I was so angry when we hired BB it was UNREAL !! Why go back to a system that had the fans so angry that they were flying banners !!! Why go back to a system that will never win anything ? Frank said that the spread will never work in the SEC… Well Frank the power spread won big time in the SEC its your super conservative borish brand of football that won’t win in the SEC. You have to be blind to not see it by now. Time to clean house on the hill. Fire Jeff , run off the gobn and pay whatever it takes to get Bobby back. Or waller in mediocrity forever. Its been my experience that most Arkansans will fight for mediocrity but won’t do a thing to fight for a winning team. Thats Arkansas for ya.

Hey, We are doing this the right way… & I listened to CBB… if only 4 bad things did not happen to us we would have won… So really we are 4-0.

Doesn’t that get old ? Doing things the right way ? SO back to back top ten rankings was WRONG ? The fan base here is just dumb enough to fall for all of their garbage. That and UNCOMMON. Whats the difference between coming out and saying he we only want kids who want to wear that helmet and this whole “uncommon” garbage ?

Can’t put the ball in from the one yard line after ten tries… Sounds like we aren’t building anything. And if thats the right way can I have the wrong way back ? PLEASE !!!

The fans need to boycott until Long is fired and the GOBN agrees to bring back Bobby. Let them fill their coffers with SEC Network money and contributions from the Allen family. Don’t support an inferior product from a group who refuses to let us have a winner.

Boycott the program. Thats the only way we are ever going to have change. I realize that fall is magic and you really want to go see YOUR team. But folks its NOT your team. What they did to Bobby should be enough for you to realize that this team is run by the GOBN even in Frank’s absence. Everything that was done to bring about change did NOT work. They brought in Bobby and Jeff and sold us change. Just Long enough to placate the fan base. Nothing up there has changed and NOTHING will until the fans boycott.

Doesn’t it get old you two circle jerking each other to the thought of Petrino. If you like Petrino so much, cheer for Louisville and leave the Razorback fans alone.

I do cheer for Louisville bc of the way the GOBN mistreated Bobby. And as far as you calling yourself a Hog fan ? NO way. Fans don’t prefer an inferior team over a clearly superior one. You are a fan of Jeff Long and BB. But DEFINITELY NOT A HOG FAN.


Oh he was so mistreated? Boo Hoo! All you’ve done is give conjecture with no facts about you opinion of Petrino and Long. And as for my fandom, I graduated from Arkansas and buy season tickets to bball games and get football tickets when I can. I’ve put my voice, actions, and money towards this team. Can you say the same?

Jdeere - l’ll read all of your posts. I don’t know if you’re a true Arkansas fan or just want to stir the pot. I agree with all the other fans that posted that say BP is never coming back. CBB is a good college coach. Is he a great college coach? Dunno only time will tell. I hope that he succeeds. Right now our facilities probably are some of the best in college football and we’re spending another $160 million to make them better. The expansion will be complete in the 2018. If as you say we will still be mired in mediocrity at the end of that season, in my opinion, I think Long will have really be forced make a change. I loved BP’s offensive system. I know that there are other college coaches that run that system and a big if we have to make a change that we look at coaches that run similar offensive systems as BP’s.

Its NOT just his offense man. His special teams were special. His defense was better than anything we have seen so far out of Bert. The mans a football genius period. Not just an offensive genius. I believe the coach at WKU runs a similliar style of offense. But its more than just the offense. A guy like that is NEVER going to come to Arkansas and agree to work for a guy like Jeff. I wouldn’t work for Jeff for all the tea in China. We need to clean house on the Hill. The GOBN is clearly still in charge and Jeff is their puppet. He needs to go and so do they. And Bobby coming back is far from impossible. Louisville was smart enough to rehire him. And they are reaping the rewards. The fans need to boycott. The GOBN had ten years to win with this style. They failed. Boycott.

Reality check saintly, Your beloved Bobby got to play the likes of Kentucky and Vandy on the schedules and poor aTm teams from the Big 12. The SECW wasn’t near the power house league then that it is now. Bobby’s best AR team still couldn’t beat Saban’s worst team at home. Even HDN beat Bobby lol!!! Oh wait so did Kentucky lol again!!!

Coaching Records:

Bowl Berths:
CBB- 9
CBP- 9

Bowl Record:
CBB- 4-4 Left Wisky before the Rose Bowl game was played
CBP- 5-4

Conference Titles:
CBB- 3 (3 Big Ten Titles)
CBP- 2 ( Conference USA, Big East)


Top 10 Finishes:

10 Win Seasons:

So tell me again where BP is far superior to CBB, except in you delusional mind?

Time to revise history. Nothing like rewriting history when you have NOTHING else left to do. Bobby was in his first year at Arkansas when he lost to HDN. He had to replace everyone. Meanwhile Nutt walked into Ole Miss with a loaded team. But you knew that. Few teams beat Nick Saban at Bama. VERY VERY few. You forget that Bobby was ONLY here 3 years. 21-5 is better than anything any other coach has done for us since joining the SEC !!! If the worst thing you can say about Bobby is that he never beat Saban then you aren’t saying much are you ? Meanwhile the coach you support has lost to Toledo, Texas Tech and Texas AM every single year !!! Plus Miss State EVERY SINGLE year. Oh and Bobby beat the same Miss St that beat Michigan so they were plenty good back then. The SEC West has been the best college football has to offer for a long long time. But hey it makes you feel better about supporting an incompetent coach to revise history… Laughable.

Why not go back to your other lies ? Its not sustainable he wasn’t recruiting … He doesnt care about defense.

NFL job offers… Bobby one Bert 0 !!! Bob’s last two years at Arkansas 21-5. Berts first two at Arkansas 0-13. Bobby accomplished a LOT of his while coaching in the SEC. Bert won his coaching at a near high school level in the Big 10. Or haven’t you noticed by now that Bert can’t win in the SEC ? Top ten finishes at Arkansas BObby 2 Bert 0.

Sorry but we played Sabans worst team in Fayetteville. I meant our HOME>

BMFP coaching record 62-18
Berts record 21-21 Overall record 89-45. Its NOT EVEN CLOSE BUDDY. You are the one who is delusional. You have to create stats to make your boy look good. Typical poser.

Enough said.

Bielema has also won back to back bowl games, unlike Petrino. And unlike some others suggest, Petrino was here 4 years. But hey don’t confuse clowns with facts.

REALLY ? I know you didn’t just go there !!! OMG you have to be a poser to call a win over a Texas team that had very few players anything of value. !! You do realize that Strong had to run off half his roster to get control of that team ? right ? You call that a win ? Oh and hey yeah that win over a cruddy K-State team that BARELY EVEN QUALIFIED FOR A BOWL !! Geez you are a huge poser. You are NOT a HOG FAN. POSER.

Petrino record 104-39

Not really separating himself.